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July 25/02 10:26 am - Mississauga Midweek, Hamilton Cycling Club Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 07/25/02

La Bicicletta Midweek Criterium July 24

Senior 1/2 - 61.5 km
1. Peter Morse (Midweek CC) S1, 1:22:30
2. Don Zuck (Pavan/Lindeberg) S1,
3. Ed Makarchuk (HRT) S2, both s.t.
4. Robert Mann (KHS) S2, at 0:18
5. Kevin Speacht (Midweek CC.) S1,
6. Paul Rego (Ital Pasta) S1,
7. Gregory Cavanagh (Oakville Cyclepath) MA,
8. Roy Zucchetto (Pavan/Lindeberg) S2, all s.t.
9. Mark Polsinelli (Pavan/Lindeberg) MB,
10. James Wadden (Independent) MA,

Handicap Group - 53 km
1. Martin Derlacki (Independent) MA, 1:13:45
2. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction) MA,
3. John Barnes (Indpendent) S2,
4. Bryan Taborek (Indpendent) MB, all s.t.

Hamilton Cycling Club's Tuesday Evening Criterium July 23rd

We had 35 riders come out on this very pleasant, warm evening. The pace was very fast and early on about ten riders were dropped. PATRICK SHEA took the $5.00 prime. KEVIN LEHMAN and JAY MACLAREN broke away for a few laps then were pulled back in. Next PIERS DAVIDGE and PATRICK SHEA broke away with PIERS taking the 3-point prime. PIERS and PATRICK were caught by the chase group of six riders with four laps to go. The finishing sprint was between PIERS DAVIDGE and PAUL REGO with PIERS once again taking the top spot followed by PAUL REGO, DUNCAN SALISBURY, PATRICK SHEA and JAY MACLAREN.

Overall Standings

1. Piers Davidge, 45 pts
2. Paul Hornak, 31
3. Mirek Mazur, 30
4. Jay MacLaren, 25
4. Jeff Sharafabayani, 25
5. Paul Rego, 22


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