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February 17/03 8:36 am - Burnaby Velodrome Results, Dinuba Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 02/17/03

Burnaby Velodrome - Race Series #2
Courtesy Gordon Ross

North America's only indoor velodrome was host to two days of intense competition, with the Burnaby Velodrome Race Series #2 event on February 15/16, 2003. Riders from across Canada and the neighbouring US states of Washington and Oregon came to compete under the recently replaced air supported roof at the Harry Jerome Sports Centre in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

In the men's Category A races, the Omnium was won by Vancouver rider Murray Solem (Epic/Schwalbe). Racing on his home track, Solem collected points in all events, placing 1st in the Miss-n-out and 3rd in the Keirin to clinch the title. Local mountain bike professional Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles) made his track debut with a strong performance, winning the 3000M pursuit by riding an impressive 3:48:63 time and placing 3rd in the Omnium.

Canadian National Team members were present throughout the events, with junior road team member Marsh Cooper riding a series of agressive races, including a 2nd in the Miss-n-out and 4th in the Points Race; Keith Bruneau won the Keirin; and Cam Mackinnon won the Kilo. The weekend racing marked the finale of a Canadian National Team training camp. National Team coach Kurt Innes brought riders from the Olympic Oval in Calgary and across Canada to spend the week training on the 200m track in Burnaby.

US riders were also well represented with a strong showing from Oregon's Team Rubicon, taking the #2 and #4 spots in the Men's A Omnium. US National Track Champ and World Masters Track Champ, Kenny Williams (Saturn of Bellevue) was only able to participate in the event on Saturday. This didn't stop Williams from winning all three events he entered, the Scratch Race, Points Race, and Sprints.

In the Men's B Group, it was all David Goosen of dEVO/Ryders/Powerbar. Goosen dominated the racing by winning the Omnium with first place finishes in the Scratch, Miss-n-Out, Points Race, and Keirin events. Scott Crump (Lactic Acid), second in the Men's B Group, had an outstanding weekend. The 15 year-old demonstrated lots of potential with some great bursts of speed that caught quite a few of his competitors off-guard.

The next Burnaby Velodrome Race Series will be in May 2003. Please check the Burnaby Velodrome website for more details.

Additional note from Jeremy Storie: Over 60 competitors from Montreal, Calgary, Portland, Seattle and Victoria. Great event with some truly great racing featuring Andreas Hestler, Kenny Williams (US) among others. Team dEVO photo


Category A
1. Murray Solem (Epic/Schwalbe)28 points
2. David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)19 points
3. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)17 points
4. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)11 points
Scratch Race
1. Kenny Williams (Saturn of Bellevue)
2. Sam Wittingham (PVC Forte)
3. Tony Zarsadias (Walker Chiropractic)
4. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)
1. Murray Solem (Epic/Schwalbe)
2. Marsh Cooper (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
3. David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
4. Dean Tracy (Team Rubicon)
Points Race
1. Kenny Williams (Saturn of Bellevue)
2. Sam Wittingham (PVC Forte)
3. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)
4. Marsh Cooper (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
1. Keith Bruneau
2. Cam MacKinnon (Team Alberta)
3. Murray Solem (Epic/Schwalbe)
4. David Godfrey (Team Rubicon)
1. Cam MacKinnon (Team Alberta)1:11:92
2. Yannik Morin1:12:16
3. Sam Wittingham (PVC Forte)1:12:49
4. Joel Regimbald (Colnago/Carrera )1:12:54
Match Sprints
1. Kenny Williams (Saturn of Bellevue)
2. Matt Chater
3. Cam MacKinnon (Team Alberta)
4. Sam Wittingham (PVC Forte)
3000M Pursuit
1. Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)3:48:63
2. Chris Reid (Epic/Schwalbe)3:53:63
3. Marsh Cooper (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)3:56:45
4. Erin Carter (Canadian National Team)4:03:19
Olympic Sprint
1. Keith Bruneau, Murray Solem, Matt Chater41:97
2. Chauncy Curl, Dean Tracy, David Godfrey43:48
3. Scott Crump, Shawn Crump, Stephen Schnarre44:07
4. Marsh Cooper, Doug Jensen, David Goosen45:67
Category B
1. David Goosen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)56 points
2. Scott Crump (Lactic Acid)46 points
3. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)22 points
4. Gordon Ross (Escape Velocity)14 points
4. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval)14 points
4. Stephen Meyer (Atomic Racing)14 points
Scratch Race
1. David Goosen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
2. Scott Crump (Lactic Acid )
3. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)
4. Paul Klimczak (Atomic Racing)
1. Scott Crump (Lactic Acid )
2. David Goosen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
3. Geoff Argue (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
4. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)
Points Race
1. David Goosen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
2. Geoff Argue (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
3. Gordon Ross (Escape Velocity)
4. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)
1. David Goosen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
2. Rene Regimbald (Olympic Oval)
3. Scott Crump (Lactic Acid)
4. Laura Yoisten (Colnago/Carrera)
1. Doug Jensen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)1:15:76
2. Mark Emery (Atomic Racing)1:16:91
3. David Goosen (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)1:17:00
4. Stephen Meyer (Atomic Racing)1:17:52
Match Sprints
1. Marsh Cooper (dEVo/Ryders/Powerbar)
2. Mark Emery (Atomic Racing)
3. Scott Crump (Lactic Acid)
4. Mark Butschler
Category C
1. Ian Lockley
2. David Fayram
3. Alex Pope
4. Ian Fingler
Scratch Race
1. Ian Lockley
2. Alex Pope
3. Paul Craig
4. David Fayram
1. Ian Lockley
2. David Fayram
3. Ian Fingler
4. Alex Pope
Points Race
1. Ian Lockley
2. Ian Fingler
3. Alex Pope
4. David Fayram
500m TT
1. Ian Lockley39:07
2. Laura Yoisten (Colnago/Carrera)39:55
3. Erin Carter (Canadian National Team)40:25
4. Breanna Loster (Epic/Schwalbe40:34

Dinuba Criterium Dinuba, California
Courtesy Dan Proulx

Pro Women
1. Laura Charemeda, Fulton
2. Jane Dospas, Team Bioc
3. Cathleen Ligman, Alto Velo
4. Michelle Boltran, First/Red 5 Racing
5. Cynthia Mommsen, Olympic Velo
6. Marilyn MacDonald (Opus) CDN
7. Asideran Hatina, Pen Velo
8. Trish Bell, Team Tailwinds

Other Canadians:
12. Alena Radomsky (Opus) CDN
13. Heather Parrott (Opus) CDN
16. Diana Bladon (Opus) CDN

Cat 3 Men
1. Aaron Norman, Redding Velo
2. Lucas Euser, Napa Valley Velo
3. Harperlap Sinch, South Cali, Velo
4. Aaron Beardsley, Macguire
5. Tom Fahey, Central Valley Cycle
6. James Sparling, (Bow Cycle), CDN

Pro Men
No results available

Opus Women's Cycling would like to thank Outdoor Gear Canada, Opus,, Rudy Project, and Kicking Horse Coffee for making this trip and training camp possible. Tomorrow (Sunday) the team will race in Cantua Creek before heading to Palo Alto for a week of training.


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