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January 8/03 4:49 am - Jim Fisher Retires

Posted by Editor on 01/8/03

Calgary Olympic Cyclist Jim Fisher Retires

Jan. 8, 2003 - It is with a love for the sport of cycling that I announce my retirement from the Canadian National Cycling Team. With the help of the Canadian Cycling Association I was able to develop into the person I am today through 3 Games and 6 years of international competitive track cycling. I would like to thank Kurt Innes for his years of passionate dedication to the sport of cycling in Canada. Without the vision and drive of our Canadian Coaches many young athletes would not have developed into the people in which they are today.

My decision to retire comes at a turning point in my life. I have set my sights on becoming a Fire Fighter with the Calgary Fire Department. This career shift has left me with less and less time to train as much as I feel adequate to climb the international ranks. As it turns out, my lofty ambitions turned out to be attainable after all. I have been notified that I will be starting with the Calgary Fire Department Recruiting Academy on the 27th of January 2003.

For me the people made the sport. Firstly, I'd like to thank my parents. I wouldn't have come this far without their dedication to my sporting endeavors. I'd like to thank Kurt, Tanya, Doug, Lars, Derek and Chris, my Teammates and life-long friends I have been honored to sit on a bike next to. There are too many names to mention, so I will leave it there. You are all what motivated me every time I got on that bike. I love you all!!

I would like to thank all the people who have lent a hand in my development as an athlete over the years. It all started with my Grandfather Erick Oland and Pete and Lori (Derraugh) Williamson of the Manitoba Speed Skating Association. From there the outreach of helping-hands was overwhelming. I'd like to thank Oakley, Look Bicycles, Mavic Wheels, Continental Tires, Dominique and my Colnago Carrera Cycling Team (TTR), Canadian Cycling Association, the Calgary Olympic Oval, the National Cycling Centre, the National Sport Centre, Eric and the Bromont Cycling Centre, Lisa at the Manitoba Sport Centre, Alex Gartner, the Manitoba Speed Skating Association, the Alberta Bicycle Association, Oland Enterprises, Cyclops Bicycles, Jamie Davidson at Adidas Canada, Scott VanHorn of VH Skates, Paulo Ongaro and Anthem Sportswear, Dave Embury and Juventus, Walter at Lifesport, The Bike Shop, Bow Cycle, and everyone else that played a part in my Olympic Dream. Your generosity has been overwhelming and warmly appreciated.

Let's celebrate the success of Sport in our Canadian Youth.


Jim Fisher

Photos from the 2002 Commonwealth Games Team Sprint

Jim Fisher follows teammate Steen Madsen in the second lap
Jim Fisher drives across the line at the end of the Team Sprint


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