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July 12/02 10:44 am - Cascade Classic: Men's Stage 2

Posted by Editoress on 07/12/02

Cascade Classic
Report Courtesy Saturn

Men Stage 2, 72 miles

The second stage of the Cascade Classic did not disappoint as an overall race maker. 100 degree heat combined with 7000 feet of climbing to take a toll on all the riders. The stage distance was moderate at 72 miles but the two major climbs. The first test was in the middle of the race and the last at the end. Both were both over 10 miles long and ripped the field apart.

On the rolling 20 mile descending start to the race, a breakaway of five escaped with Saturn's Trent Klasna joined by representatives from Mercury, Navigators and Prime Alliance. Even though Prime Alliance had the break covered they nevertheless put two men on tempo to keep the dangerous Klasna in check before the McKenzie Pass climb began. The break never gained more than 1:15 before the gap started coming down on the rolling up approach to the climb.

The break was reeled in with still over 7 miles of climbing left and Prime Alliance continued a hard tempo to keep the dwindling field in check. At nearly 3 miles to the top on a rolling up section an acceleration separated a group of 12 off that included representatives of every major team. Mercury had four there with Mike Sayers, Adam Sbeih, Chris Wherry and Scott Moninger so Sayers and Sbeih drove it hard all the way up and over the KOM and down the 15 mile descent opening up a 2:15 gap by the 25k to go mark. Saturn had two with Damon Kluck and Tim Johnson, Navigators had two with Burke Swindlehurst and Tom Leaper, Prime Alliance had two with Danny Pate and Mike Creed, 7-Up had one rider with John Lieswyn. All teams were happy to let the gap open up except Prime Alliance. They continued to chase from the field to keep their man Chris Horner in contention for the final climb.

As the break started to roll up the base of the final climb first Sayers and then Sbeih lost contact with the group from there heroic efforts, leaving the 10 to fight it out on the steepening slopes. The break stayed together until about 7 kilometers to go when the fireworks started with Wherry and Pate attacking and counter attacking, whittling the group down to those two and Johnson, Creed and Swindlehurst. As this was happening Horner had accelerated at the bottom, dropping everyone else from the field and making up time until the 5 kilometer to go mark when he was unable to bring the lead group any closer. In the end it was an amazing Swindlehurst that dealt the final blow and accelerated to the line over a hard charging Wherry for the win and the Leader's Jersey. Pate, Creed and Johnson followed a little further back. Horner passed several from the breakaway and ended up around seventh.

1. Swindlehurst, Burke (Navigators)3:13:243:13:24
2. Wherry, Chris (Mercury)3:13:24at s.t
3. Pate, Danny (Prime Alliance)3:13:390:15
4. Creed, Michael (Prime Alliance)3:14:070:43
5. Johnson, Tim (Saturn)3:14:100:46
6. Horner, Chris (Prime Alliance)3:14:421:18
7. Leaper, Tom (Navigators)3:14:581:34
8. Moninger, Scott (Mercury)3:15:392:15
9. Baldwin, Chris (Navigators)3:15:412:17
10. Kluck, Damon (Saturn)3:15:542:30
11. Cruz, Antonio (USPS)3:16:243:00
12. Zajicek, Phil (Mercury)3:16:373:13
13. Lieswyn, Jon (7UP/ Nutra Fig)3:17:484:24
14. Ley, Michael (Jittery Joe's)3:17:584:34
15. Danielson, Tom (Mercury)3:18:084:44
16. Prado Neto, Hugo (Cody Racing)3:18:084:44
17. Hunt, John (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:18:365:12
18. Perrins, Sandy (LoganRaceClub)3:19:115:47
19. Frischorn, Will (Saturn)3:19:246:00
20. Elzinger, Adrian (CDS/Kenwood/WCS)3:22:178:53
21. Wyandt, David (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:22:279:03
22. Jacques-Maynes, Ben (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:22:469:22
23. Wicks, Barry (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)3:22:589:34
24. Petersen, Soren (Saturn)3:23:059:41
25. Osguthorpe, John (LoganRaceClub)3:24:4111:17
26. Dubberly, Matt (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:24:4611:22
27. Bajadali, Andrew (Excel Sports)3:25:1711:53
28. Sbeih, Adham (Mercury)3:26:4113:17
29. Tonkin, Eric (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)3:26:5913:35
30. Decanio, Matt (Prime Alliance)3:27:0313:39
31. Schmeer, Ronnie (Saturn of Bellvue)3:28:5815:34
32. Siebel, Dylan (CDS/Kenwood/WCS)3:28:5815:34
33. Anker, Michael J. (KB Homes/I.Martin)3:29:1815:54
34. Hudson, Ron (KB Homes/I.Martin)3:29:4816:24
35. Burndred, Geoffrey (Broadmark Capital)3:30:0316:39
36. Sayers, Mike (Mercury)3:31:0517:41
37. Vogels, Henk (Mercury)3:31:0517:41
38. Guay, Ryan (Navigators)3:31:0517:41
39. Fraser, Gord (Mercury)3:35:1421:50
40. Klikna, Jason (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:35:3522:11
41. Long, Erik (Team Compass)3:36:3423:10
42. Ollerenshaw, Doug (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)3:40:2126:57
43. Gomez, Gustavo (Central Valley Cycling)3:40:2126:57
44. Suttle, Dale (BackyarBurgers/David Jo)3:41:0927:45
45. Eck, Kirk (LoganRaceClub)3:41:2127:57
46. Pennington, Luke (--)3:42:4629:22
47. Settlemire, Ian (KB Homes/I.Martin)3:43:0729:43
48. Lokkesmoe, Jason (Sharp/TREK)3:43:1329:49
49. Kilun, Roman (SantaCruz Spokesman)3:44:1330:49
50. White, Troy (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:44:2130:57
51. Crawford, Tom (Broadmark Capital)3:44:3031:06
52. Butler, Allan (LoganRaceClub)3:45:0131:37
53. Coyle, Charles F. (7UP/ Nutra Fig)3:45:1831:54
54. Doherty, Lance (3 BRT)3:46:2132:57
55. Hawley, Brian (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:46:4333:19
56. Stevenson, Russell (Prime Alliance)3:47:3334:09
57. Newman, Robert (F2 Consulting)3:47:3634:12
58. Beall, Rusty (Saturn of Bellvue)3:47:4234:18
59. Bethel, Jason (Nantucket)3:47:5834:34
60. Fisher, Chris (Saturn)3:48:1534:51
61. Touchstone, Andrew (Marathon Racing Team)3:48:1534:51
62. Elken, Evan (Broadmark Capital)3:48:1534:51
63. Richter, David (Recycled Cycles)3:48:4635:22
64. Littlehales, Todd (Navigators)3:49:1535:51
65. Leitheiser, Jason L. (BHC/Airborne)3:49:2936:05
66. O'Bee, Kirk (Navigators)3:49:5236:28
67. Dills, Nathan (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)3:49:5236:28
68. Sundt, Jonny (Broadmark Capital)3:50:0836:44
69. Candelario, Alex (Prime Alliance)3:50:0836:44
70. Peters, John (Prime Alliance)3:50:0836:44
71. Fuentes, David (Sierra Nevada Cycling)3:50:0836:44
72. Tuft, Svein (Prime Alliance)3:50:0836:44
73. Campbell, Rob (Broadmark Capital)3:51:0637:42
74. Mitchell, Glen (Navigators)3:52:4839:24
75. Klasna, Trent (Saturn)3:53:0139:37
76. Van Den Akker, Erik (Reno Wheelmen)3:53:1539:51
77. Caton, Jeff (Napa Valley Velo)3:53:4040:16
78. Martin, Scott (Logan Race Club)3:56:0142:37
79. Shanks, Daimeon D. (Hutch's)3:57:5544:31
80. Rocchi, Randy (F2 Consulting)3:58:4345:19
81. Walsh, Mick (Saturn of Bellvue)3:59:5846:34
82. Klikna, Josh (Sierra Nevada Cycling)4:00:0346:39
83. Humberston, Russ (Corbin Huntair)4:02:1248:48
84. Vigus, Devon (Sharpbicycle/Trek)4:02:5949:35
85. Baumann, Chris (Sierra Nevada Cycling)4:03:5250:28
86. Morgan, Justin (Sierra Nevada Cycling)4:09:3656:12
87. Mandart, Andrew (AST)4:10:5957:35
88. Walker, Zachary (Olympic Club)4:11:5958:35
89. Kaplan, Ben (Saturn of Bellvue)4:12:3859:14
90. Rilling, Roger (Sierra Nevada Cycling)4:14:5601:32
91. Whatley, Fred (F2 Consulting)4:15:2402:00
92. Collard, Marc (Davis Bike Club)4:16:0602:42
93. Bullentini, Rinaldo (F2 Consulting)4:24:4911:25
94. Jacques, Michael (F2 Consulting)4:28:0514:41
DNF. Rowe, Kevin (Saturn of Bellvue)
DNF. Coglon, Todd (Broadmark Capital)
DNF. Buttita, Pietro (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)
DNF. Skenzick, Nicholas (Htuch's)
DNF. Richardson, Sam (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)
DNF. Skerrit, Shannon (TeamBikeGalleryTREKVW)
DNF. Winter, Zack (--)
DNF. Jones, Todd (Broadmark Capital)


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