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October 7/02 5:06 am - Ontario Cyclo-cross: Results from Dundurn Castle

Posted by Editoress on 10/7/02

Southern Ontario Cyclo-cross Series 2002 Dundurn Castle, Hamilton - Sunday October 6thPresented by Hamilton CCResults courtesy Peter McCaffery

Senior MenTIME
1. Peter Morse (Midweek C.C.)1:09:53
2. Michael Dennis (Gears Racing)1:10:5
3. Dave Dermont (True North)1:11:10
4. Eric Batty (Bay Cycle Racing)1:13:11
5. David Gray (Directhears (US)1:14:43
6. Nathan Chown (Independent)1:14:59
7. Tim Oliver (Gears)1:15:05
8. Stan Scotnicki (Buffalo Bicycle Clunb (US)1:17:10
9. Dave Coughlin (Independent)lapped
10. Chris Riley (Independent)lapped
11. Thomas Freure (St. Catharines C.C.)lapped
12. Mark Cleland (McMaster)lapped
13. Keith Pellerin (Galyans (US)lapped
14. Andrew Curtis (London Centennial Wheelers)lapped
15. Kurt Schreiter (East Side Cycles (US)lapped
16. Mike McMahon lapped
17. Chris Ainsworth (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)DNF
18. Daniel Rafique (Independent)DNF
19. Kevin Teacle (Pedal Head)DNF
20. Oscar Salvendy (Independent)DNF
Master A
1. John Ruden (Buffalo C.C. (US)1:10:44
2. Scott Buschlen (Brampton C.C.)1:12:39
3. John Kalinowski (Chain Reaction)s.t.
4. Rodney Marchant (Skiis & Bikes)1:13:53
5. Steve Heck (Earl's Cycle)1:13:54
6. John Polard (G.V.C.C. (US)1:18:21
7. Dan Salter (D'Ornellas)1:18:53
8. Ian Starke (Independent)lapped
9. Scott Doel (Skis & Bikes)lapped
10. Chris Wood (Waterloo C.C.)lapped
11. Chris Redden (True North)lapped
12. John Sandré (Halton Road & Trail)lapped
13. Dan McPhail (Festival C.C.)lapped
1. Sue Trimble (Gears Racing)1:04:22
2. Emily Batty (Bay Cycle Racing)1:07:01
3. Barb Brzezicki (Independent)1:12:21
4. Julia Farrell (Verizon /Cervelo)1:12:41
5. Anna Tratnyek (Festival City)1:12:54
6. Tara Mulder (N E B C)1:14:39
7. Dawn Harnel (Independent)lapped
8. Cydney Galbraith (Independent)lapped
9. Patricia Crosscombe (Independent)lapped
10. Lisa Sharpe (Independent)lapped
11. Prisca Natterer (True North)lapped
Master B/C/D
1. Gordon Avann (Newmarket Flying Eagles)1:04:33
2. Paul Skinner (Bay Cycle Racing)1:04:49
3. Aiken Sherberger (Sport Swap)1:04:50
4. Gordon Clarke (Newmarket Flying Eagles)1:07:26
5. Ron Spencer (Independent)1:07:27
6. John Crumlish (Independent)1:07:53
7. Laurence Pollack (Independent)1:07:54
8. Elmore Brenton (Newmarket Flying Eagles)1:08:28
9. Peter Hein (Newmarket Flying Eagles)1:08:59
10. Don Perry (Newmarket Flying Eagles)1:09:02
11. Frank Morrow (Hamilton C.C.)1:09:52
12. John Van den Elzen (Newmarket Flying Eagles)1:11:09
13. Jim Adams (Oakville C.C.)1:11:58
14. Harold Osborne (Hamilton C.C.)lapped
Junior Men
1. Martin Lazarski (Gears Racing)59:50
2. Brad Eades (Independent)1:01:41
3. Tyler Holtzman (St.Catharines C.C.)1:02:08
4. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle Racing)1:03:21
5. Paul Brown (Gears Racing)1:04:04
6. Jeff Eades (Independent)lapped


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