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September 16/02 8:43 am - Hokkaido, Juniors in Europe, MS 8 Hour, Barry Crash Photo

Posted by Editor on 09/16/02

Tour de Hokkaido - Japan

Stage 5 - Makomanai Park, Sapporo 60 km

1. Yasutaka Tashiro (Jpn) Bridgestone Anchor 1:25:27
2. David O'Loughlin (Irl) Ireland s.t.
3. Koki Shimbo (Jpn) Asian Kogyo at 0:03
4. Hisafumi Imanishi (Jpn) Shimano Racing s.t.
5. Andreas Hestler (Can) Canada 0:05

18. Dominique Perras (Can) Canada 0:09
25. Chris Sheppard (Can) Canada 0:14
37. Mat Toulouse (Can) Canada 0:18
43. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Canada 0:43

Final GC
1. Simone Mori (Jpn) Nippon Hodo 18:20:54
2. Tomoya Kanou (Jpn) Shimano Racing at 0:29
3. Kazuya Okazaki (Jpn) Nippon Hodo 1:20
4. Mikahail Teteryuk (Kaz) Nippon Hodo s.t.
5. Shinri Suzuki (Jpn) Shimano Racing 1:23

19. Dominique Perras (Can) Canada 4:53
21. Chris Sheppard (Can) Canada 6:00
23. Andreas Hestler (Can) Canada 7:28
25. Mat Toulouse (Can) Canada 8:41
46. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Canada 23:53

Team GC
1. Nippon Hodo 55:05:32
2. Shimano Racing at 0:57
3. Islamic Republic of Iran 3:36

7. Canada 15:59

1. Okazaki 82 points
2. Suzuki 79
3. Perras 72

5. Hestler 43 (tie)
20. Pinfold 18
34. Toulouse 2

Climbers Jersey (no change from stage 4)
1. Kanou 29
2. Perras 25
3. Mori 24

Ronde des Vallées, Bretagne, France

September 15th

Having come off the plane 2 days before Sunday's race, the day started out a bit rough with a 6km ITT at 8 AM. For Maxime Vives, Andrew Davidson and Marsh Cooper, the ITT went not too bad. Cabrel Boucher and Mark Pozniak had it a bit harder but no worries there.

In the afternoon, the stage was one of 120km with wind, and hills and a pack of 120 riders from different regions of France and a few Belgian team, with Cam Evans racing with Domo-Sweet Paradise.

The race started pretty fast and furious with all wanting the head of the peleton. Our guys were having some problems getting positioned, though they will learn to keep the elbows out.

A break went up the road after 15 km with Cam present in it. As for the other Canucks, they were still trying to find their way to the front.

From that point on it was an illimination race from the back and the guys wearing the leaf were having a bit of difficulties; what with the jetlag and the adaptation not there yet.

In the end, nobody was really in the running and Cam who was in the final break broke his chain and had to abandon.

All in all, this race was the first in a series of 6 to 8 that are destined to get the juniors ready for worlds. While this last one was a bit of a rude awakening, I am confident that they will progress to be competitive for worlds. This system has worked in the past and it will work again...

Jacques Landry
National Development Coach

8 Hours MS Enduro - Paris, Ontario
Courtesy organizers

Event Date: Sunday, Sept 15th 2002 9:00am to 5:00pm

Solo Male
1st Phil Barrett 15 Laps in 8:20:31
2nd Tom Anderson 15 Laps in 8:28:22
3rd Phillip Johnathan 14 Laps in 8:29:59

Solo Female
1st Kim Noble 10 Laps in 8:03:29
2nd Kathy MacInnis 8 Laps in 8:05:01

2-Person Male
1st Team Hardtail Holdouts 16 Laps in 8:01:52
2nd Team The Riders Formally.. 16 Laps in 8:03:17
3rd Team Hamilton Fire 15 Laps in 8:00:42

2-Person Co-ed
1st Team Spokey Dokey 14 Laps in 8:31:26

4-Person Male
1st Team Ziggies 18 Laps in 8:15:55
2nd Team Dirt Diggers 17 Laps in 8:19:12
3rd Team Coulson Hillers 16 Laps in 8:29:12

4-Person Female
1st Team Mud Hunnies 10 Laps in 7:40:03

4-Person Co-ed
1st Team Slow Moving Vehicles 12 Laps in 8:04:04
2nd Team The Old and the New 10 Laps in 8:25:07

Full results will published on as soon as possible.

Michael Barry Crashes

The Vuelta organization has made the following photo available, showing Michael Barry getting underway after his stage 8 crash.

Michael Barry


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