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July 31/02 8:57 am - Muenzer Sets Record

Posted by Editor on 07/31/02

Lori-Ann Muenzer has begun the women's sprint competition by laying down a Commonwealth Games record in the Flying 200m time trial qualifier. Her time of 11.452 seconds broke Tanya Dubnicoff's 11.490 time set four years ago in Kuala Lumpur. 500m time trial winner Kerrie Meares of Australia was second with a time of 11.581 seconds. Since there are only 7 women in the competition, Muenzer gets a bye through to the semi-finals tomorrow. She will race either Anna Meares (Australia) or Denise Hampson (Wales).

Some quotes from last night's women's points race:

Clara Hughes: "This was my first international Points Race ever, and there were a few times when I forgot that there were no brakes on the bike! It was just fantastic to race against a world class field.

Erin (Carter) and I aren't really known for our sprints, so I was happy to get a lap and those points. The Australians were awesome, they dominated the race. I didn't get any more points (after the lap) until I stopped attacking every two laps and rested up a bit.

Curt (Harnett) said that these races are won on guts, and it was our (Canada's) goal to get on the podium."

Kathy Bates: "We knew Canada was strong, especially after Clara won the time trial. We were worried about Canada, but we three (Australians) have been talking about this race for a long time.

This Commonwealth Games is the first one for our young, new team. Our programs at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) allow us to concentrate on our sport, and are what present us the opportunities we have to do so well."

Hughes in response to the AIS program: "We don't really have a program. The AIS is amazing, I wish we did have something like that. I find it incredible that we can get the results we do. People are always asking me why there are so many good Canadian riders, and I have to say I don't know."

Erin Carter: "I'm tired! It was fast and really, really hard. The break going was good for us, since it put Clara in a medal position. I was struggling a bit throughout the race, but later I tried to get in breaks a couple of times, and got some points in one of the sprints. The Aussies were so strong, it seemed like there were ten of them out there."


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