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August 20/02 8:15 am - Shep Report, Oregon Track, Women in Sport Conference

Posted by Editor on 08/20/02

Shep Report

If you have a layover or delay in an airport, make sure it isn't Hartford. Low ceilings, drab '70's décor, and no amenities for trapped travelers greet those who visit. Garbage! I have been forced to sit on the floor while 20 or so security guards contemplate whether or not to give me a cavity search if they can spare time away from their donuts and coffee. I'm all for security but this place is outta hand. Even with this après race bonus I am stoked on my visit to Vermont, as it was my last chance to drench everything I eat with maple syrup. Oatmeal, coffee, pancakes, meat . . . hell I don't care the stuff costs the same as water.

Vermont NORBA Finals--big time heat, long steep climbs with lots on the line. Finally the organizer threw in some course changes after pretty much doing the same loop for 6 years. Additional climbing with the real treat being a technical, rooty, rocky free-flowing single track that let the rider go as fast as they wanted.

Sure enough, the start was bloody hard and to make matters more difficult was the fact that the heatwave had yet to retreat. Rollie, Ryder and Wells scrambled to the front for position on the single track while Shamoe followed with Swenson/JHK in tow. Blowing down the first descent Rollie unleashed the full suspension hammer and gapped off Ryder while Shamoe overtook Wells and Swenson before succumbing to a slashed tire. I rode conservatively, happy to follow in the mid teens waiting for my legs to show up. They did! Brown and JHK then joined Swenson and Wells in the pursuit of the front two. Each climb Rollie would stand and hammer with Ryder countering back until the third lap. Meanwhile Seamus had fixed his flat, reboarded his trusty stead and attacked every rider in sight on his way back up into the top five! Unreal power seeped from his pores this weekend only to be taken away by the sliced/hole in his sidewall. Flat number two occurred on the third lap . . . .as did the rain.

Wells, Gullickson, Kabush, and Bonilla slowly came my way while I steadily worked the climbs and then let the full suspension guide me on the descents. Rowney was using the same philosophy as me but making even greater time on the descents as he hunt JHK down. Brown came into my sights and we did battle for the rest of the day for this, the final podium spot. It was not to be! Faded near the top of the last climb and got caught by Brown, Bishop and guess who? Seamus! With the second flat fixed it was only a matter of time before the hole would drain again and sure enough he rode it in for an eighth place finish. Roland had since punched serious time into the field while Ryder gapped JHK and Rowney. The day ended: Roland, Ryder, Rowney, JHK, Brown, Bishop, Me, Seamus, Liam, Kabush.

The Short track was a great course that included a false-flat climb, a muddy corner and a few gravel, off-camber ones as well. A ballistic start greeted those with bad position as the riders battled to the first gravel corner. Mapel took the lead on the first lap but was passed as Ryder, Seamus, Rowney and myself took up pace making duties to lighten the load. Lapped riders were popping out quick as Rowney took a flier. I countered and tried a little break only to come back a lap and a half later. Once again Rowney accelerated but this time Seamus bridged and the two would work hand and hand for the duration of the event.

Meanwhile the chase became more of a battle for position as Rollie, Ryder, Kabush and I led a train of ten or so. My job was to sit in and wait for anything to go which ended up not materializing until the last lap. For some reason Kabush wouldn't pull which gave the leaders a good opportunity to stay away. This also made my day easier. Rollie pushed off the front with Ryder in tow . . . .I jumped around Kabush and got on Ryder's wheel with hopes of overpowering him in the sprint. That didn't happen! Rollie cruised up to the leaders who were now at 4 seconds and then squashed Rowney and Seamus in the sprint. Ryder took me but I stayed on the podium ahead of Kabush, Hestler, and Wedge who followed just behind.

Team Haro Lee Dungarees was all over the map this weekend with King and Mick getting 2nd and 3rd in the dual. On Sunday Mick got 2nd in the DH with Voreis 7th.

Willow kicked ass as well taking a career high 6th in the cross country to finish 7th overall then battling a bug for 11th and 11th overall in the short. Next stop Kaprun for the World Champs.
See yah . . . .

Oregon Track Championship - Portland, Oregon
Courtesy Andre Steinhausen

Day One, August 16, 2002

Senior Men Kilometer
1. Keith Bruneau (Canadian Ntl Team) 1:12.81
2. Brian Abers (Lakeside) 1:13.65
3. Adam Southerland, 1:13.66
4. Aaron Harrison, 1:15.34
5. Ian Eglitis (BBC) 1:16.63
6. Kent Johnston (Lakeside) 1:17.42
7. Glen Gann (Sim's) 1:17.59
8. Jamie Mikami (Corben Huntair) 1:18.61
9. Antonio Latto (Corben Huntair) 1:19.48
10. Peter Drake (Lakeside) 1:19.52
11. Mark Storer (Lakeside) 1:19.96
12. Tony Halford (BBC) 1:20.52
13. Todd Rosier (Team Rose City) 1:21.09
14. Molly Cameron (Velo Team) 1:21.37
15. Steve Truesdale (SBS) 1:23.01
16. Colin Reay (Team Oregon) 1:23.66
17. Andre Steinhausen (Schwalbe) 1:24.76
18. Paul Mautner (Lakeside) 1:26.79
19. Steve Anderson (Team Oregon) 1:

Senior Women 500 Meter
1. Breana Loster (Schwalbe) 41.29
2. Laura Suditu (BBC) 42.76
3. Lynn Godfrey (BBC) 42.89
4. Jen Featheringill (Bike Central) 43.2
5. Anne Meinke (BBC) 44.39
6. Heather VanValkenburg (North River Racing ) 44.43
7. Mechele Knable (Columbia River Velo ) 44.62
8. Nancy Hewett (Capitol) 47.27

Day Two, August 17, 2002

Senior Men Sprints
1. Montgomery, Morgan (Grand Performance)
2. Bruneau,Keith (Canadian Ntl Team)
3. Johnston, Kent (Lakeside)
4. Tracy, Dean (Rubicon)
5. Reay, Colin (Team Oregon)
6. Mikami, Jamie (Corben Huntair)
7. DeBender, Jay (Lakeside)
8. Eglitis, Ian (BBC)
9. Gann, Glen (Sim's)
10. Curl, Chauncey (Corben Huntair)
11. Halford, Tony (BBC)
12. Harrison, Aaron (BBC)
13. Long, John (Team Oregon)
14. Garcia, Steve (Bike Central)
15. Cameron, Molly (Velo Shop)
16. Steinhausen, Andre

Senior Women Sprints
1. Loster, Breana (Schwalbe)
2. VanValkenburg, Heather (Columbia River Velo) (gold)
3. Godfrey, Lynn (BBC) (silver)
4. Knable, Mechele (North River Racing) (bronze)
5. Featheringill, Jen (Bike Central)

Mens Keirin Final
1. Bruneau, Keith (Canadian Nt'l Team)
2. Mikami, Jamie (Corben Huntair) (gold)
3. Tracy, Dean (Rubicon) (silver)
4. Johnston, Kent (Lakeside) (bronze)
5. Abers, Brian (Lakeside)
6. DeBender, Jay (Lakeside)
7. Curl, Chauncey (Rubicon)
8. Gann, Glen (Sim's)
9. Garcia, Steve (Bike Central)
10. Hausner, Rob (BBC)
11. Loster, Breana (Schwalbe)
12. Steinhausen, Andre Schwalbe

13. Latto, Antonio (Corben Huntair)

Senior Men 4 K Pursuit
1. Harrison, Rambo (BBC) 5:21.54
2. Gann, Glen (Sim's) 5:26.12
3. Rosier, Todd (Team Rose City) 5:29.09
4. Drake, Peter (Lakeside) 5:29.50
5. Mikami, Jamie (Corben Huntair) 5:31.27
6. Palmer, Doug (Lakeside) 5:32.39
7. O'Neal, Brian (Lakeside) 5:41.01
8. Johnston, Kent (Lakeside) 5:41.66
9. Abers, Brian (Lakeside) 5:51.10
10. Steinhausen, Andre (Schwalbe) 5:51.82
11. Cameron, Molly (Velo Shop) 5:52.19
12 Sinanian, Craig (Lakeside) 5:54.85
13 Mautner, Paul (Lakeside) 6:02.54

Day Three, August 18, 2002

Senior Men Points Race
1. Skerritt, Shannon (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW) 65 points
2. Mikami, Jamie (Corben Huntair) 32
3. Yenne, Steve (Capitol Velo) 3
4. Gann, Glen (Sim's) -1 lap, 48 points
5. Holland, Steve (Corben Huntair) -1 lap, 27
6. Southerland, Adam (Wheelsport) -1 lap, 18
7. Marik, Marjon (Prime Alliance) -1 lap, 15
8. Drake, Peter (Lakeside/Rivers Edge) -1 lap, 12
9. Dunn, Michael (Lakeside/Rivers Edge) -1 lap, 5
10. Steinhausen, Andre (Schwalbe) -1 lap, 5
11. Long, Jon (Team Oregon) -1 lap, 4
12. Murray, Mike (Team Oregon) -1 lap, 4
13. Storer, Mark (Lakeside/Rivers Edge) -1 lap, 0
14. Mautner, Paul (Lakeside/Rivers Edge) -1 lap, 0
15. Cameron, Molly (Velo Team) -2 lap, 4
16. Sinanian, Craig (Lakeside/Rivers Edge) -2 lap, 3
17. Eglitis, Ian (BBC) -2 lap, 3
dnf Curl, Chauncey
dnf Bruneau, Keith
dnf Tracy,Dean
dnf Johnston,Kent
dnf Latto, Antonio
dnf Cahill, Marty

1. Loster, Breana (Schwalbe) 41 points.
2. Meinke, Ann (BBC) -1 lap, 33 points (Gold Cat 4)
3. Knable, Mechele (North River Racing) -1 lap, 27 points (Gold Cat 3)
4. VanValkenburg, Heather (Columbia River) -1 lap, 24 (Silver Cat 3)
5. Lucas, Kim (3rd Rail) -1 lap, 7 (Bronze Cat 3)
6. Holland, Lynn (Corben Huntair) -3 laps (Silver Cat 4)
7. Lece, Leanne, -3 laps (Bronze Cat 4)
8. Mautner, Meg (EnSelle/NoMad) -3 laps
9. Jones, Alison (Velo Shop) -4 laps

CAAWS announces/ ACAFS annonce:

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National Conference on Women, Sport and Physical Activity

La Conférence nationale sur les femmes, le sport et l'activité physique

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