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October 6/02 7:50 am - Midweek Club Annual Dinner, Hardwood RAID

Posted by Editoress on 10/6/02

Midweek Club Annual Dinner
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

The Midweek Cycling Club will be holding its 3rd annual dinner and awards night on Saturday, October 26th, 6.30pm - 10pm. For details, location,etc. go to

This year, the keynote speaker is mountaineer Jim Elzinga, one of the few heroic individuals to conquer Mount Everest - twice! who will be giving a multi-media presentation on his Everest experiences. Large corporations have paid thousands of dollars to bring in this unique and exciting man. Tina Mayberry will also be giving one of her popular slide shows on the Midweek Club season highlights.

Tickets are $25 each and seating is limited to the first 65 to confirm reservations.

Hardwood RAID
Courtesy Glenn Meeuwisse

Many thanks to all the racers, volunteers, sponsors (esp. PowerBar), and mother nature for making the 2002 RAID a great success! The great weather brought out 250 riders to enjoy the trails and roads of Huronia.

Greg Reain (Gears Racing) waited patiently for a final break away from Mike Garrigan (Team Hardwood) and Andrew Watson (Bianchi Canada) with 2 km to go and took the win looking relatively fresh. Heather Stanley (Team Hardwood), just recovered off her solo victory at the 24 hrs of Adrenalin, won over seasoned endurance racer Caroline VanDenBulk (Muskoka Bicycle).

80 km

1. Greg Reain3:37:06
2. Mike Garriganat 0:09.8
3. Andrew Watson0:11.2
4. Jon Barnes2:23.4
5. T.Vanden Heuvel7:26.6
6. Chris Ivey27:59.3
7. Andrew Monahan28:03.9
8. Brien Ross36:29.6
9. Mike Vontil36:30.3
10. John Webb37:37.1
11. Alex Kelly39:02.0
12. Matt Klymson42:04.6
13. Disco Dave Haycock46:53.3
14. Stephen Miller49:19.1
15. Danny Thompson49:52.8
16. Wayne Smith51:41.9
17. Brad Barton51:42.3
18. Aaron Coutts01:44.3
19. Rod Nicholle04:10.9
20. David Gray04:32.7
21. Andrew Gorman07:31.1
22. Andrew Hurst09:21.7
23. Paul Johnson15:51.3
24. Heather Stanley19:01.7
25. Jeremy Nudds20:35.5
26. Caroline VandenBulk32:27.7
27. William Logie32:31.4
28. Greg Knights33:20.3
29. Ben Smith33:51.0
30. George Garrett34:39.1
31. Lothar Scheld34:54.2
32. Darryl Hersics34:57.5
33. Oliver Stevens35:31.4
34. Brett Lawrie35:32.8
35. John Riolo35:57.4
36. Don Wilson35:58.8
37. Rod Perry35:59.3
38. Marianna Knights37:08.8
39. Louis Belanger37:36.4
40. Clive Emery38:22.9
41. Robert Schultz38:33.5
42. David Houghton43:08.5
43. Jeff Robinson45:39.6
44. Daniel Stewart46:00.2
45. Jason Duffy46:16.9
46. Brad Watts48:40.8
47. Rob Nishman49:03.6
48. Vasilli Ryjikh49:12.6
49. Steve Hewitt50:26.8
50. Ryan Jones53:04.4
51. Steve Gentles53:49.8
52. Rob Meeuwse57:24.5
53. Brent Johnson57:27.2
54. Fred Johnson58:39.7
55. Roxanne White58:40.1
56. Samuel Bail59:08.7
57. Erin Bennett59:40.5
58. Tom Smeh59:40.8
59. Pierre Dallaire59:41.1
60. Phil Pixler59:41.4
61. Michael Hawrelak00:56.7
62. George Collard01:59.9
63. Bob Scott06:14.3
64. Greg Cooper06:23.5
65. David Ewing10:55.4
66. Lea Babock20:42.2
67. Brad Sproule24:25.8
68. Robert Carleton27:26.2
69. Rick LaCroix29:18.6
70. Alina Tickner37:37.5
71. Troy Foster47:32.5
72. Brent Marshall47:32.8
73. Murray Yazer47:33.1
74. Barb Campbell50:43.7
75. Sarah Caylor50:44.0
76. Richard Ehrlich50:44.3
77. Thom Morrisen55:10.2
78. Gary King55:10.8
79. Mark Seyffer57:21.7
80. Hugh Coleman01:01.2
81. Lawre Pietras01:01.6
82. James Erceg01:13.9
83. Don Goddard01:21.7
84. Ewan Gillespie09:11.6
85. Katie Champ09:11.9
86. Ed Shirlea25:36.4
DNF. Scott Taylor
DNF. Alexander Bilyk
DNF. Rick Coutts
DNF. Leslie Fenton
DNF. Robyn Gear
DNF. Marcus Henderson
DNF. Calum Johnston
DNF. Steve Johnston
DNF. Jose Ribau
DNF. Eric Seyffer
DNF. John Toye
DNF. Greg Cooper
DNF. Dean Weare
DNF. Jamie Matheson
DNF. John Ward

Results by category and shorter distances available at Hardwood Raid


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