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August 28/02 8:34 am - La Bicicletta Midweek Series Standings

Posted by Editoress on 08/28/02

La Bicicletta Midweek Series Standings to August 22
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Peter Morse (Midweek CC) S119442
Darko Ficko (Cervelo) S11862
Paul Deventer (Midweek CC) S31000
Merrill Collins (Cervelo) W2942
Martin Derlacki (Independent) MA940
Ed Makarchuk (HRT) S28918
Ed Maset (Pavan/Lindeberg) MA7215
Mark Shaw (Midweek CC.) MB6920
Nicholas Bradley (Independent) S3611
Kevin Speacht (Midweek CC.) S16128
Brent Aquino (Pavan/Lindeberg) S25622
Brenden Hurley (Midweek CC) J551
Don Zuck (Pavan/Lindeberg) S15511
Gregory Cavanagh (Oakville Cyclepath) MA528
Bryan Truman (MBRC) S35016
David Fry (Midweek CC) S24512
Rob Sule (Chain Reaction) MB366
Duncan Salisbury (HRT) MA352
Bruce Krip (Midweek CC) S2341
Garnet Abbey (Ham CC) MB312
Paul Hornak (Gears Racing) S1309
Gregory Jackson (Guest) 290
Tom Villano (Indep) S2298
Paul Rego (Ital Pasta) S1280
Peter Turk (Ind.) 280
James Wadden (Independent) MA2810
Carlos Barros (HRT) MA272
Rick Batty (Bay Cycle) J270
Tony Abramavicious (Mississauga) MB264
Mark Polsinelli (Pavan/Lindeberg) MB242
David Wooley (HRT) MB242
Category Leaders
Merrill Collins (Cervelo) W21
Martin Derlacki (Independent) MA94
Mark Shaw (Midweek CC.) MB69
Gord Clarke (Newmarket) MC19
Tim Porter (Midweek CC) MD16
Peter Morse (Midweek CC) S1194
Ed Makarchuk (HRT) S289
Paul Deventer (Midweek CC) S3100
Brenden Hurley (Midweek CC) J55
Mark Batty (Bay Cycle) C21
Total riders entering one of more events


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