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September 14/02 9:58 am - Hokkaido, Canada in Worlds, Hesjedal, Vouilloz Retires, Worlds Pool

Posted by Editor on 09/14/02

Tour de Hokkaido - Japan

Stage 3 - Rubeshibe to Shimizu 170 km

1. Shinri Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing 4:17:41
2. Dominique Perras (Can) Canada s.t.
3. Kazuya Okazaki (Jpn) Nippon Hodo at 0:03
4. Andreas Hestler (Can) Canada
5. Paul Griffin (Irl)

13. Chris Sheppard (Can) Canada all s.t.
31. Mat Toulouse (Cana) Canada 0:18
63. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Canada 10:31


1. Simone Mori (Jpn) Nippon Hodo 13:05:38
2. Tomoya Kanou (Jpn) Shimano Racing at 0:29
3. Mikahail Teteryuk (Kaz) Nippon Hodo 1:20
4. Okazaki 1:35
5. Suzuki 1:37

20. Perras 5:06
22. Sheppard 6:00
27. Hestler 7:39
28. Toulouse 8:37
62. Pinfold 22:38

Canada is 8th in team classification after stage 3, with Dom Perras leading the Points competition and 3rd in the Climbers competition. Andrew Pinfold is 11th on Points, Andreas Hestler 12th (tie) and Chris Sheppard 20th.

Canada Gains Road Worlds Spot

Two days ago the UCI released a revised list of countries who would be allowed to enter riders in the elite men's road race at the World Championships next month. Canada is now on the list, with one rider allowed to start.

Initially, we were not eligible because we did not meet the country criteria (top-30) nor the individual rider criteria (a rider in the top 400 on UCI ranking), as of August 15th. The UCI revised the latter criteria to allow countries with riders in the top 500 to enter one (two names can be entered, but only one can start). Mark Walters qualifies Canada by ranking 435th.

Canada thus will be able to start one rider in the elite men's road race (it doesn't have to be Walters). The CCA plans to announce the team in the next week or so. The choice of which elite man to send is difficult, and will be a selection committee choice. Do they send Walters (highest ranked, strong result with USPro win), Michael Barry (Europe-based, will be fit after Vuelta), Gord Fraser (top sprinter, on what will probably be a sprinter's circuit), or someone else (such as national champion Andrew Randell)?

Who should it be? Post your predictions in the Forums.

Hesjedal Stagiaire Clarification

It has been pointed out that Ryder Hesjedal's contract with Rabobank is not, in the strictest sense, a stagiaire agreement (although it was Ryder himself who told us that he would be a stagiaire with Rabobank). In fact, what he is doing is riding with Rabobank's GS III Espoir squad.

Either way, it is a recognition of his strong talent, and he should be congratulated.

Nico Retires

Downhill world champion Nicolas Vouilloz has formally announced his retirement. We knew that, barring an unforseen last minute change of heart, it was coming, but now it is official.

Vouilloz has been the dominant male downhiller for the last decade, winning a staggering 10 world titles in eleven years (3 as a Junior, 7 as an elite - only losing to Myles Rockwell in Spain in 2000), including the current title a few weeks ago in Kaprun.

In addition to his world titles, Vouilloz won 5 World Cup titles and had 16 World Cup victories.

World Championship Pool

After the success of our Tour de France pool, we were asked when we would run one again. Well, the answer is very soon. We will be running a World Championships pool for the Road World's in Zolder, Belgium next week.

Players will get to pick 9 riders:

1st and 2nd place man and woman in the senior road races (4 riders), 1st place man and woman in the senior time trials, and top Canadian in the men's time trial, women's time trial and women's road race (Canada will have only one man in the men's road race).

Points will be awarded, and top finishers in the pool will receive prizes. (Attention potential prize givers! Contact us to participate in the pool -


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