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April 18/98 16:10 pm - More World Cup, More Willamette, B.C. Results

Posted by Editor on 04/18/98

More World Cup News

Alison Sydor and Alison Dunlap took an early lead in the race, and Sydor then dropped Dunlap to take a solo lead. Unfortunately, she crashed descending to the start-finish, losing much of her lead. Meanwhile, Paola Pezzo had passed Dunlap, and then caught and dropped Sydor on the climb on the second lap. The Italian gradually extended her lead through the rest of the race (5 laps), eventually finishing 1:22 in front of Alison. There is also some speculation that Sydor may be suffering the intestinal bug that is bothering her team mate Annabella Stropparo, but no confirmation.

More Tour of Willamette

We have some more Canadian results from Stage 2 of this race. Cybil DiGuistini (Elita) finished 7th (at 2:41) and Leigh Hobson (Shaklee) right behind her in 8th (at 3:41). On GC, Linda Jackson (Saeco-Timex) has moved up to 5th (at 1:28).

DND CRITERIUM, Victoria B.C. - April 15th
(courtesy Andre Steinhausen)

A Group

1. Mike Korb (Edgar and Miner)
2. Andrew Pinfold
3. Jeff Werner
4. Ross Hooker
5. Simon Jesshope
6. Barry Beck
7. Murray Drew (Victoria Wheelers)
8. Carter Hovey
9. Marty Johnson (Juan de Fuca Cycling Club)
10. Dave Macleod (Juan de Fuca Cycling Club)

B Group

1. Dave Attwell
2. Kai Jenkins
3. Robin Gwynne (Victoria Wheelers)
4. Trevor Jones
5. Simon Ciceri (Juan de Fuca Cycling Club)
6. Ken Attwood
7. John Luton
8. Alec Walton
9. Brain Berry
10. Mike Shea


1. Micheline Ouimet
2. Erica Drew
3. Claire Townsend
4. Maureen Kelly
5. Sabrina Shea


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