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November 10/02 12:53 pm - Vote for Jocelyn, Open des Nations Correction, Gay Games

Posted by Editor on 11/10/02

Vote for Lovell

The Toronto Star newspaper is holding a vote for the top-10 Toronto-area athletes (and top-5 sporting moments). Number 55 on the list of athletes is cyclist Jocelyn Lovell, the only cyclist on the list. Go to and chose your top-10. Be sure to include Jocelyn!


Alex Cloutier has informed us that there will be 4 Canadian riders in the Open des Nation track meet in Bordeaux, France (November 15-17):

Steen Madsen
Alexandre Maurais
Martin Gilbert
Alexandre Cloutier

2002 Gay Games - Sydney, Australia

Team Time Trial


Unlicensed - 2 laps, 15 km

1 Femmes Fatastiques 23:52
Lisa Hébert (Can)
Martine Riou (France)
Nathalie Pelletier (Fra)
Tracy Pateman (Aus)

2 Fast & Fabs at 2:00
Claudia Cummings (USA)
Paulette Meggoe (USA)
Marissa Mettner (USA)
Jennifer Silverman (USA)

3 Gutterbunny Girls 4:01
Cathy Johnson (USA)
Miriam Garfinkel (USA)
Connie Clement (Aus)
Ruth X (Israel)

4 The Bad Girls 8:05
Karen Pigott (GBR)
Gabrielle Weitgasser (Aut)
Gabi Reinstadler (Aut)
Clair Smith (Aus)

Licensed - 3 laps, 22.5 km

1 Last Minute 34:06
Margaret Douglass (USA)
Eleanor Hume (Aus)
Joanne Hall (Aus)

2 Dykes on Bikes at 0:48
Nicole Laviolette (Can)
Jenifer Rahmoy (Aus)
Liz Campbell (USA)
Chris Hilburn (USA)

3 Under New Bodies 2:39
Kate Rowe (Aus)
Gail Wittun (Aus)
Kate Logan (Aus)
Francis Buckley (Aus)


Unlicensed - 2 laps, 15 km

1 Mulders 21:55
Jan Mulder (Ned)
Alex Garofalo (Aus)
Fred de Vreero (Ned)

2 End of the Road at 0:27
Dante DiLoreto (USA)
Gerry Auman (USA)
Jay Drwal (USA)
Martin Lont (USA)

3 Scamps 0:36
Marcel Wuthrich (Sui)
Scott Simpson (Can)
Patrick Shaw (Can)

Craig Klement (Aus)

4 Big Gay Al in Oz 1:19
Michael Johnson (Aus)
Stuart Fish (Aus)
Jonathan Herron (Aus)
Dennis Bland (Can)

5 Fast and Fabulous 1:20
Jay Hill (USA)
Les Jowes (USA)
Geoffrey Perry (USA)
Gary Apruzzese (USA)

6 Gutterbunny Boys 1:22
Robert Quon (USA)
Dominic Campodonic (USA)
Chris Roe (USA)
Gary Medler (USA)

7 Dakt Team 2:12
Fabrizio Andreoni (Aus/Ita)
Brogan Duffy (USA)
Andreas Kouremenos (Can)
John Trevivian (Aus)

8 Arizona Dust Devils 2:48
David Williams (USA)
Jeff Ostafelhd (USA)
David Joliff (USA)
Mike Dent (Aus)

9 The Euros 3:07
Dieter Deitenback (Ger)
Michael Engel (Ger)
Daniel Mousching (Sui)
Rob van Khyk (Ned)

Licensed - 3 laps, 22.5 km

1 Sit and Spin 31:23
Al Kozlowski (Can)
Matt Vigar (Aus)
Daniel Bromley (Aus)
Mark Forder (NZL)

2 UGUI at 0:01
Calum MacLean (GBR)
Thmas Wade (Ger)
Olivier Delaporte (USA)
Yuval Hets (Isl)

3 Ferrets 0:54
Charles McDaniel (USA)
Carter Brauerman (USA)
Robert Branch (USA)
Andrew Lees (USA)

4 Fast and Fabulous 3:21
Paul Schleuse (USA)
David Richwine (USA)
Damien Lewer (Aus)
Justin Foster (Aus)


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