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May 4/98 20:00 pm - Springbank Results, Fraser DQ'd

Posted by Editor on 05/4/98


Senior 1/2

1. Jeff Hansen Neworld
2. Matt Hansen Jetfuel
3. Tim Lefebvre Ital Pasta
4. Joe Guiliano Jet Fuel
5. Piers Davidge Mississauga
6. Danielle Di Francesci Saeco
7. Barry Reid Maple Leaf
8. Gerard Yeates ?
9. Tim Hadfield Kissena
10. Matthias Schmidt Ziggys


1. Charlie Conran Ind.


1. Tara Klezban Ind
2. Andrew Wilson Ziggys
3. Chris Crawford Ziggys


1. Allen Worozbyt Ital Pasta
2. Craig Burge Century CC
3. Desi Derochers Schwinn
4. Chris Bushover Ind.
5. Craig Doucet Woodstock
6. Emanuel Martins Woodstock
7. Rob Szasz Woodstock
8. Martin Streef Woodstock
9. Martin Lacey (?) W.C.W
10. Tim Wallis L.C.W

Senior 3

1. Peter Mazur D'Ornellas
2. Michael Ybanez Mississauga
3. Greg Palmer Ind.
4. Simon Steel Ind.
5. Chris Paton Mississauga
6. Neil Humphrey Waterloo CC
7. Craig Hawkes All Seasons
8. James Rivet Racer Sportif
9. Sean Scott Ind.
10. Julian Base Whisker CC


1. Allyson Fox
2. Linda Gilligan
3. Susan Rostani
4. Lori Ann Muenser
5. Amy Jarvis
6. Kim Langton
7. Sophie Radecki
8. Chloe Black
9. Kathleen Miller
10. Linda Simonsen

Junior Men

1. Peter Mazur
2. Josh Lajeunesse
3. Mat Bonin
4. Ryan Schoneyer
5. Mark Gilligan
6. Chris Reid
7. Ryan De Boer


Dave Benson, who sent us the results from Manitoba that went up earlier today has sent a slight correction on the race distances: the Elite's did 4 laps of 13km which equalled 52km, the Experts went 39km.

Fraser‚s DQ Gives Gaggioli Golden Pantry Win; Evans Takes Women‚s Race
(courtesy USA Cycling)

Report by Bill Sheldon for USA Cycling

ATHENS, Ga. -- An official‚s ruling changed the result of the men‚s race at the Athens Twilight Criterium Saturday night. Mercury‚s Gord Fraser won a breakaway three-man sprint on the streets in the Golden Pantry Criterium in Athens, which would have continued his team‚s streak of having won either the overall or a stage of every National Racing Calendar event this year.

But Roberto Gaggioli (OilMe) was ruled the winner an hour after the race‚s conclusion in a decision made over the official‚s table at the Hard Drive Bar.

Fraser was disqualified by a unanimous judge‚s decision for Œhand shoving‚ Derek Bouchard-Hall (Shaklee) with one-half lap to go. OilMe protested that Fraser grabbed Bouchard-Hall by the hip and pushed off him to help make up a 15-yard deficit up to Gaggioli.

Head referee Doug Berry of Atlanta cited rule 1.P8 prohibiting pushing. He said he had six rider protests to support the OilMe action. "The protests came from riders on teams with nothing to gain, and their comments were made without emotion," Berry said. "We formed a jury of the five highest-ranking officials and the vote was unanimous."

Mercury team manager John Wordin appealed, claiming no official actually saw anything. "The other riders totally hooked Gord and rode him into the curb," Wordin said. "This is ridiculous."

Fraser, Gaggioli and John Lieswyn (GoMart), jumped from the pack with 46 of 50 laps remaining and smoothly worked for 27 laps to catch the field. The leaders worked to the front of the pack for the sprint which Fraser easily won -- for the moment. Fraser remains second in the NRC rankings behind teammate Julian Dean.

The 40-lap women‚s dash had Jennifer Evans (riding for Shaklee in this event) beating Annette Kamm (Fuji) and Sherri Stedje (Best of the Bay). Nicole Freedman (Shaklee) made a move for the win with about six laps to go (a victory would have moved her into the top spot in the NRC) but she crashed. She recovered and appeared to have finished fourth, but was mis-identified and moved down in the placings.



2. John Lieswyn (GoMart), Asheville, N.C.
3. Derek Bouchard-Hall (Shaklee), Menlo Park, Calif.
4. Graeme Miller (Torelli-DeFeet), New Zealand
5. Eddy Gragus (OilMe), Boulder, Colo.
6. Greg Walker (7-Up), San Diego, Calif.
7. Antonio Cruz (NutraFig), Sparks, Nev.
8. Robbie Ventura (Navigators), Gurnee, Ill.
9. Torrey Marks (Snow Valley), Williamsport, Pa.
10. Scott Mercer (Breakaway Courier), Boulder, Colo.


2. Annette Kamm (Fuji), Asheville, N.C.
3. Sherri Stedje (Best of the Bay), Lutz, Fla.
4. Katie Blincoe (Safeway-Saturn), Mercer Island, Wash.
5. Tina Mayolo (PowerBar), Athens, Ga.
6. Maureen Kaila Vergara (Shaklee), Soquel, Calif.
7. Laura Van Gilder (Navigators), Cresco, Pa.
8. Bonnie Breeze (PowerBar), Columbus, Ohio
9. Angela Rodriguez (Best of the Bay), Ocala, Fla.
10. Kim Erdoes (PowerBar), Oklahoma City, Okla.


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