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February 19/03 7:26 am - Road Nationals, Petition, 'Cross World Cup, Quebec News, Pantani Pinned

Posted by Editoress on 02/19/03

Road Nationals Update
Courtesy Tim Lefebvre

A tenative agreement between the St. Catharines Cycling Club and the CCA has been reached pertaining to the 2003 Road Nationals. On Monday June 30th the road races for Junior Men and Women, Masters and Espoirs will be raced on a 16km circuit encompassing the Effingman hill. There will be categories raced in the morning and afternoon, all to be completed that day. More information will be posted on website shortly.

2010 Petition - Last Chance

This is your last chance to register your support for track cycling in our petition for the 2010 Hamilton Commonwealth Games Bid. Hamilton has left track cycling out of their official bid for the Games. While the publicity generated through our reports and others has pushed the Committee into stating that they will "reconsider" adding cycling, there is still no actual commitment by the Bid group. Please click on the Petition button in the upper left corner of your browser window to register your support. We will be closing the petition shortly and and presenting the results to the Bid Committee.

'2003-2004 'Cross World Cup Calendar

The UCI has released the 'Cross World Cup calendar for next season. One addition to the schedule will be a women's World Cup series.

November 16/03 - St. Wendel, Germany
December 7/03 - Wetzikon, Switzerland
December 28/03 - Koksijde, Belgium
January 18/04 - Nommay, France
February 15/04 - Pinacker, Netherlands

Challenge Bois de Belle-Rivière

Malgré un mercure à -21Celcius, plusieurs coureurs ont bravé le froid pour la première course de la saison de vélo de montagne de la FQSC.

En effet samedi dernier avait lieu la première étape du Challenge Bois de Belle-Rivière. Cette course de vélo de montagne sur neige en est à sa troisième saison. Le temps froid a peut-être quelque peu ralentis l'ardeur de plusieurs, mais nos valeureux fanatiques présents se sont livrés une chaude lutte. 5 classes distinctes étaient représentées, soit de pee-wee aux élites.

Voici la liste des gagnants:

Pee-wee: Yohan Patry
Minime: Elliot Jarry-Bolduc
Cadet: Gabriel Jarry-Bolduc
Senior: Jérémy Lebel
Maitre: Jean-Yves Hamel

Nous vous donnons rendez-vous samedi prochain le 22 février à midi pour la prochaine étape.

Merci à nos partenaires: Bois de Belle-Rivière, André-Lalonde Sports, FQSC.

Martin Prud'homme
Club André-Lalonde Sports

Life Imitates Art

In 2001 we published an April 1st report (and photo) that Marco Pantani had had his ears "pinned" in order to become more aerodynamic. Well, it appears that we were prescient, because guess what? Signor Pantani has just had done? Yep, cosmetic surgery has been performed and 'Elephantino' is no more. We've never been that far ahead with the news before...


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