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August 3/02 2:56 am - Commonwealth Games: Men's Road Race Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/3/02

Commonwealth Games

Men's Road Race

1 Stuart O'Grady (Australia) 4:43:17
2 Cadel Evans (Australia) at 2:08
3 Baden Cooke (Australia) 2:28
4 Glen Mitchell (New Zealand) s.t.
5 Eric Wohlberg (Canada) 2:47
6 Hayden Roulston (New Zealand) 2:52
7 Robert Hunter (South Africa) 3:01
8 Roger Hammond (England) 3:02
9 Michael Barry (Canada) s.t.
10 David George (South Africa) 3:14
11 Mark Walters (Canada) 5:59
12 Tommy Evans (Northern Ireland) 9:35
13 Yanto Barker (Wales) 9:36
14 Ryan Russell (New Zealand) 10:17
15 Anthony Malarczyk (Wales) s.t.
16 Duncan Urquhart (Scotland) 10:56
17 Karl Moore (New Zealand) 11:27
18 John Tanner (England) s.t.
19 Denis Easton (Northern Ireland) 11:53
20 Emile Abraham (Trinidad & Tobago) 11:55
21 Mark Lovatt (England) 11:56
22 Julian Winn (Wales) s.t.
23 Stephen Gallagher (Northern Ireland) 11:56
24 Malcolm Lange (South Africa) 11:57
25 Kashi Leuchs (New Zealand) 11:58
26 Daniel Spence (South Africa) 12:03
27 Nicholas Patrick White (South Africa)
28 Charles Wegelius (England) 12:29
29 Mannie Heymans (Namibia) 14:03
30 David Gardiner (Northern Ireland) 14:47
31 James Griffiths (Wales)
32 Andrew Roche (Isle of Man)
33 Gordon Mccauley (New Zealand) all s.t.
DNF Barron Archiebold Musgrove (Bahamas)
DNF Jonathan David Massie (Bahamas)
DNF Stuart Dangerfield (England)
DNF Nathan O'neill (Australia)
DNF Michael Rogers (Australia)
DNF Johnny Hoyte (Bahamas)
DNF Max Sciandri (England)
DNF Randy Simon (Antigua & Barbuda)
DNF Jeffery Zelaya (Belize)
DNF Rory Gonsalves (Antigua & Barbuda)
DNF Andrew Smiling (Belize)
DNF Ernest Meighan (Belize)
DNF Mateo Cruz (Belize)
DNF Kris Hedges (Bermuda)
DNF Horace Mcfarlane (Jamaica)
DNF Cleveland Sharpe (Jamaica)
DNF Charles Bryan (Anguilla)
DNF Ronnie Bryan (Anguilla)
DNF Kris Pradel (Anguilla)
DNF Erik Hoffmann (Namibia)
DNF Andy Rose (Seychelles)
DNF Jason Macintyre (Scotland)
DNF Serge Pitouo (Cameroon)
DNF Francois Talla (Cameroon)
DNF Sydney Charles (St: Lucia)
DNF Sammy Joseph (St: Lucia)
DNF Marc Bassingthwaighte (Namibia)
DNF Graeme Hatcher (Isle of Man)
DNF Elliot Baxter (Isle of Man)
DNF Mark Kelly (Isle of Man)
DNF Mamudou Bah (The Gambia)
DNF Eliman Jammeh (The Gambia)
DNF Ross Muir (Scotland)
DNF Gordon Fraser (Canada)
DNF David Ngugi Mwangi (Kenya)
DNF Arthur Kamau Kungu (Kenya)
DNF George Ochieng Onaye (Kenya)
DNF Stephen Mangroo (Trinidad & Tobago)
DNF Steve Millington (Bermuda)
DNF Chris Spence (Jersey)
DNF Maimba Malako (Zambia)
DNF Bruce Nkhoma (Zambia)
DNF Ken Jackson (Antigua & Barbuda)
DNF Martinien Tega (Cameroon)
DNF Brendan Doherty (Northern Ireland)
DNF David Mccann (Northern Ireland)
DNF Hudson Mathieu (Seychelles)
DNF David Kinja Njau (Kenya)
DNF Geri Mewett (Bermuda)
DNF James Perry (South Africa)
DNF Luke Roberts (Australia)
DNS Herve Simo (Cameroon)
DNS Paul Sheppard (Wales)
DNS Huw Pritchard (Wales)


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