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July 21/02 12:11 pm - Edmonton Weekly Series Results & Report

Posted by Editoress on 07/21/02

Edmonton Tuesday Night Race Series
Courtesy Derek Singbeil

Round 3 for the July series was held out at Villeneuve for a 19.7 km TT.

With a tailwind for the climbing half of the course and a downhill back into the headwind it helped to level off the course.

Bruce Copeland showed what he does best flying through the course to get the fastest time of the evening by almost 2 full minutes! Gregg Menard landed second place just edging out Sean Barr.

In group B the podium was all ERTC with Kevin Rokosh, Graham Rudge and Gary Rybaczok taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Look out B's, Sean Kennedy from Group C may bump up to B for the August series with times like his 1st place finish today. Ian Hoffman and Sid Mckinney rounded out the Podium for the C group.

Group A:
1. Bruce Copeland (ERTC)25:42
2. Gregg Menard (Juventus)27:40
3. Sean Barr (Velocity)27:45
4. Shane Rush (Velocity)28:35
5. Dave Watson (Velocity)29:18
6. Susan Copeland (ERTC)29:50
7. Robert Sterling (Velocity)30:28
Group B:
1. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC)29:27
2. Graham Rudge (ERTC)29:37
3. Gary Rybaczok (ERTC)30:15
4. David Ariano (ERTC)30:17
5. Robert Straga30:35
6. Chris Harrison (ERTC)30:43
7. David Shylko (Pedalhead)30:54
8. Curtis Roger (Velocity)31:56
9. Harley Desprey (Velocity)31:58
10. Dean Rawson (Pedalhead)32:18
11Colleen MacCollum (Pedalhead)33:12
Group C:
1. Sean Kennedy (Velocity)30:00
2. Ian Hoffman (Hardcore)31:20
3. Sid Mckinney (EMCC)31:36
4. Anna Paton (Velocity)32:09
5. Tanya Bagnel (ERTC)33:14
6. Dan Vervoorst33:47
7. Matthew Gresiuik (Velocity)33:48
8. Paul Kozak (ERTC)34:10
9. Roger Steele (ERTC)34:16
10. Graeme Dibbs (EMCC)34:33
11. Kristin Campbell (Pedalhead)34:33
12. Jessica James (United Cycle)36:31
13. Janka Hegedus (Juventus)36:35
14. Marcy Dibbs (EMCC)37:33
15. Sherlyn Rawson (Pedalhead)38:30
16. Hal Massey (Velocity)39:00
17. Brad Vanderveen (Velocity)39:25

Special thanks to Corey Torgness and Alison Bentham for a job well done on timing, and Leanne Singbeil for her assistance with signup.

Next week its out to just outside the North East corner of the City for a 52km Road Race. Check here for more info and a map.


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