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July 13/02 11:25 am - Cascade Classic: Stage 3 Men, Stage 2 Women

Posted by Editoress on 07/13/02

Cascade Classic
Report Courtesy Saturn

The climbers rule the morning stage and the sprinters rule the night at the 3rd and 4th stages of the Cascade Classic.

The third stage of the Classic was extremely short at 1.08 miles but nevertheless an extreme test of climbing power with a 450 foot elevation gain. The riders negotiated about 1/3 of the total distance on a narrow bike path with three switchbacks which then spit them out on onto the leg breaking ascent up the road to the top of Pilot Butte near downtown Bend. It was a true test of bike handling skill and climbing power with the riders with the best combo of those two skills coming out on top.

Prime Alliance's Chris Horner proved to be the best with Mercury's new recruit Tom Danielson not far behind in second. Race leader Chris Wherry of Mercury rounded out the podium with a solid time, retaining his leader's jersey and gaining some extra padding on Navigator's Burke Swindlehurst who placed 12th, losing 18 seconds to Wherry. Saturn's Tim Johnson moved up one spot to fourth overall with a ninth place ride.

On the Women's side Saturn's Kim Bruckner again proved she is the best climber here with a time that could beat many of the men's times. Hutches's Leah Goldstein also had a very solid second place ride just four seconds off Kim's time with Leah's team mate Sandy Espeseth taking third.

Results from Friday evenings race are not available

Men Stage 3 - Pilot Butte Time Trial
1. Horner, Chris (Prime Alliance)0:04:26.564:26.56
2. Danielson, Tom (Mercury)0:04:28.60at 0:02
3. Wherry, Chris (Mercury)0:04:32.170:06
4. Baldwin, Chris (Navigators)0:04:35.280:09
5. Pate, Danny (Prime Alliance)0:04:38.890:12
6. Kluck, Damon (Saturn)0:04:43.420:17
7. Bajadali, Andrew (Excel Sports)0:04:45.190:19
8. Decanio, Matt (Prime Alliance)0:04:46.130:20
9. Johnson, Tim (Saturn)0:04:46.130:20
10. Creed, Michael (Prime Alliance)0:04:49.310:23
11. Swindlehurst, Burke (Navigators)0:04:50.350:24
12. Moninger, Scott (Mercury)0:04:50.370:24
13. Leaper, Tom (Navigators)0:04:51.850:25
14. Ley, Michael (Jittery Joe's)0:04:53.330:27
15. Jacques-Maynes, Ben (Sierra Nevada Cycl)0:04:53.850:27
16. Zajicek, Phil (Mercury)0:04:59.680:33
17. Cruz, Antonio (USPS)0:05:00.360:34
18. Fraser, Gord (Mercury)0:05:01.030:35
19. Tonkin, Eric (TeamBikeGallery)0:05:01.970:35
20. Frischorn, Will (Saturn)0:05:02.570:36
21. Mitchell, Glen (Navigators)0:05:04.490:38
22. Anker, Michael J. (KB Homes/I.Martin)0:05:05.810:39
23. Lieswyn, Jon (7UP/ Nutra Fig)0:05:06.430:40
24. Beall, Rusty (Saturn of Bellvue)0:05:07.980:41
25. Hunt, John (Sierra Nevada Cycl Fairfax ,CA)0:05:08.940:42
26. Siebel, Dylan (CDS/Kenwood/WCS)0:05:10.070:44
27. Wyandt, David (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:10.180:44
28. Suttle, Dale (BackyarBurgers)0:05:13.170:47
29. Stevenson, Russell (Prime Alliance)0:05:14.280:48
30. Elzinga, Adrian (CDS/Kenwood/WCS)0:05:17.100:51
31. Hudson, Ron (KB Homes/I.Martin)0:05:17.920:51
32. Prado Neto, Hugo (Cody Racing)0:05:20.700:54
33. O'Bee, Kirk (Navigators)0:05:21.370:55
34. Osguthorpe, John (LoganRaceClub)0:05:21.470:55
35. Perrins, Sandy (LoganRaceClub)0:05:22.410:56
36. White, Troy (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:22.620:56
37. Lokkesmoe, Jason (Sharp/TREK)0:05:22.780:56
38. Hawley, Brian (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:22.940:56
39. Tuft, Svein (Prime Alliance)0:05:23.250:57
40. Guay, Ryan (Navigators)0:05:23.530:57
41. Dills, Nathan (TeamBikeGallery)0:05:23.870:57
42. Crawford, Tom (Broadmark Capital)0:05:25.480:59
43. Schmeer, Ronnie (Saturn of Bellvue)0:05:25.870:59
44. Wicks, Barry (TeamBikeGallery)0:05:26.311:00
45. Butler, Allan (LoganRaceClub)0:05:28.301:02
46. Burndred, Geoffrey (Broadmark Capital)0:05:29.261:03
47. Klikna, Jason (Sierra Nevada Cycl Merced ,CA)0:05:30.801:04
48. Dubberly, Matt (Sierra Nevada Cycl Goleta ,CA)0:05:30.811:04
49. Eck, Kirk (LoganRaceClub)0:05:32.981:06
50. Coyle, Charles F. (7UP/ Nutra Fig)0:05:33.521:07
51. Vigus, Devon (Sharpbicycle/Trek)0:05:33.571:07
52. Ollerenshaw, Doug (TeamBikeGallery)0:05:33.651:07
53. Sayers, Mike (Mercury)0:05:34.211:08
54. Peters, John (Prime Alliance)0:05:34.391:08
55. Bethel, Jason (Nantucket)0:05:34.991:08
56. Settlemire, Ian (KB Homes/I.Martin)0:05:35.501:09
57. Collard, Marc (Davis Bike Club)0:05:36.801:10
58. Long, Erik (Team Compass)0:05:37.331:11
59. Doherty, Lance (3 BRT)0:05:38.241:12
60. Morgan, Justin (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:39.901:13
61. Van Den Akker, Erik (Reno Wheelmen)0:05:40.141:14
62. Touchstone, Andrew (Marathon Racing)0:05:40.691:14
63. Candelario, Alex (Prime Alliance)0:05:44.341:18
64. Leitheiser, Jason (BHC/Airborne)0:05:44.681:18
65. Gomez, Gustavo (Central Valley)0:05:44.991:18
66. Sbeih, Adham (Mercury)0:05:45.631:19
67. Rocchi, Randy (F2 Consulting)0:05:46.691:20
68. Klikna, Josh (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:49.451:23
69. Klasna, Trent (Saturn)0:05:49.561:23
70. Petersen, Soren (Saturn)0:05:49.871:23
71. Kilun, Roman (SantaCruz Spokesman)0:05:50.471:24
72. Baumann, Chris (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:51.381:25
73. Rilling, Roger (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:05:53.611:27
74. Newman, Robert (F2 Consulting)0:05:54.451:28
75. Pennington, Luke (--)0:05:55.231:29
76. Caton, Jeff (Napa Valley Velo)0:05:55.341:29
77. Mandart, Andrew (AST)0:06:01.271:35
78. Fuentes, David (Sierra Nevada Cycling)0:06:01.491:35
79. Richter, David (Recycled Cycles)0:06:02.741:36
80. Walker, Zachary (Olympic Club)0:06:06.221:40
81. Vogels, Henk (Mercury)0:06:08.741:42
82. Fisher, Chris (Saturn)0:06:09.471:43
83. Whatley, Fred (F2 Consulting)0:06:11.341:45
84. Martin, Scott (Logan Race Club)0:06:13.031:47
85. Kaplan, Ben (Saturn of Bellvue)0:06:15.121:49
86. Walsh, Mick (Saturn of Bellvue)0:06:15.251:49
87. Humberston, Russ (Corbin Huntair)0:06:15.341:49
88. Shanks, Daimeon D (Hutch's)0:06:25.381:59
89. Richardson, Sam (TeamBikeGallery)0:06:31.172:05
90. Jacques, Michael (F2 Consulting)0:06:31.962:05
91. Campbell, Rob (Broadmark Capital)0:06:33.182:07
92. Littlehales, Todd (Navigators)0:06:39.112:13
93. Bullentini, Rinaldo F2 Consulting (Reno ,NV)0:06:40.882:14
94. Elken, Evan (Broadmark Capital)0:06:41.732:15
95. Sundt, Jonny (Broadmark Capital)0:06:55.062:29
Elite Women Stage 2 - Pilot Butte Time Trial
1. Bruckner, Kimberly (Saturn)0:05:37.825:37.82
2. Goldstein, Leah (Hutch's)0:05:41.39at 0:04
3. Espeseth, Sandy (Hutch's)0:05:54.200:17
4. Maher, Katharine (3 BRT)0:06:00.480:23
5. Demars, Nicole (Hutch's)0:06:02.460:25
6. Albert, Heather (Goldy's)0:06:03.450:26
7. Phillips, Jessica (Saturn)0:06:09.090:32
8. Wood, Susie (Lost Rivez)0:06:11.980:34
9. Magness, Lisa (IntermountainCycli)0:06:14.790:37
10. Pennington, Alice (TeamBikegalleryTRE)0:06:20.490:43
11. Babbitt, Brooke (Team Goldy's)0:06:22.560:45
12. Rachetto, Liza (Intermountain Orth)0:06:26.160:49
13. Matlock, Lisa (FordNoBoundaries)0:06:27.400:50
14. Gollogoly, Naomi (TeamBikegalleryTRE)0:06:31.520:54
15. Trapp, Sima (Goldy's)0:06:31.730:54
16. Rohan, Kerry (Lakeside)0:06:32.890:55
17. Calle, Maria Luisa (Seleccion Columbia)0:06:34.800:57
18. Gaunt, Susanna (IntermountainCycli)0:06:36.330:59
19. Beall, Allison (Armondos)0:06:37.421:00
20. Nakamura, Yukie (Webcor/AltoVelo)0:06:41.901:04
21. Snodgrass, Amy (Team Oregon)0:06:43.321:06
22. Jaworski, Christin (MontaVistaVelo)0:06:44.701:07
23. Gonzalez de Ferrat (Goldy's)0:06:53.721:16
24. Meyer, Martha (Colorado Velo)0:06:54.071:17
25. Sanborn, Melissa (Lost Rivez)0:06:54.081:17
26. Hunt, Lisa (The Olympic Club)0:06:54.211:17
27. Bjork, Becky (IntermountainCycli)0:06:57.611:20
28. Loan, sheryl (Arctic Bike Club)0:07:02.191:25
29. Erwin, Kristina (Lost River Cycling)0:07:02.961:25
30. Westbrook, Emily (Gregg'sTrek / VW)0:07:06.781:29
31. Conrad, Michele (RecycledCycles)0:07:24.451:47
32. Holser, Kele (Armondos)0:07:29.861:52
33. Jones, Kathleen (Five Valley Velo)0:08:04.772:27


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