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May 10/98 22:37 pm - B.C. and Ontario Results, Manitoba News

Posted by Editor on 05/10/98

Gary Lund Classic (May 10th, 1998)
(courtesy Derek Heidorn)

Sooke, British Columbia

BC Cup #3

In the big race or Cat 1,2,3 race, there was a two man break that lasted to the end. The Break consisted of Roland Green and Scott Goguen. In the sprint of these two, it was Scott Goguen beating Roland Green. During the race Roland Green took the 'King of the Mountain' money at the long climb out of Port Renfrew. In the pack sprint, it was Bob Cameron taking third overall. The womens' race saw Sandy Espeseth finishing ahead of Darnelle Moore. Patricia Sinclair rounded out the top 3. The Cat 4/ Vets' combined race saw a pack sprint, and it was a strong veteran sprinter by the name of Duane Martindale taking it home with an impressive dash to the line.

Cat 1,2,3 - 133km (3:37:54)

1. Scott Goguen
2. Roland Green
3. Robert Cameron
4. Jamie Radcliffe
5. Steven Colborne
6. Adam Walker
7. Alistair Howard
8. Maurice Worsfold
9. Cory Lange
10. Sean Dawson
11. Shane Savage
12. Dylan Sebel
13. Tony Zarsadias
14. Graeme Wilson
15. Vesse Keefer

Women - 80km (2:18:29)

1. Sandy Espeseth
2. Darnelle Moore
3. Patricia Sinclair
4. Mandy Poitras
5. Barbara Zimich
6. Gina Grain
7. Charlene Waldner
8. Erica Drew
9. Errine Willock

Vets - 80km (2:09:41)

1. Duane Martindale
2. Horacio Chares
3. Murray Drew
4. Peter Jensen
5. Timothy Barkley
6. Dave Dutton
7. Rich Wilson
8. Gerald Sawatsky
9. Pat Leask
10. Chris Button

Cat 4 - 80km (2:09:41)

1. Lonnie Nathan
2. Louis Bossard
3. Angus Errington
4. Jamie Grant
5. Gerald Prive
6. Mark Husken
7. Arran Scott
8. Carter Hovey
9. Simon Norris
10. Charlie Ko
11. Paul Cook

Juniors - 80km (2:09:41)

1. Peter Odegaard
2. Graham Flater
3. Jon Taylor
4. Mike Laxdale

Mothers Day Classic RR, Ontario (courtesy Val Davidge)


1. Allyson Fox Rip N Hammer
2 Amy Jarvis Mississauga
3. Sophie Radecki Rip N Hammer
4. Kathleen Miller Saeco
5. Julia Bradley Lakeshore
6. Ann Turrin Lakeshore
7. Maogosha Pyjor Lakeshore


1. Andrew Randell Jet Fuel
2. Matt Hansen "
3. Joe Guiliano "
4. Doug Bogue Saeco
5. Charlie Squires Ind. V
6. Dan Maggiacoma Jet Fuel
7. Heath Cockburn "
8. Yann Blindert Saeco
9. Pat Shea Ind
10. Sean Kelly Ind. 2/J
11. Paul Rego Saeco
12. Brent Arthurs Woodbridge Italia
13. Mark Dwyer Sportable V
14. Michael Bhaziz(?sp) Mississauga 3
15. Jacek Sochaki Polonius
16. Bryan Rusche Ind
17. B. Clarke Newmarket VB
18. Chris Grainger Brockville CC VA
19. James Rivet Racer Sportif 3
20. Tony Abramavicus Schwinn VA
21. Alan Cote F.CC 2
22. Stefan Kramer St Catharines VA
23. Doug Bylar Ind. VA
24. Greg Cavanagh Woodstock CC VA
25. Paul Hornak Hummingbird
26. Brendan Duff Sudbury 3
27. Ray Duggan Jet Fuel 2
28. Bruce Kripp Woodbridge Italia 2
29. Fred Perez Guelph Oly.
30. John Parkinson Waterloo VC
31. Peter Dedes Ziggys 2
32. P. Shropshire Newmarket VC
33. Tomasso (?) Hummingbird # 360 2
34. Shaun Cranwell Racer Sportif 2
35. Emmanuel Martins Woodstock VA
36. Augusto Goncalves Hummingbird VA
37. Grant Strahl Newmarket V
38. Keith Hopkins La Bicicletta 3
39. Brian Turner Ind. 3

Please note: For Ontario License upgrading, you have to have finished in the top 20 in order to acquire any upgrading points. Where no category is given, the rider is Senior 1

Manitoba News (courtesy Manitoba Cycling Association)

We are going to have a National Coaching Certification course in both Road and Mountain Bike level #1 in May. The Mountain Bike Course is Friday and Saturday May 15th and 16th and Road on Sunday and Monday May 17th and May 18th. Eric Reid will be coming back from Fernie B.C to teach the Courses. These courses are great for parents, coaches and athletes who want to learn skills important in cycling. Anyone interested in either of these programs contact Gary Pallett at 925 -5685 for further information.

The Monday evening Winnipeg Bicycling club rides are now on. Meet at the parking lot at Henderson Hwy and the North Perimeter at 6:30 pm. This medium paced ride (25-30 km/h) will proceed north to Lockport and Selkirk. All are welcome.

The Winnipeg Bicycle club is also running a ride on Wednesday nights at 6:30 as well which meets at the Duck Pond in Assiniboine Park. The ride will head west to the White Horse, west of Headingly.

The Winnipeg Cycletouring Club (WCC) rides are now underway. The Wednesday eve tours as well as the Thursday Fitness rides. Contact the club for details of their ride schedule. For more information, visit the website at:


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