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October 29/02 11:51 am - Manitoba and Alberta Cyclo-cross

Posted by Editoress on 10/29/02

Manitoba 'Cross News
Courtesy Ian Hall, Patrick Humenny, and Dallas Sigrdur

Just a line to let all the thirsty CX nuts know that Nov 17th at Woodhaven Park in Winterpeg will be our Provincial Finals.

November 17 Woodhaven Park

Registration and sign in 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Race starts at 11a.m. sharp.

Bring your MCA number plate if you have one.

More info: 888-4586 or
Riders of all persuasions and abilities welcome - ride your road bike, cross bike, mountain bike, tandem, tricycle... No recumbents please.

Check the for updates for the event.

Olympia Cyclocross Series

#2: LaBarriere Park, October 27, 2002

44 riders came out to storm through the woods on a fast, technical course that was made extra tricky by greasy, newly-fallen leaves. Thanks to everyone who came out - especially family and friends who braved the chill to cheer on the riders. (Incidentally, I overheard one first-time spectator say to another first-time spectator, "How can you tell who's cheering for which team - everybody's cheering for everybody).

Special thanks to our volunteers - Karin McSherry, Naomi Humenny, Andre Comte, Madelyn and David Hall, and to race commissaire, Marlaine Lindsay and medical support, Dorothy Brandt.

Race #2 Results:

CATEGORY A  MEN 60 min. + 2 laps
Overall RankNameClubWheel ClassLapsTimeClass Rank
1Jonah ClarkNatural Cycle700C111:22:361
2Paul LapointeOly-VW-KalTire26111:22:471
3Murray CarterAlter Ego700C111:25:192
4Bernard LeBlancIndependent26101:20:042
5Lindsay GauldOly-VW-KalTire26101:20:203
6Matt GemmelWoodcock700C101:21:233
7Paddy HumennyOly-VW-KalTire700C101:21:264
8Ryan FillionIndependent26101:22:404
9Steve ScolesOlympia700C101:23:445
10Rob BrigdenWoodcock26101:24:115
11James DykerAlter Ego700C101:24:526
12Rick YaschyshynOly-VW-KalTire700C101:25:317
13Dave DorningWoodcock700C101:26:228
14Jonathon DurocherIndependent26101:27:306
15Dave GerrardFOG700C101:27:559
16Dallas SigurdurOly-VW-KalTire700C101:28:3210
DNFIan HallOly-VW-KalTire700CDNFDNF-
CATEGORY B WOMEN 45 min. + 2laps
Overall RankNameClubWheel ClassLapsTimeClass Rank
1Kylie CaseOlympia2661:10:581
2Seema SainiWoodcock700C51:23:111
DNFAshleigh SprangeOlympia26--DNF
CATEGORY B MEN 45 min. + 2laps
Overall RankNameClubWheel ClassLapsTimeClass Rank
1Allan RobertsonOlympia2671:06:581
2Philip BietzOlympia2671:10:202
3Cam McLarenAlter Ego2671:11:063
4Chris StaniforthSeacor Jana2671:12:284
5Danial NemetcheckWoodcock2671:13:555
6Rusty WillfordUS Air Force700C61:06:571
7Vincent BlanchetteOly-VW-KalTire2661:08:316
8Chad LazurukAlter Ego2661:08:577
9Arthur GullachsenWoodcock2661:09:218
10Rob NagyWoodcock2661:09:369
11Gary SewellOlympia2661:10:2210
12Paul BensonKids of Mud2661:11:1911
13David CampbellOlympia2661:12:5212
14Andre ComteOlympia2661:14:1413
15Gill BlanchetteOly-VW-KalTire2661:14:1514
16Jon BensonKids of Mud2661:14:4115
17Mac BrentnallKids of Mud2661:17:3216
19Adrian HeummerIndependent2651:13:1817
DNFStephen AndersonOlympia700C-DNF
DNFAlbert ChinIndependent26-DNF
Overall RankNameClubWheel ClassLapsTimeClass Rank
1M. BrentnallKids of MudSmall13:581
2C. BrentnallKids of MudSmall14:002
1Austin BlanchetteOlympiaSmall13:401

Bicicross Alberta Cyclo-cross Championships Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School near Calgary, October 27th
Courtesy Andy Holmwood

Open Men
Gold. Roddi Lega (United Cycle/Peyto)0:55:45
Silver. Sean Barr (Velocity/GIANT)at 4:41
Bronze. Jesse Collins (Bicisport)5:29
4. Keir Pittman (Synergy)6:18
5. Tom Zidek (Bikeshop)6:34
6. Byron Davis (Pedalhead)6:44
7. Shaun Bergen (GP Wheelers)8:46
8. Stuart Hughes (Bow Cycle)9:54
9. Andrew Davidson (Trek/VW)10:46
10. Mark Webster (Bicisport)-1 lap
11. Len Conlin (Bicisport)-1 lap
12. Jeff Smith (Bow Cycle)-1 lap
13. Jonathan Keats (Pedalhead)-1 lap
DNF. John Twells (Pedalhead)
DNF. Tim Ogryzlo (Pedalhead)
Senior Women
Gold. Samantha Nicholson (Bow Cycle)38:42
Silver. Jessica DeMars (GS Campione)at 2:41
Bronze. Amy Woodward (Olympic Oval)8:00
Junior Women
Gold. Lisa Bowe (Olympic Oval)-1 lap
Silver. Kim Churchill (Pedalhead)-1 lap
Bronze. Laura Brown (Olympic Oval)-1 lap
4. Erica Virtue (Olympic Oval)-1 lap
Junior Men
Gold. Phillip Abbott (Olympic Oval)42:37
Silver. Per Strom (Terrascape Racing)at 2:58
Bronze. Cam MacKinnon (Tatonka)4:38
4. Kevin Bowser (Olympic Oval)6:07
5. Jeff Sparling (Olympic Oval)7:04
6. Jamie Sparling (Bow Cycle)7:14
7. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval)9:36
8. Brian Bain (Bow Cycle)-1 lap
9. Spencer Atkinson (Olympic Oval)-1 lap
Master A
Gold. cp Walsh (Synergy Racing)43:12
Silver. Marty Machacek (Synergy Racing)43:24
Bronze. Andy Achuff (Pedalhead)43:55
4. Craig Good (Synergy)44:21
5. Peter Yez (Juventus)44:54
6. Craig McLaren (Singletrack Cycle)46:33
7. Mike Prinz (Singletrack Cycle)46:59
8. Mike Johns (Bow Cycle)47:44
9. Ross Anderson (Calgary Cycle)49:23
10. Jeff Conroy (Independent)52:51
Master B
Gold. Peter Toth (ERTC)46:11
Silver. Ted Dahms (Pedalhead)46:41
Bronze. Paul MacDonald (Juventus)48:59
4. Derrill Shuttleworth (Pedalhead)49:59
Sport Men
Gold. Brys Francis (United Cycle)36:14
Bronze. Michael Sarnecki (United Cycle)at 0:54
4. Ed Garvin (Singletrack Cycle)1:14
5. Tracy Shearer (St. Albert Trailraiders)4:31
DNF. Bob McKerrell (Bow Cycle)


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