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January 18/03 10:42 am - Interview with Roland Green

Posted by Editor on 01/18/03

We had an opportunity yesterday to catch up with world champion Roland Green as he continues his preparations for the coming season; a season that begins with the Tour de Langkawi in a little less than two weeks.

CC - I recall you telling me that you would never do Langkawi again!

RG - (Laughs) Yeah well, I guess I shouldn't say things like that. This year it fits for me, and there wasn't really anything on the calendar. I'm looking to get my racing legs there and I really want to get UCI points to help Canada put as many riders on the line as possible in Hamilton. I probably wouldn't ride the (Worlds) road race, but we can get the spaces for Canada. The other thing is, when I looked at my schedule there is a long time to recover before the World Cup starts up.

CC - So what are your expectations for Langkawi?

RG - It's hard to say - there's a 25 to 30 degree temperature shift which will make it tough. But I'm getting lean right now and I shouldn't be too far from race weight when I get there. I think that I'm going to be better on the climbs than the flats at this time of year. It is going to be a matter of lasting it out until the climbing stages and then see what I can do. I have a secret weapon for Langkawi (laughs).

CC - A secret weapon?

RG - Yeah, my new bike just arrived from Trek, it is pretty special. You'll see it there.

CC - What about the rest of the team?

RG - Seamus (McGrath) is riding really well right now, I think he is going to surprise some people on the climbs. And having Gord (Fraser) on the squad gives us a shot on the flats. I wish I had more road experience right now, and fast twitch muscles to really lead him out. I think we will have to count on Alex (Lavallee) for the lead outs, and the rest of us will try to keep him sheltered and well fed, and deliver him to the line in good shape.

CC - What about team stuff? You are back with Trek, but what about the road?

RG - Well, my contract (with Trek) is not officially done, there are a couple of little things still to work out, but I will definitely be back with them. I'm back with Oakley and Powerbar again, and I have picked up Red Bull as well.

For the road there is lots of interest from a bunch of different teams, but they all need to know what I can commit to, and until Athens (Olympics) I am fully committed to mountain bike. I am supposed to talk to Bjarne Riis in the next few days (Team CSC), but that is very preliminary discussions to see if a program could work.

CC - So it hasn't worked out with Postal?

RG - They are very adamant that I commit to big races - their whole program is based around July (Tour de France). I still feel that I need some development (before going full time to the road). I am improving a lot, and I feel that I haven't reached my potential yet. I feel that I really didn't mature physically until about 3 years ago, and I still have a way to go. When I go to the road I need to have a program set out that will allow me to reach my potential, and I have to be able to make that commitment.


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