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July 16/02 12:45 pm - Stampede Road Race Results (AB)

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/02

Stampede Road Race July 14, Millarville, Alberta
Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association

Held on rolling terrain in the Rocky Mountain foothills near Millarville, Alberta, the Stampede Road Race proved to be one of the toughest Alberta road races in some time. Temperatures above 30 degrees and slow, gooey pavement combined for a tough ride for most competitors. The event featured categories for all Master riders, in addition to Elite categories for the under-30's. Thanks to Jim Oldham and his Crankmasters for an excellent event.

Elite Men - 110 km
1. Mark Webster (Bicisport)3:19:09
2. Dan Peterson (Bow Cycle/CMC)3:20:06
3. Marco Albinus (Bicisport)3:25:20
4. David Kennedy (Bow Cycle/CMC)3:27:19
5. Gord Kennedy (Bow Cycle/CMC)st
6. Dylan Snowdon (Calgary Cycle)3:27:28
7. Chris Harrison (ERTC/River Valley)3:27:59
8. Harley Desprey (Velocity)3:28:11
9. Chris Hooper (Bicisport)3:29:15
dnf. Yannick Michaud (Bicisport)
dnf. Eric Wong (Spokes and Attire)
dnf. Cyrus Kangerloo (Soma Cycle)
dnf. Ted Emes (ERTC/River Valley)
Master A Men - 110 km
1. Jeff Bolstad (Synergy Racing)3:19:44
2. Robert Gasienca (GS Campione)3:19:46
3. Rich Wegerhoff (Bicisport)3:25:13
4. John Bence (Independent)st
5. Troy Delfs (Synergy Racing)3:25:40
6. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/River Valley)
7. Ross Anderseon (Calgary Cycle)both st
8. Phil MacDonald (Snakebite Society)3:27:19
9. Rod Golinoski (Bicisport)3:46:05
10. Kevin Coghlan (Pedalhead)3:48:06
11. Michael Johns (Bow Cycle/CMC)3:49:01
dnf. Jason Shenkariuk (Snakebite Society)
dnf. Sean Carter (Snakebite Society)
dnf. Scott Websdale (Café Racers)
dnf. Russ Colnett (Bicisport)
dnf. Spencer Royds (MBC/Tatonka)
dnf. Andrew Walker (Bicisport)
dnf. Rob Brandrick (Bicisport)
dnf. Craig Horon (Velocity)
dnf. Dave Ford (Independent)
dnf. Ralf Pagenkopf (Soma Cycle)
dnf. Dan Bierd (Bicisport)
dnf. John Pogson (Cochrane Cycle)
Master B Men - 82 km
1. Bruce Copeland (ERTC/River Valley)2:30:37
2. Paul MacDonald (Juventus)2:34:31
3. Zbigniew Szymanski (Velocity)
4. Tim Deschenes (Velocity)
5. Dave Watson (Velocity)all s.t.
6. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead)2:37:29
7. Don Halliday (Bow Cycle/CMC)
8. James Sevigny (Pedalhead)
9. Tommy Mak (Crankmasters)
10. James Kenny (Crankmasters)all s.t.
11. Mike Prance (Crankmasters)2:53:35
12. Francois Belanger (Independent)2:55:51
13. Rod Schuhart (Crankmasters)3:21:43
14. Roger Tetrault (Velocity)3:24:57
dnf. Dean Cockshutt (Soma Cycle)
dnf. Michael Meeres (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Mel Storozynsky (Soma Cycle)
dnf. Robert Reid (Deadgoat Racing)
dnf. Andrew Gage (Synergy Racing)
Elite Women - 55 km
1. Meghan Blades (Soma Cycle)1:48:27
2. Nicole Slot (Independent)st
3. Susan Copeland (ERTV/River Valley)1:49:51
4. Christine Rutley (Calgary Cycle)1:59:09
5. Debbie Proulx (MBC/Tatonka)1:59:33
6. Martine Chardon (Bow Cycle/CMC)2:07:48
Master A Women - 55 km
1. Annie Rogaschewsky (Central Alberta BC)1:57:03
Master B Women - 55 km
1. Susan Sutherland (Synergy Racing)2:01:47
Master C Women - 55 km
1. Marcy Dibbs (Edmonton Masters)2:34:30
Master C Men - 55 km
1. Steve Sampson (Crankmasters)1:48:27
2. Wayne Long (Edmonton Masters)
3. Peter Heppleston (Edmonton Masters)
4. Sandy Szabo (Bow Cycle/CMC)
5. Claude Breau (Bicisport)all s.t.
6. Bill Stilwell (Crankmasters)1:49:22
7. Lev Krivitsky (Crankmasters)1:49:55
8. Gabe Scigliano (Crankmasters)1:51:45
9. Thom Steenaerts (Synergy Racing)1:54:43
10. Graeme Dibbs (Edmonton Masters)2:06:27
Master D Men - 55 km
1. John Bryan (Crankmasters)1:51:20
2. Karl Waeldale (Crankmasters)2:07:48
dnf. Iain McFadzen (Headwinds)
Master E Men - 55 km
1. Peter Bigg (Edmonton Masters)1:56:48
2. Geoff Broadbent (Edmonton Masters)2:34:30
3. Pierre Chardon (Crankmasters)2:36:35


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