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July 18/02 6:32 am - Sask. Team for Nationals, Abitibi Report, 24 hrs of Adrenalin at Hardwood Hills News, Ontario Summer Games Cycling Participants

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/02

Saskatchewan Team for Mountain Bike Nationals
Courtesy Saskatchewan Cycling Association

The following Saskatchewan riders will attend the MTB Nationals:

Shawn Bunnin
Adam Coates
Cory Zetterstrom
Matt Walker
Rob Britton
Sarah Robbins
Erica Musyj
Daniel Tomczak

Tour de L'Abitibi Atlantic Cycling Centre Team Report
Courtesy Luc Arseneau - Head Coach, Atlantic Cycling Centre Team

Smiles were certainly a thing a little bit more common on our riders' face after yesterday road stage between Rouyn-Noranda and Val-d'Or (115,9km). It was a great opportunity for them to finally learn about pack riding; and they did.

Until 20km to the finish, everyone was still in this fast paced stage. Everyone until Craig de Geir went down with a few other riders. No chance for him to get back into it as the top teams were pulling the pace to bring back the break. A few kilometres from the criterium course, Chris Graham was dropped after making big efforts to replace himself after being slightly delayed from the crash and then it was the turn of Justin St-Onge not to be able to sustain the high speed, but, unlike Chris and Craig, he was able to make it on the final course for three laps. Kirk Emery and Christian Meier were our top finisher with a respectable 76th and 65th place. Jamie Lamb was a little bit of the pace 103rd.

This morning, the event was going out of the "Cité de l'or" gold mine. So after a 650m 17% grade climb, it was out in the town for a total of 13.9km ride. Most of our riders are happy with their performances (although we are still awaiting the final result). With 41 riders to go, 3 of our riders (Christian Mieir, Jamie Lamb, and Graig de Geir) were still in the top 20. Christian's time was impressive, considering he lost around 20 seconds after missing a corner and going down. The positive thing about it is that I was able to point out many technical mistakes that can be easily fixed before Nationals.

So confidence is quickly building up and the rest of the week should a lot more productive in terms of results. This evening, we will be racing is a 83.5km road race from Senneterre to Val-d'Or with 6 laps of the course.

24 hrs of Adrenalin, Hardwood Hills
Courtesy Glenn Meeuwisse

The 24 hrs of Adrenalin course for the Hardwood Hills event is now set, marked and open for riding. The course is similar to the very popular course from 2 years past, and the trail crew at Hardwood have added a few nice surprises as well. The trails are in fantastic shape this year, and the trail crew will continue working right up until the event.

Riders are welcome to preview the course anytime during regular hours of operation at Hardwood Hills. Regular trail fees will apply until Friday Aug 16.

Ontario Summer Games

List of athletes competitors, managers & coaches who will participating in the 2002 Ontario
Summer Games in Kitchener Waterloo, July 18th to Sunday, July 21st

Bookbinder, Alex(Toronto)Team Hardwood
Brown, Andrew(Waterloo)Waterloo Flying Dogs
Coney, Sarah(Newmarket)Team Hardwood
Croppo, Mandy(Widsor)Maple Leaf
Crosby, Timothy(Guelph)Ziggy's
Dixon, Meghan(Toronto)McMaster
Duffy, Jason(Barrie)Team Hardwood
Gordon, Julie(Midland)Team Hardwood
Hanam, Quinn(Kitchener)Ziggy's
Harrison, Matthew(Kitchener)Ziggy's
Hinnen, Mark(Oakville)McMaster
Hones, Sonya(Kitchener)Ziggy
Howard, Colin(Mt. Albert)Team Hardwood
Irvine, Johnathon(Hamilton)McMaster
Kammer, Scott(St. Catherines)St. Catherines
Knapp, Gregory(Grimsby)St. Catherine's
Lacharite, Vincent(Waterloo)Waterloo Flying Dogs
Laviolette, Andrew(Barrie)Team Hardwood
Lepalud, Michelle(St. Catherines)St. Catherines
McDonald, Blair(Waterloo)Waterloo Flying Dogs
Mott, Kevin(Woodstock)Woodstock Composite
Musie, Alyssa(Mississauga)Waterloo Flying Dogs
Pare, Dan(LaSalle)Maple Leaf
Srigley, Jeremy(St. Catherines)St. Catherines
St. John, Donald(Belle River)Maple Leaf
St. John, Jeremy(Belle River)Maple Leaf
Thomas, Alana(Mississauga)McMaster
Vukets, Dave(Waterloo)Waterloo Flying Dogs
Doble, Andrew(Barrie)Team Hardwood
Gardiner, Ian(Hamilton)McMaster
Pedersen, Brian(Kitchener)Waterloo Flying Dogs
Sfalcin, Aldo(Windsor)Maple Leaf
Smith, Simon(Minesing)Team Hardwood
Coney, Ingrid(Newmarket)Team Hardwood
Knapp, Christopher(Grimsby)St. Catherines


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