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October 16/02 12:58 pm - Alberta 'Cross, Canada Cup on TV, Norba 2003, IMBA News, Get a Shot

Posted by Editor on 10/16/02

Diagnosis 2002 Psychocrosser Canmore Nordic Center, October 13
Courtesy Andy Holmwood ABA

The early onset of winter made for a snowy, greasy, slimy and wet cyclo-cross race this past Sunday in Canmore. The top story of the day was the domination of the Open category by Saskatchewan riders: Robin Baillie (Cycledelia) won the race by over three minutes from another Sask rider, Shawn Bunnin (Kona).

In other categories, Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle/CMC) continued his season-long domination of the junior category, while Jessica Demars (GS Campione) narrowly defeated Samantha Nicholson (Bow Cycle/CMC) in the Women's event.

1. Jessica Demars (GS Campione)48:07
2. Samantha Nicholson (Bow Cycle/CMC)48:52
3. Sarah Robbins (Cycledelia)51:22
4. Annette Svederus (United Cycle)55:34
5. Jennifer Barr (Velocity)at 1 lap
1. Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle/CMC)52:05
2. Philippe Abbotte (Olympic Oval)53:30
3. Cam MacKinnon (Olympic Oval)at 1 lap
4. Jeff Sparling (Olympic Oval)at 1 lap
5. William Monteath (Hindgrinders)at 2 lap
1. Scott Manktelow (Rundle Mountain CC)51:24
2. Brett Wootton (Calgary Cycle)53:25
3. Jeff Conroy (Independent)at 1 lap
1. cp Walsh (Synergy)47:50
2. Marty Machecek (Synergy)48:35
3. Peter Toth (ERTC/River Valley Cycle)50:01
4. Bob Hawboldt (Cycledelia)50:24
5. Craig Good (Synergy)50:46
6. Ed Garvin (Singletrack)52:21
7. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead)53:30
8. Ross Andersen (Calgary Cycle)st
9. Derrill Shuttleworth (Velocity)55:23
10. Michael Johns (CMC/Bow Cycle)at 1 lap
dnf. Todd Barraclough (Juventus)
dnf. Craig McLaren (Singletrack)
1. Robin Baillie (Saskatchewan/Cycledelia)1:00:53
2. Shawn Bunnin (Saskatchewan/Kona)1:04:11
3. Geoff Johns (GS Campione)1:05:09
4. Sean Barr (Velocity/Giant)1:06:06
5. Stuart Hughes (Bow Cycle/CMC)1:08:08
6. Jeff Smith (Bow Cycle/CMC)at 1 lap
dnf. Gord Kennedy (Bow Cycle/CMC)
dnf. Mark Webster (Bicisport)
dnf. Dave Kennedy (Bow Cycle/CMC)

Change of Venue for BC Cross Champs

Please note that the BC Provincial Cyclo-cross Championships will be held on October 26th at Vanier Park in downtown Vancouver and NOT Grouse Mountain Resorts as originally scheduled. To inquire about the event contact Dave Cressman at 604-730-1998 or

Dave Cressman
Team Soliton Cycling Club

MTB Canada Cup on TV

The Ride Guide episode featuring the Moose Jaw Canada Cup, will air on OLN Canada this weekend as follows:

Friday, October 18 @ 6:30 pm Eastern
Saturday, October 19 @ 3:30 pm Eastern

Dates Set for 2003 Chevy Trucks NORBA Nationals
Courtesy Norba

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (Oct. 14, 2002) - USA Cycling in conjunction with GaleForce Sports Marketing, has announced dates for the 2003 Chevy Trucks NORBA National Championship Mountain Bike Series.

The 15th season of the NORBA Nationals will consist of a five-race series, with the first race set for May 15. Please note that only dates have been set. Specific venues have yet to be determined.

NCS 1: May 15-18
NCS 2: June 12-15
NCS 3: June 19-22
NCS 4: July 24-27
NCS 5: Aug. 14-17

An alternate date of Aug. 24-27 has been set to accommodate any late changes to the schedule.

"We're working on a number of venues," said Sutton. "The 2002 series proved a big success. We've implemented a number of changes to help riders, spectators, sponsors and the media. We have worked hard to develop the Balance Bar Short Track and the SoBe Mountain Cross. We're starting to harvest the fruits of those efforts."

IMBA Grades Mountain Biking Around the World
Courtesy IMBA

The IMBA Report Card is expanding. The Report Card is designed to provide an annual assessment of mountain bike access and advocacy progress for U.S. states, Canadian provinces and other countries.

In addition to a letter grade, each area's key trail riding opportunities and challenges are pinpointed. Grades are based on a number of factors: miles of singletrack open for riding, land manager attitudes, relations with other trail user groups, and the long-term prospects for mountain biking.

Online voting is combined with input from IMBA staff, representatives and local mountain bike advocates to determine final grades. Mountain bikers are invited to grade their state, province or country on IMBA's website during October. At the end of the polling period, IMBA will tally the results and provide a detailed analysis.

In addition to grading U.S. states, the online voting section includes Canadian provinces and all countries where IMBA has an affiliate club, patrol or Sprockids group.

"IMBA's Report Card is an effective way to measure the progress of the IMBA network," said IMBA's executive director Tim Blumenthal. "This is our third year of rating trail access, and we're determined to gauge our progress around the world and strategize for 2003."

To vote in the 2002 IMBA Report Card election or see results from previous years visit Email IMBA advocacy coordinator Dan Vardamis at or call 303-545-9011 for more info.

Immunization can help you reach for the gold this winter!
Courtesy Canadian Coalition for Influenza Immunization

8 October, 2002 (Ottawa) - Are you training for a personal best or competing for gold this winter? A serious bout of influenza could disrupt your training schedule and put you weeks behind - or worse, leave you sitting on the sidelines.

Don't let influenza ruin your chances! Unlike the common cold, the influenza virus can cause a high fever, aches and pains and severe fatigue that can last for weeks. With influenza season lasting through most of the winter, the impact on your training could be devastating.

The flu shot is the best way to protect you and your team mates against influenza this winter by helping your body defend itself against the influenza virus. Since new strains of the virus appear each year, you need to be immunized each and every year to help prevent its spread.

Whether you're a serious athlete, or just someone who's interested in keeping yourself fit, you can't afford to be sick with influenza this winter. Get the flu shot: the reasons are all around you!

The Canadian Coalition for Influenza Immunization is a coalition of national health and consumer organizations committed to the promotion of immunization as the best way to prevent influenza. The goal of the annual program is to increase immunization rates by promoting the benefits of influenza immunization for all ages.


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