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November 9/02 9:28 am - Southland, Burke Dies, Track, 'Cross, Sudbury CC

Posted by Editor on 11/9/02

Tour of Southland - New Zealand

Stage 9 - Te Anau to Lumsden 80 km

1 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart 1:38:38
2 Karl Moore (NZL) Rabobank
3 Ryan Cox (RSA) Ascot Park Hotel both s.t.
4 Peter Rogers (Aus) Calder Stewart at 0:42
5 Andrew Reid (NZL) Meadow Fresh
6 Kevin Monahan (USA) Winton's Middle Pub
7 Scott Guyton (NZL) Southland Times
8 Tim Gudsell (NZL) SouthRoads
9 Russell Vanhout (Aus) Sycamore Print
10 Danny Hillary (NZL) Cycle Surgery all s.t.

Stage 10 - Winton to Invercargill, 64 km

1 Scott Guyton (NZL) Southland Times 1:21:59
2 John Lieswyn (USA) Winton's Middle Pub
3 Johan Van Der Berg (RSA) Ascot Park Hotel
4 Phillip Schnyder (Sui) Meadow Fresh
5 Heath Blackgrove (NZL) Zookeepers Cafe
6 Chris Boersen (NZL) Sycamore Print
7 Ryan Russell (NZL) Rabobank all s.t.
8 Jeremy Yates (NZL) Zookeepers Cafe at 0:55
9 Phillip Thuaux (Aus) Southland Times
10 Craig Thomson (NZL) Cycle Surgery both s.t.

55 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart 1:23

Final GC

1 John Lieswyn (USA) Winton's Middle Pub 20:24:27
2 Scott Guyton (NZL) Southland Times at 0:28
3 Heath Blackgrove (NZL) Zookeepers Cafe 1:26
4 Ryan Russell (NZL) Rabobank 1:32
5 Chris Horner (USA) Calder Stewart 1:43
6 Gordon McCauley (NZL) Zookeepers Cafe 2:13
7 Lee Vertongen (NZL) Southland Times 3:14
8 Phillip Schnyder (Sui) Meadow Fresh 3:37
9 Jeremy Yates (NZL) Zookeepers Cafe 3:44
10 Russell Vanhout (Aus) Sycamore Print 4:07

16 Eric Wohlberg (Can) Calder Stewart 9:34

Edmund Burke Dead at 53

Sports physiologist Edmund Burke passed away on Thursday (November 7th) after suffering an apparent heart attack while on a group ride near his home in Colorado Springs. Burke is well known to the cycling community as an editor and writer, having produced books such as Serious Cycling and Hi-Tech Cycling. He also worked with the US Olympic team in 1980 and 1984, and served as the editor of the Cycling Science journal.

Open des Nations - Bordeaux, France

One Canadian will take part in the Open des Nations track meet in Bordeaux, November 15-17: Steen Madsen.

Ontario 'Cross Correction

The announcement posted November 8th (yesterday) regarding medals for Can-Am 'Cross series may have caused some confusion, since it did not identify the series. This announcement does NOT apply to the Southern Ontario 'Cross Series.

Sudbury CC Awards and Elections
Courtesy Sandra Kleppe

The Sudbury Cycling Club held it's year end Award's banquet at the Copper Cliff Italian Club last evening. There were over 40 club members present for this occasion; some with their spouses and children. Included as part of the banquet was historical newspaper clipping displays, a photo gallery, many stories of past races, racers and victories.

At the awards portion of the banquet the following people were honoured:

Sudbury Cycling Club 2002 Awards

Most Dedicated Rider ˆ Dr. Douglas Marr

Most Improved Rider - John Larmer

Most Promising Rider - Kris Lysionek

Male Rider of the Year - Rob Rice

Female Rider of the Year - Sandra Kleppe

Role Model Rider of the Year ˆ Peter Sanowar

Master's Rookie Rider of the Year ˆ Kas Lysionek

Master's Rider of the Year ˆ Chris Pritchard

The outgoing President Frank Battaion was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Pete Sanowar is following in Eric Wohlberg's path and is rapidly becoming one of the elite cyclists in Canada and is racing internationally, he has been a long time Sudbury Cycling Club member and now races with Gears. He was presented with Role Model Rider of the Year (in abstentia). A speech prepared by Pete Sanowar was read by his father.

Roy Hums, a long time member of the Sudbury Cycling Club along with his family were honoured guests at the banquet. For many years Roy taught new cyclists bike handling and racing skills. Roy was an accomplished racer and an integral part of the cycling club in the 1980's and early 90's.

Elections for the club executive were also held and the Club is proud to introduce Chris Pritchard as President for the next two year term. Chris brings with him a wealth of managerial experience and his passion for cycling, training, racing and a safe bicycling environment for all will be an asset to the Club and the Sudbury area.


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