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May 5/98 9:13 am - U.S. Results, Ontario Results

Posted by Editor on 05/5/98

Columbia Plateau Stage Race (courtesy Marc Burgess)

Canadian women faired well in the 1998 Columbia Plateau stage race in Heppner, Oregon (April 30 to May 2), with Sandy Espeseth from Victoria B.C. winning the overall race. She had top-5 finishes through all the stages, but her best effort came during the 8 km uphill time trial, where she finished 6 seconds back at second place, which gave her the overall lead going into the last stage. During the last stage she broke away with four other riders and finished almost five minutes ahead of the field. Keep your eyes on Sandy during the Hewlett Packard race. There were a lot of Canadian women there, including Leigh Hobson, Karen Timewell, Louis Penkman, Ingrid Haesovaets and Andrea and Stepannie Hannos, to mention a few.

Mansfield Spring Fling (courtesy Mike Badyk)

 9am Race CADET MEN  
1Rory Dick32:58.16
2Kyle Rothwell33:13.56
3Jeff Turner34:37.38
4Steve Amos35:52.08
5Scott Silveira37:36.50
6Eric Nonnecke38:24.83
7Mike Praught39:06.76
8Jordan Weatherall40:29.18
9Eric Jardin41:09.05
10Mat Yorke41:56.90
11Martin DeSousa42:57.70
12Peter Gosotev44:02.50
13Richard Sotelo44:42.97
14Paul Loscher47:53.62
15James McTavish56:09.26
1Chris Kovacs33:49.41
2Jonathon Gillam35:02.73
3Oliver Seaton39:17.79
4Bryan MacLean43:56.93
5Derry Saunders46:15.70
5Brian Williams46:15.70
1Steffan Eczinga44:01.16
2Robb Saunders1:04:35.54
1Laura Seaton44:39.30
1Steve Lewis33:01.88
1Ron Stadnick38:41.97
2Martin Weatherall49:15.06
11am RaceELITE MEN 
1Robert Mann1:55:27.29
DNFGeorge Cobham 
1Karen Mogg1:44:12.45
2Trish Westman1:48:04.95
1Michael Dennis1:32:14.95
2Garnet Harris1:37:47.74
1Erica Spurles1:54:22.91
1Dean Lasci1:37:06.47
2Randy Akins1:44:52.20
3Ben Smith1:48:53.39
4Rob Schultz1:50:55.34
2pm RaceSR. SPORT MEN 
1James Pardy1:03:37.10
2Francis Argouin1:04:49.86
3Chris Carey1:04:57.20
4Jason Wilson1:05:59.06
5George Organ1:07:01.48
6Anthony Lloyd1:07:43.15
7Daniel Ayotte1:11:35.34
1Curtis Worthing1:05:25.91
2Shane Carter1:08:16.48
3Stuart Green1:09:19.80
4Steve Head1:05:25.91

Mississauga Midweek Results (courtesy Peter McCaffery)

Here are the results of the first Novice race in the Midweek Series.  These events are specifically for licensed riders from category 3 down and for all non-licensed cyclists who wish to enjoy some low-key competiton and learn a few skills.


Brian Taborek AllSport VA 41'59" 9 points
Graham Thomas Brampton C.C. VA 42'08" 8
Jose Estavez Racer Sportif MIN s.t. 7
Steve Morris Oakville VA s.t. 6
Alex Pond Independent VB 43'12" 5
Jenny  Verschuuren Mississauga B.C. W At 1 lap 4
Ryan De Boer Racer Sportif MIN At 2 laps 3
7 starters 7 finishers

For the first four laps, all competitors were required to stay together to enable the slower ones to ride in echelon.  This practice will be continued in following weeks. FURTHER INFORMATION (905) 271-830 or email:

More Springbank Results (courtesy Val Davidge)

Senior 3 Women

1. Crissima Pearce Jet Fuel Girls
2. Sue Portengen Ind
3. Nita Hurley Jet Fuel Girls
4. Marlee Cargill Jet Fuel Girls

Vet. Women

1. Maureen Nesicar Jet Fuel Girls
2. Lori Pol ?


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