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August 30/02 11:33 am - Midweek ITT, Hamilton Final, Alberta MTB Champs, Granby Crit (fr)

Posted by Editoress on 08/30/02

La Bicicletta Time Trial
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Please note: there will be no Scarborough time trial on September 5th. as there will be a lot of Canadian Open traffic on part of the course. The final event will go on Thusday September 12th. at 6.30pm.

Hamilton Midweek Finale

The Tuesday Crit Awards Ceremony and Pizza Party was held on Tuesday, August 27th at the usual venue for the ride.

We had a points race which was won by Paul Rego with Piers Davidge coming second and Kevin Lehman and Paul Hornak in a tie for third place. The registration fees for the points race were divided among these top four finishers.

After the points race we had pizza and pop and presented the top three awards for the series: Piers Davidge, 1st; Paul Hornak, 2nd; Jeff Sharafbayani, 3rd. Jay MacLaren, 4th and Mirek Mazur, 5th were not present for the presentation. After the awards were presented it was time for the draw prizes. We had lots of prizes thanks in part to the generosity of Matt Burger of "Spokes 'n' Slopes" in Milton - thank you Matt!

Thanks to all who made this year's series such a success by participating or helping or by being a spectator. I'm sure everyone had fun!

Rob and Sandy

Alberta Provincial Mountain Bike Championships
Courtesy Mark Webster

The Alberta Provincial Mountain Bike Championships were held Sunday August 24th under sunny skies and hot temperatures at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. It was a tough long day in the saddle for all categories with several DNF’s. Race times were longer than expected. Both Elite men and women finishing times were over 2 hours and 30mins.

The Alberta Cup Mountain Bike Series has wrapped; however, there is still a lot of racing left in the season with mountain, road or cyclo-cross races every weekend until the end of October.

Senior Beginner Men   Distance: 15.4 Km1  1390  Robert JONES          AB                                  1:15:57 Master 40+ Men   Distance: 23.1 Km1   749  Rod SMITH             AB    Calgary Cycle                 1:18:352   709  Tim BREZSNYAK         AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:23:423   675  Don MCPHALEN          AB                                  1:23:584   806  Darcy JONES           AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:26:355   721  Phil RAYNER           AB    Headwinds C.C.                1:28:296   823  John GILCHRIST        AB    Tatonka/MBC                   1:29:587   723  Gary DEARING          AB    CMC/Bow Cycle                 1:30:418   328  Tommy MAK             AB    Crankmasters                  1:31:319   336  Henry YAU             AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:32:0610   712  Claude BREDU          AB    Bicisport                     1:32:1811   726  Jack FUNK             AB    Terrascape Racing             1:32:1912   834  Harald NYBRU          AB    United Cycle                  1:34:2213   813  Craig FRASER          AB    Single Track Cycle            1:36:5714   162  Graham SMITH          AB    Rundle Mtn                    1:40:4915   330  Michael ZELENSKY      AB    Pedalhead Racing              1:41:2516   335  Lawrence KELLER       AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:44:3417   828  Whitney ARMSTRONG     AB    Pedalhead Racing              1:44:4118   317  Don FOX               AB    Juventus                      1:49:5019   365  Dave STOTT            AB    Single Track Cycle            2:09:31 809  Randy SZASZ           AB    Independent                      DNF                                                  DNF Under 17 Sport Men   Distance: 15.4 Km1   885  Eric MAGEE            AB    Rundle Mtn Cycling Club         58:022   878  Greg BOORMAN          AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n' Board       1:01:513   862  Pat BERRY             AB    Cochrane Cycle                1:03:144   869  Ross HARBOTTLE        AB    Cochrane Cycle                1:06:04 Senior Sport Women   Distance: 15.4 Km1   474  Mical DYCK            AB    Ft McMurray Cycle Club        1:00:532    83  Nicole GEMEL          AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:04:493   470  Carrie WILLIAMSON     AB    Spokes n' Attire              1:07:164  1340  Bridget LINDER        AB    Soma Cycle                    1:10:215   453  Lysanne DELOGNE       AB    Mtn Bike City/Tatonka         1:11:326   454  Amy WOODWARD          AB    Olympic Oval                  1:12:017   459  Dawn DITTMAN          AB    Soma Cycle                    1:16:048   464  Tina ANGUS            AB    Hardcore                      1:32:12  94  Andrea CRANE          AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n Board           DNS    Master Sport 30+ Women   Distance: 15.4 Km1   753  Melanie BOUZ          AB    Spokes n' Attire              1:10:142   771  Jane LIDDY            AB    Independent                   1:11:453   756  Deanne JABS           AB    Bicisport                     1:18:19      Linda GREEN           AB    Deadgoat Racing                  DNS Junior Sport/Expert Women   Distance: 15.4 Km1   281  Kim CHURCHILL         AB    Pedalhead Racing              1:11:222   948  Cathy JAQUES          AB    Independent                   1:14:25 933  Erica VIRTUE          AB    Olympic Oval/Bike Shop           DNS Under 15 (13-14) Men   Distance: 7.7 Km1   951  Mike BIDNIAK          AB    Juventus                        28:422   953  Paul MACDONALD        AB    Sportchek                       29:133   968  Drew SMITH            AB    Rundle Mtn Cycling Club         29:184   958  Leo LACOURCIERE       AB    RMCC                            29:415   866  Spencer SMITHEMAN     AB    Juventus                        34:276   963  Peter KENNEDY         AB    RMBNB/Peter Kennedy             36:45 Under 15 (13-14) Women   Distance: 7.7 Km1   942  Torie GRANT           AB    St Albert Trailraiders          43:002   944  Lindasy WALKER        AB    St Albert Trailraiders          43:21 Under 13 (10-12) Men   Distance: 7.7 Km 1   981  Robert MCPHALEN       AB    Dynamic Cycle                   32:132   983  Justin MIDDLETON      AB    St Albert Trailraiders          33:103   982  Jean-Guy POIRIER      AB    Dynamic Cycle                   36:234   980  Cody GRANT            AB    St Albert Trailraiders          36:385   133  Steve KENNEDY         AB    RMBNB/Peter Kennedy             47:356  1388  Neil JONES            AB                                    52:55 Senior Sport Men   Distance: 30.8 Km 1   285  Chris WILLIAMSON      AB    Hardcore                      1:48:402   542  Anthony STEENBERGEN   AB    Bow Cycle/CMC                 1:49:583   605  Devin ERFLE           AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:51:374   673  Jason PARKER          AB    Bow Cycle                     1:52:045   651  Earl NOLAN            AB    Deadgoat Racing               1:53:286   477  Paul IGNATIUK         AB    Redbike                       1:55:057   553  Tyler BOAKE           AB    St Albert Trailraiders        1:57:428   519  Kirk HAMILTON         AB    River valley Cycle            1:58:399   575  Manrique BAUTISTA     AB    Pedalhead/Bacardi             2:00:2110   539  Michael SARNECKI      AB    United Cycle                  2:00:5311   505  James RASMUSSEN       AB    United Cycle                  2:00:5612  1355  Alistair ABDAI        AB    Deadgoat Racing               2:01:4313   779  Brennan BAGDEN        AB    Hardcore                      2:02:1214   623  Brad KANE             AB    Deadgoat Racing               2:02:2915   556  Brent CLARK           AB    Independent                   2:03:0216   625  David JONES           AB    Soma Cycle                    2:03:1317   541  Neil RIPHAGEN         AB    Rundle Mtn Cycling Club       2:05:4618   688  Zack READWIN          AB    River Valley Cycle            2:11:2219   522  David ADLER           AB    Synergy Racing                2:17:53 643  Carson BANNON         AB    Soma Cycle                       DNS 517  Paul ROBERTSON        AB    Terrascape Racing                DNF 526  Trevor SUTHERLAND     AB    Deadgoat Racing                  DNF 532  John TWELLS           AB    Pedalhead Racing                 DNF 564  Jamie MCCLEAN         AB    Pedalhead Racing                 DNF 622  Kurt SMITH            AB    Deadgoat Racing                  DNF 646  Stevan VINCI          AB    Soma Cycle                       DNF 685  Clarke ROSS           AB    Pedalhead Racing                 DNF Master Sport 30-39 Men   Distance: 30.8 Km1   421  Peter NICKERSON       AB    Independent                   1:49:482   426  JC DUBEAU             AB    Calgary Cycle                 1:51:573   423  Nobuo SHOJI           AB    Independent                   1:54:074   428  Mark FEDOROSHYN       AB    Tatonka/MBC                   1:55:085   405  Brian LICIS           AB    Hardcore                      1:57:306   380  Gary BROWN            AB    Rundle Mtn Cycling            1:58:177   419  Don DAGG              AB    Indpendent                    1:59:058   440  Ian HOFFMAN           AB    Hardcore                      2:01:039   402  Wieslaw ZYCHOWICZ     AB    Independent                   2:01:4510   304  Jason NADEAU          AB    Crazy Legs Racing             2:05:2111   385  Douglas ROCH          AB    Hardcore                      2:06:2712   353  Frank KOVACS          AB    Deadgoat Racing               2:07:2213   373  Michael HAYDO         AB    Calgary Cycle                 2:08:1114   415  Kevin WALSH           AB    Independent                   2:12:2615   381  Mike MARTENS          AB    Snakebite Society             2:12:5316   334  Ted ANDERSON          AB    Deadgoat Racing               2:13:2117   271  Wes FLUKER            AB    Freeskool                     2:13:4818   449  Daryl LEHOCKY         AB    RVC                           2:14:3919   320  Joseph LITKE          AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:15:2320   352  James POWER           AB    Spokes n Attire               2:15:3221   284  Gord MCGUIRE TRAINOR  AB    Spokes n Attire               2:15:5022   364  Charles GIBNEY        AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:19:0423   323  Steve SCHIEFLER       AB    Calgary Cycle                 2:22:4624   310  Don REICHERT          AB    Synergy Racing                2:24:21 431  Curtis LINTON         AB    Indpendent                       DNS 309  Brian KULLMAN         AB    Synergy Racing                   DNF 313  Jack VANDYK           AB    Terrascape Racing                DNF 409  Angus KIM             AB    Synergy Racing                   DNF 411  Geoff CLARK           AB    Independent                      DNF 412  Brett COYNE           AB    Independent                      DNF  Under 17 Expert Men   Distance: 30.8 Km1   906  Marty SCHAFFER        AB    Rundle Mtn/Soma               1:48:192   902  Steven YAU            AB    Bow Cycle/CMC                 1:49:153   904  Brian BAIN            AB    Bow Cycle/CMC                 1:51:014   204  Kevin BOWSER          AB    Olympic Oval                  1:53:175   908  Ryan ANDERSON         AB    St Albert Trailraiders/       1:53:216   909  Shaun ADAMSON         AB    United Cycle                  1:56:587   910  Bjorn NYBRU           AB    United Cycle                  1:57:048   854  Matt PAULY            AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n Board        2:08:139   860  Wriley BELL           AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n' Board       2:25:1810   905  Zach GRANT            AB    St Albert Trailraiders        2:27:1311  1471  John HENNESSEY-MOORE  AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n Board        2:27:13 901  Mark MACDONALD        AB    Bow Cycle/CMC                    DNF 907  Blaine SHERMAN        AB    Hardcore                         DNF Junior Sport Men   Distance: 30.8 Km1  1336  Vincent SCILIANO      AB    Bike Pedlars                  2:08:462   247  Joshua SILBERNAGEL    AB    Spokes n' Attire              3:13:34 Senior Expert Women   Distance: 23.1 Km1   186  Karen MARTINUK        AB    Pedalhead Racing              1:35:452  1384  Kathy WHITE           AB    Jeune Cyclisme                1:37:523   173  Meghan BLADES         AB    Independent                   1:41:314   176  Laura WHITEHEAD       AB    Cochrane Cycle                1:42:055   180  Christine MISSEGHERS  AB    Mtn Bike City/Tatonka         1:43:296   177  Sandy AYNE            AB    Pedalhead Racing              1:44:297   184  Angie FRANCIS         AB    United Cycle                  1:46:088   187  Marisa TOSI           AB    Calgary Cycle                 1:46:13 189  Debbie PROULX         AB    Tatonka/MBC                      DNS 185  Kathryn JOHNSON       AB    United Cycle                     DNF Master Expert 30+ Women   Distance: 23.1 Km1   787  Nicole SLOT           AB    Independent                   1:36:382   776  Adrianne GILBRIDE     AB    Hardcore                      1:53:31 Senior Elite Men   Distance: 46.2 Km1    14  Duane MYERS           AB    Terrascape Racing             2:31:032     1  Roddi LEGA            AB    Trek/United Cycle             2:32:393     2  Mark WEBSTER          AB    Bicisport/Specialized         2:33:554     5  Matthew DECORE        AB    Hardcore/Moulden              2:42:015    34  Jason SHENKARIUK      AB    Gary Fischer/Snakebite        2:43:256    21  Jeff BOLSTAD          AB    Synergy Racing                2:46:107    23  Dan ROBERTSON         AB                                  2:51:388   227  Hing CHAN             AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n Board        2:51:519     3  Paul DANIEL           AB    Peyto/Pedalhead               2:51:5810    20  Dave JETZ             AB    Synergy Racing                2:52:5011    41  Evan SHERMAN          AB    Hardcore                      2:55:1912    27  Yannick MICHAUD       AB    Bicisport                     2:55:4113    35  Dylan SNOWDON         AB    Calgary Cycle                 2:56:2114    39  Tim OGRYZLO           AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:58:1715    25  Andre SUTTON          AB    Hardcore                      2:59:24      Nic CHRISTOFFERSSON   AB    Lifesport                        DNS   4  Brian COOKE           AB    Bicycle Cafe                     DNF  29  Nick LYNEM            AB    Critical Speed                   DNF  30  Marvin ZAYAC          AB    Pedalhead Racing                 DNF  33  Robin MCKEEVER        AB    Lifesport                        DNF  40  Steve MARTINS         AB    Hardcore                         DNF Junior Expert Men   Distance: 38.5 Km1   207  Philippe ABBOTT       AB    Olympic Oval                  2:22:352   216  Steve COCHRANE        AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:29:503   206  Per STROM             AB    Terrascape Racing             2:30:39 Senior Expert Men   Distance: 38.5 Km1   134  Tom ZIDEK             AB    The Bike Shop                 2:21:272   155  Pat DOYLE             AB    Deadgoat Racing               2:22:413   154  Davin VANDE BEEK      AB    Ft McMurray Bike Club         2:26:464   123  Gordon KENNEDY        AB    Bow Cycle/CMC                 2:27:095   158  Richard GIBERSON      AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:27:306  1392  Brett ZAGOZEWSKI      AB    Olympia Cycle                 2:27:317   115  Dave KENNEDY          AB    Bow Cycel/CMC                 2:30:288   130  Dominic GAUVIN        AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n Board        2:30:289   106  Shawn TAYLOR          AB    Rundle Mtn Cycle              2:34:0610   120  Graeme WRIGHT         AB    Rocky Mtn Bike n Board        2:45:03 113  Jay ACHESON           AB    Hardcore                         DNF 114  Byron DAVIS           AB    Pedalhead Racing                 DNF 122  Andy ANASTASIADIS     AB    Independent                      DNF 137  Jonathan KEATS        AB    Snakebite Society                DNF 153  Brys FRANCIS          AB    United Cycle                     DNF 157  Konrad ROBICHAUD      AB    Bicisport                        DNF1391  Bryant HEBERT         BC    Independent                      DNF1491  Dave ROBERTS          AB    Soma Cycle                       DNF Master Expert 30-39 Men   Distance: 30.8 Km1   736  Bob FAWRETT           AB    Rebound/Trek                  1:52:092   729  Peter YEZ             AB    Juventus                      1:53:033   741  Stan MAGEE            AB    Rundle Mtn Cycling Club       1:55:584   715  Darren FREEMAN        AB    Rundle Mountain               1:56:455   690  Jeff SEABORN          AB    Terrascape Racing             1:58:326   702  Lonn BATE             AB    Terrascape Racing/Spoke       1:58:567   704  Ross ANDERSEN         AB    Calgary Cycle                 2:00:268   700  Clayton PARADIS       AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:01:089   706  Tom BRODZINSILI       AB    Deadgoat Racing               2:02:2810   719  Mike PRINZ            AB    Single Track Cycle            2:02:3011   732  Daniel BIERD          AB    Bicisport                     2:04:4012   722  Phil MCDONALD         AB    Snakebite Society             2:06:1113   731  Joshua SIMINIUK       AB    Hardcore                      2:06:4714   720  Ed GARVIN             AB    Single Track Cycle            2:07:2015   728  Edward DAYKIN         AB    Calgary Cycle                 2:07:2016   717  Rod GOLINOSKI         AB    Bicisport                     2:11:5317   667  Travis ROWLANDSON     AB    Freeskool                     2:13:0218   730  Murray AUBIN          AB    River Valley Cycle            2:30:49 140  Spencer ROYDS         AB    Tatonka/MBC                      DNS 725  Rich WEGERHOFF        AB    Bicisport                        DNS 663  Rob GRANT             AB    The Bike Shop                    DNF 708  Keith BAYLY           AB    Deadgoat Racing                  DNF Senior Elite Women   Distance: 38.5 Km1    54  Nicola STARKO         AB    Rebound                       2:36:082    55  Annie TYWINSKI        AB    Pedalhead Racing              2:38:383    59  Lisa LICIS            AB    Hardcore                      2:46:244    51  Christine RUTLEY      AB    Calgary Cycle                 2:51:335    52  Samantha NICHOLSON    AB    Bow Cycle/CMC                 2:54:276    73  Annette SVEDERUS      AB    United Cycle                  2:56:287   383  Alison TESTROETE      BC    Lactic Acid Racing            3:09:57  57  Trish GRAJCZYK        AB    Deadgoat Racing                  DNS  61  Madelaine BOUZ        AB    Terrascape Racing                DNS  77  Nicole LAVOIE         AB    St Albert Trailraiders           DNF

Martin Gilbert remporte le Défi Volkswagen
Katia Blanchard, l'Équipe Volkswagen - Trek

(Granby, 29 août 2002) - Le Défi Volkswagen se tenait ce soir à Granby dans le cadre du Mondial du vélo. Le critérium de 36 km, à raison de 1.2. km le tour, a été remporté par Martin Gilbert de Volkwagen-Trek. Ses deux coéquipiers l'ont suivi sur le podium puisque Alexandre Cloutier vient deuxième et Alexandre Lavallée, troisième.

Le parcours étant relativement court, le rythme a été rapide dès le début et les attaques ont fusé de partout. Une échappée, composée de Jean-François Laroche (Sympatico), Alexandre Cloutier et Alexandre Lavallée, s'est enfin détachée du peloton au 10e tour. Martin Gilbert les a rejoints peu après. Bien qu'ils avaient pratiquement fait toute la course à quatre, les trois coureurs de VW-Trek ont finalement complété le parcours à eux seuls, ayant distancé Laroche en chemin. « À la fin, on a sprinté pour le fun. C'était une belle course malgré que je n'ai pas pu me préparer comme il le faut à cause de mon retard. Je suis arrivé à peine 20 minutes avant le début parce que j'étais pris dans les embouteillages. Mais on va dire que c'est pas très grave parce que ça s'est plutôt bien terminé quand même », a raconté Martin Gilbert.

La formation Volkswagen-Trek prendra part à la course par étapes Green Mountain à Burlington, Vermont, du vendredi 30 août au lundi 2 septembre prochains. « J'ai plus ou moins eu un résultat satisfaisant l'an passé et j'aimerais mieux faire cette année, c'est sûr, sauf que je vise davantage certaines étapes que le classement général », a poursuivi Gilbert.

Horaire chargé pour François Parisien
Pendant que ses coéquipiers se dirigent vers les Etats-Unis, François Parisien court toujours en Europe. Il a participé lundi dernier à un critérium de 120 km où il a terminé 13e à l'intérieur du sprint de 20 coureurs. Mardi, il a pris le 20e rang sur 40. 130 coureurs avaient pris le départ mais les conditions difficiles ont eu raisons d'un grand nombre d'entre eux.

Parisien a bénéficié de deux jours de repos avant de devoir reprendre la compétition demain. S'enchaîneront par la suite des courses samedi, dimanche et mardi prochain.

Issues du génie allemand, les voitures de marque Volkswagen savent marier l'art, le design avant-gardiste et la haute technologie pour offrir aux automobilistes des produits qui allient performance, maniabilité et plaisir de conduire.


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