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November 29/02 12:39 pm - Canadians Win U.S. Awards, CC Awards Correction

Posted by Editor on 11/29/02

Canadian Win Three U.S. Awards

Canadians won three of the annual Velonews awards, all in the North American categories (Velonews also has international categories, where Mario Cipollini took top honours):

Ride of the Year - Charles Dionne

Mountain-Bike Man of the Year - Roland Green

Comeback of the Year - Dustin Adams

All three of these riders are in the running for Canadian Cyclist of the Year awards.

Canadians also figured in the Men's and Women's Road Team awards, won by Mercury (Gord Fraser) and Saturn (Lyne Bessette and Kim Davidge) respectively.

Canadian Cyclist of the Year Awards Correction

It was pointed out that we listed a second place finish at the Nationals Criterium for Charles Dionne. In fact, he was second (to Min Van Velzen) in the final sprint, and third overall, since Eric Wohlberg lapped the field to take the title ahead of Min and Charles.

Less then 48 hours left to make your selections for the 2003 winners. Click on the Vote! button in the upper right corner of your browser window.

Bamboo Bikes

Sorry, no new bamboo bike material today (although Ford has recently shown a car partially constructed of bamboo).


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