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May 4/98 9:03 am - Manitoba News, Ontario News, Euro News

Posted by Editor on 05/4/98

Manitoba Cup Mountain Bike News (courtesy Dave Benson)

Congratulations to Neil Grover in his race in Budapest, Hungary!  The Canadian Cyclist reported he finished 56th today!

The second race of the season was held today at a brand new venue near the village of March and, Manitoba.  Once again for the second consecutive week we were treated to near ideal conditions.  Sunny skies, warm weather and great riding was the order of the day for 87 riders.  A slight miscalculation saw this becoming a marathon event with an elite winning time of 2:52:40 over a thirty nine kilometre course!

The race was used to introduce six brand new commisaires to the sport.  The MCA in conjunction with the Development Committee of the CCA provided a provincial commisaire course on May 2nd and the practical component was part of todays race.  Thanks to Loyal Ma our special guest for the weekend.


1 Sean Anastasiadis - Olympia
2 Gilles Corbeil - Olympia
3 Brett Zagozewski - Olympia
4  Andy Anastasiadis - Olympia
5 Jack Brodowski - Olympia

Veteran Expert

1  Louis Corbeil - Olympia
2  Scot Miller - Olympia
3  Gord Hamm - Olympia
4  Dave Barclay - Olympia
5  Phil Roadley - Olympia


1  Ken Stojak - Good Guys
2  Trevor Unger - Good Guys
3  Bob Moritz - A&L
4  Robert Bohncke - Olympia
5  Steve Johnson - Good Guys

Expert Women

1  Dionne Williams - A&L
2 Heather Strachan - Olympia

Sport II

1  Richard Clapperton - Steinbach
2  Matt Brown - Olympia
3  Jason Holm - Good Guys
4  Darcy Naniska - Olympia
5  Gilles Gobert - Olympia

Sport I

1  Jeff Keeling - Independent
2 Jon Goertzen
3  Sean Guertin - Olympia
4 Newman Conti - Olympia
5 Scott Percival - Good Guys

Sport I Women

1 Christie Peters - WBC
2  Wendy Carnegie - Woodcock
3  Natasha Peterson - Olympia
4  Alia Rudy - Olympia

Sporting Life Fat Tire Festival, OCUP #2, May 9/10

Expect many changes at Kelso this year. Construction on the ski hill has greatly changed things. The climb on the service road is much tougher, and there's a new climb that goes 2/3 of the way up the ski hill just before the finish. Our goal this week is to restore many of the trail obstacles that various riders have by-passed this spring. You better be able to handle rocks and logs! Pre-riding is recommended. Check out the race course map on the W.O.W. website at (go to the Latest News Page). The course will be roughly marked by Wednesday evening (weather permitting).

The downhill is shaping up nicely. The start will be up in the singletrack where the Canada Cup was a few years ago. The centre section of the course will be straighter so that you can carry your speed into the lower technical part of the course. It's very hard packed at the moment. We're just hoping that the rain expected this week doesn't change things too much.

Registration is very strong with over 500 signed up to date. Pre-registration by mail and fax closes today (May 4) at 6pm. If you would still like to take advantage of the pre-registration discount, come to Sporting Life Bikes at 2454 Yonge St. (just North of Eglinton) on Monday night (May 4) from 6-9pm and on Wednesday night (May 6) from 6-9pm and you'll get the discount registration price. This offer available at this location and these times only.

For more information go to www. or call W.O.W. at (905) 567-7593.

Circuit des Mines, France

Czeslaw Lukaszewicz finished 10th in Stage 6 and 11th in Stage 7 (final stage); both times in the pack.

Final GC

1. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Casino 23:04:55
2. Michael Sandstod (Den) Chicky World at 0:27
3. Damien Nazon (Fra) La Francaise des Jeux 0:28
4. Luca Sironi (Ita) Vini Caldirola 0:31
5. Arturas Kasputis (Lit) Casino 0:32

26. Jacques Landry (Can) Canadian National Team 2:25
46. Michael Barry (Can) Canadian National Team 4:02

Note: This was Michael Barry‚s first major European race after a bad crash last season.


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