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November 10/02 12:35 pm - CanAm `Cross Results & Standings

Posted by Editoress on 11/10/02

Warsaw Cyclo-cross New York, November 9/02
(final event in CanAm mini series)
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

position/name (cat)
SENIOR (includes MA)canam ptsoca pts
1. Cory Burns (s)25
2. Dave Dermont (s)2025
3. Dave Gray (s)16
4. Nathan Chown (s)1320
5. Jamie Sproules (s)1116
6. Mike Luther (s)10
7. Rodney Merchant (MA)2525
8. Scott Hamner (s)9
9. Chris Grey (s)8
10. Ian Starke (MA)2020
11. Jeremy Burton (s)7
12. Dave Valvo (s)6
13. Mike Jankowski (s)5
14. Ben Townsend (s)4
dnf. Joshua Benson (s)0dnf
1. Glen Laycock (b)2525
2. Nick Suozzo (b)20
3. Gord Avann (b)1620
4. Ron Spencer (b)1316
5. Steve Toorongian (b)11
6. Keith Gregory (b)10
7. Chris Fuller (b)9
8. Phil Thompson (b)8
9. David Barnside (b)7
10. Don Shiner (b)6
11. Daniel Park (b)5
12. ?? (b)4
1. Maria Kemperer Johnson (w)25
2. Emily Batty (wcad)2025
3. Katina Sayer (w)16
4. Pam Muder (w)13
5. Patricia Crosscombe (mw)1120
6. Leslie Honsberger (w)10
7. Margaret ??? (mw)0
1. Austin Boyd 25
2. Mark Batty 2025
3. Andrew Wilson1620

The american riders get points for the CanAm mini series but not for the OCA series.
The second points column gives the OCA series points for Canadian riders

Can Am Series Final Points
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Name/Club/CategoryAuroraCentennial ParkWarsawTotal
Glen Laycock (Independent) B/C/D25252550
Gordon Avann (Newmarket Eagles) B/C/D16161632
Ron Spencer (Fitfix / McBride Cycle) B/C/D10201330
Martin Kohn (Independent) B/C/D1310023
Elmore Brenton (Newmarket Eagles) B/C/D1111022
Gord Clarke (Newmarket Eagles) B/C/D200020
Luis Nick B/C/D002020
Peter Hein (Newmarket Eagles) B/C/D78015
Paul Gonzales (Independent (USA)) B/C/D69015
Don Skinner (Bay Cycle Racing) B/C/D013013
Mark Perry (Newmarket Eagles) B/C/D57012
Aiken Steve B/C/D001111
Gary Keith B/C/D001010
Suozzo Chris B/C/D0099
Toorongian Hopper (Newmarket Eagles) B/C/D9009
Gregory Phil B/C/D0088
Fuller Sherberger (Sport Swap) B/C/D8008
Thompson David B/C/D0077
Barnside Choppick (Woodstock C.C.) B/C/D0606
Shiner Don B/C/D0066
Park Daniel B/C/D0055
Mark Batty (Bay Cycle Racing) J/CAD25252070
Andrew Wilson (Northern Cycle) J/CAD13201649
Brad Eades (Independent) J/CAD2011031
Jeff Eades (Independent) J/CAD1613029
Austin Boyd (USA) J/CAD002525
Paul Brown (Gears Racing) J/CAD016016
Ian Starke (Independent) MA16162052
John Kalinowski (Chain Reaction) MA2525050
Rodney Merchant (Dukes Cycle) MA2002545
Kris Tobias (Uxbridge C.C.) MA1313026
Dan Salter (D'Ornellas) MA020020
Chris Redden (True North) MA118019
John Sandré (Halton Road & Trail) MA99018
Nigel Moo Choy (Independent) MA87015
Gordon Vantil (Silver Spokes) MA011011
Rob Gordon (Independent) MA010010
Chris Wurtz (KHS Bicycles Canada) MA100010
Glen McCrone (Newmarket Eagles) MA8008
Jonathan Moreno (P.B.C.C.) MA0606
Jeff Weber (Gears Racing) S2025045
Nathan Chown (Independent) S2516041
Lorne Anderson (Midweek C.C.) S169025
Cory Burns (USA) S002525
Jon Barnes (Team Hardwood) S1311024
David Gray (Directhears (US)) S081624
Jamie Sproules (Peterborough C. C.) S020020
Kurt Schreiter (East Side Cycles (US)) S117018
Dave Gray (USA) S001616
Andrew Cutts (LCW/Racer Sportif) S104014
Mike McMahon ((Fitfix / McBride Cycle)) S86014
Eric Batty (Bay Cycle Racing) S013013
Dave Coughlin (Independent) S010010
Mike Luther (USA) S001010
Nathan Swinn (Independent) S9009
Scott Hamner (USA) S0099
Chris Grey (USA) S0088
Jeremy Burton (USA) S0077
Dave Valvo (USA) S0066
Daniel Rafique (Independent) S0505
Mike Jankowski (USA) S0055
Ben Townsend (USA) S0044
Joshua Benson (USA) S0000
Emily Batty (Bay Cycle Racing) wcad25252070
Patricia Crosscombe (Independent) mw20161147
Maria Kemperer Johnson (USA) mw002525
Moagosha Pyjor (Independent) w016016
Lisa Sharpe (Independent) w160016
Katina Sayer (USA) w001616
Pam Muder (USA) w001313
Leslie Honsberger (USA) w001010
Margaret ??? (USA) w0000
number of entries 36433771


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