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September 30/02 8:38 am - Hardwood Hills MTB Raid - Ontario

Posted by Editor on 09/30/02

Hardwood Hills MTB Raid - Ontario
Courtesy Glenn Meeuwisse

The course, though secret until race day, has been finalized for the 2002 version of the Hardwood MTB RAID on Oct. 6th. This year's course has been great fun to put together. The course is one 80 km loop for the full RAID, and one 40 km loop for the petite raid. It is over 70% single track and the rest is rolling gravel roads. Fall colours will be in full swing and the route offers some awesome vistas.

Water crossing from past courses have been taken out as the salmon are running. Last year's winner, Provincial Champion Mike Garrigan, is hoping to break the 4 hours mark this year. See the website for full info.

Road Worlds Update

Facts & Figures from the organizers and UCI:

The number of participants based on the UCI entries list on 02.09.26 is:

- Time Trial WC Ladies Juniors: 93
- Time Trial WC Men Amateurs: 88
- Time Trial WC Men Juniors: 116
- Time Trial WC Ladies Elite: 69
- Road WC Ladies Juniors: 59
- Road WC Men Amateurs: 266
- Road WC Men Juniors: 244
- Road WC Ladies Elite: 178
- Road WC Men Elite: not yet definitive, but approximately 30% more than the past years.

The number of participating countries: about 50
The total number of race kilometres to be covered by all participants together: more than 170,000 km
The total number of race hours and minutes to be driven by the riders of the different categories: approximately 27 hours.
The total number of race laps to be covered by the riders: more than 12,000
The number of official cars: 53
The number of produced numbers: 2,300
The number of produced frame tags: 940


The total number of allocated UCI accreditations is 3,272. Subdivided per category, this means:

520 members of the organization and the UCI
50 UCI acknowledged teams
793 national team members
1,319 riders entered for the Time Trial and the Road World Championships
590 journalists, photographers

Expected number of World Championships' spectators for Sunday: 80,075 spectators.

For a smooth reception of the public, a parking capacity of 50,000 vehicles is provided during the weekend. Over 400 buses of the 'De Lijn' will bring the public to the track. The Hasselt railway station expects over 18,000 train passengers on Sunday. For supporters coming on bike, 3 bike sheds, each with a capacity of 1,000 bicycles, are provided.

- For the delineation of the track 31,884 metres of crush barriers and 6,336 metres of fencing will be installed.
- The number of square metres spent on publicity at and along the track is estimated at some 9,000 sq. m.
- For the spectators and the guests, the organisation will install some 120 lavatories along the track, 20 of which will be especially equipped for disabled. A sanitation team will ensure that everything remains clean.
- On the highways (E313 and E314) in the direction of the World Championships at and around Circuit Zolder, 96 traffic or road signs will be installed.
- The thirsty will be able to quench their thirst: hectolitres of beer (Ed. Note: mmm, Belgian beer...) and refreshments will be available, as well as hundreds of kilos of sausages and Belgian chips. More than 30 snack bars and over 30 catering stands will ensure that the public is smoothly fed and refreshed.
- There will be no shortage of audiovisual facilities: 8 video walls (in total, an image of 180 sq m), projection systems and some 150 televisions should enable the public and the VIP's to follow the races.
- 40,000 official programs (72 pages thick) will be offered to the VIP's, the press and the public.

Calgary Bicycle Track League

2002 Final Results

1. cp Walsh (Synergy Racing) - 186 points
2. Troy Delfs (Synergy Racing) - 126
3. Len Conlin (Bicisport) - 121
4. Ryan McKenzie (Colnago-Carrera) - 100
5. Graeme Thomson (Bicisport) - 84
6. Tom Amberiadis (MTB City) - 73

1. Marco Albinus (Bicisport) - 236 points
2. Reid Dalgleish (Juventus) - 156
3. Bryan Donnelly (Synergy Racing) - 114
4. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval) - 78
5. Dale Lussier (CBTL) - 77
6. John Rilett (CBTL) - 76

1. Dennis Gregory (Crankmasters) - 137 points
2. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy Racing) - 135
3. Justin Williams (CBTL) - 132
4. David Corr (CBTL) - 60
5. Rebecca Wilkinson (Synergy Racing) - 40
6. Laura Brown (Olympic Oval) - 39

CBTL Team Award
1. Synergy Racing
2. Bicisport
3. Olympic Oval

Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross Series
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

This year, the Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross Series promises to be one of the most exciting ever. There is a total of no less than twelve events, with two of the early November races being held in the Buffalo area and organized by Handlebars Bike Shop. This will make for larger and more competitive fields and will certainly increase the likilihood of more cross-border competition in the summer. Full schedule below.

Dates Event Location Contact Organizer's Website
22-Sep Learn to Cyclo-Cross Clinic Taylor Creek Park, Don Mills Oakville Cycling Club
6-Oct Dundurn Castle Cyclocross Hamilton Hamilton Cycling Club
Rob Cheskey
13-Oct Hilton Falls Cyclo Cross Hilton Falls Conservation Area Oakville Cycling Club
James Adams
20-Oct Ziggy's Oktoberfest Cyclocross Race Homer-Watson Park Kitchener Ziggy Martuzalski & Keith Peck
27-Oct Durham Cyclo-cross Classic Whitby Dan Salter
2-Nov Skiis & Biikes Aurora Cyclo-Cross Aurora Scott Doel
416-391-0654 or 905-778-9393
3-Nov Centennial Park Cyclo-Cross Centennial Park Etobicoke Peter McCaffery
17-Nov Baldwin Farm Cyclo-Cross  Kintore (near Stratford) Don MacPhail
24-Nov Provincial Cyclo-Cross White Spruce, Brampton Brampton Cycling Club
Scott Buschlen

Miami Classic - Florida

1 Tina Mayolo (Diet Rite)
2 Tonya Duff-Miller (Freddie Fu)
3 Suzanne Sonya (Saturn)
4 Rebecca McClintock (Serotta)
5 Iona Wynter (Genesis)
6 Katie Safford (Minute Maid)
7 Nicole Freedman (Team Rona)
8 Gina Grain (Genesis Scuba)
9 Desire Utzig
10 Sue Palmer-Komar (Talgo)
11 Heather Atert (Godys)
12 Julia Farell
13 Sherri Stedje (BBC)
14 Lauren Franges (Amoroso's)
15 Liz Begosh (Talgo)
16 Shawn Heidgen (Athletes B D)
17 Frances Elliott (Cycle Science)
18 Sarah Foulkes
19 Robin Kaven (BBC)
20 Mary Georgetti (NEBC)
21 Yvonne Ilton
22 Mian Pizzini (Diet Rite)
23 Beth Leasure (Team Cabot)
24 Julie Monagle
25 Veronica Martinez (Amoroso's)
26 Kristine Bilyeau
27 Elizabeth Wencel-Stone (Hurricane)
28 Tracy Spane
29 Brooke O'Connor (NEBC)
30 Eizabeth Morse (Trek VM)
31 Opal Hew (FL Spokes)
32 Tina Skelley (Talgo)
33 Shannon Hullison
34 Charlotte Lenssen (Cycle Science)

1 Eric Wohlberg (Saturn)
2 Chris Wherry (Mercury)
3 Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)
4 Henk Vogels (Mercury)
5 Vassili Davidenko (Navigators)
6 Oscar Pineda (7UP/NutraFig)
7 Jason Snow (Cycle Science)
8 Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joes)
9 Mark Walters (Navigators)
10 Daniel Schmatz (7UP/NutraFig)
11 Raphael Clemente (Cycle Science)
12 Ruben Osorio (Venezuela)
13 Amos Bumble (CCB/VW)
14 Chann McRae (USPS)
15 Eric Murphy (Mercury)
16 Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joe's)
17 Gord Fraser (Mercury)
18 Dave McCook (Navigators)
19 Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
20 Roberto Gaggioli
21 Greg Wolf (Ideal Tile)
22 Lawrence Perera (CCB/VW)
23 David Beaudoin (Olympus)
24 Daniel Holt (Ringling)
25 John Freddy-Panu
26 Andrew Woodruff (Team Florida)
27 Hugo Pradoneto
28 George Hincapie (USPS)
29 Edward Monnier (Minute Maid)
30 Michael Zingaro (Cycle Science)
31 Ivan Franco
32 Chuck Coyle (7UP/NutraFig)
33 Jeff Or (Jamis)
34 Ernie Lechuga (Jelly Belly)
35 Siro Camponogara (Navigators)
36 Harm Jansen (Saturn)
37 Jones Brice (Mercury)
38 Jose Valdivia (Jet Network)

Pro Cycling Tour Final Standings

1 Laura Van Gilder (Trek Plus) 88 points
2 Petra Rossner (Saturn) 80
3 Tina Mayolo-Pic (Diet Rite) 60
4 Tania Duff-Miller (Freddie FU) 54
5 Sarah Uhl (Dansko/Ind. Fabrications) 45

1 Henk Vogels (Mercury) 105 points
2 Mark Walters (Navigators) 88
3 Gord Fraser (Mercury) 80

4 Chris Wherry(Mercury) 65
5 Oleg Grishkine (Navigators) 63

Tour Seine-et-Marne - France

Stage 3 - Combs-la-Ville to Ecuelles 95 km

1 Kenny Van Hummel (Ned) Rabobank 2:11:25
2 Bas Gilling (Ned) Netherlands
3 Arnaud Coyot (Fra) CC Nogent-sur-Oise
4 Ludovic Lanceleur (Fra) Crédit Agricole
5 Jean-François Laroche (Can) Canada all s.t.

40 Cory Lange (Can) ACBB at 0:21
52 Martin Gilbert (Can) Canada 0:38
54 Martin St-Laurent (Can) Canada
58 Wannes Maartens (Can) Canada both s.t.

Stage 4 - Souppes ITT 20.4 km

1 Niels Scheuneman (Ned) Rabobank 26:01
2 Christophe Thebault (Fra) Jean Floc'h at 0:19
3 Jean-François Laroche (Can) Canada 0:32
4 Rory Sutherland (Aus) Rabobank 0:32
5 Geoffroy Lequatre (Fra) Crédit Agricole 0:42

74 Martin St-Laurent (Can) Canada 3:21
76 Wannes Maartens (Can) Canada 3:28
80 Cory Lange (Can) ACBB 3:41
87 Martin Gilbert (Can) Canada 4:09

Final GC

1 Niels Scheuneman (Ned) Rabobank 9:56:38
2 Pieter Weening (Ned) Netherlands at 0:10
3 Jean-François Laroche (Can) Canada 0:13
4 Rory Sutherland (Aus) Rabobank s.t.
5 Eric Berthou (Fra) Jean Floc'h 0:20

53 Cory Lange (Can) ACBB 8:08
60 Martin Gilbert (Can) Canada 8:53
71 Wannes Maartens (Can) Canada 13:33
74 Martin St-Laurent (Can) Canada 16:04


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