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March 4/03 9:02 am - Women's Road Rankings, Hamilton 2003 Town Hall, Cannondale Resumes Production, Toronto BMX

Posted by Editoress on 03/4/03

Women's UCI Road Rankings after World Cup #1

1. Susanne Ljungskog (SWE) 699 points
2. Mirjam Melchers (NED) 653.5
3. Nicole Brändli (SUI) 532.5
4. Judith Arndt (GER) 517.65
5. Petra Rossner (GER) 454.65
6. Priska Doppmann (SUI) 347
7. Zinaida Stahurskaya (BLR) 337
8. Regina Schleicher (GER) 317
9. Joane Somarriba Arrola (ESP) 293.5
10. Zoulfia Zabirova (RUS) 278
11. Fabiana Luperini (ITA) 271
12. Sara Carrigan (AUS) 263
13. Edita Pucinskaite (LTU) 228.35
14. Debby Mansveld (NED) 211
15. Olga Slyusareva (RUS) 192
16. Valentina Polkhanova (RUS) 190.35
17. Simona Parente (ITA) 188
18. Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) 173
19. Alison Wright (AUS) 160
20. Lyne Bessette (CAN) 153

26. Geneviève Jeanson (CAN) 137
77. Susan Palmer (CAN) 38
108. Clara Hughes (CAN) 19
113. Katy St Laurent (CAN) 15
**121. Leah Goldstein (CAN) 13
140. Julie Pepin (CAN) 10
148. Erin Carter (CAN) 9
*166. Sandy Espoirs (CAN) 6
182. Nicole Demars (CAN) 5
199. Amy Jarvis (CAN) 4
208. Cybil Di Guistini (CAN) 3
208. Jenny Trew (CAN) 3
*253. Sandy Espeseth (CAN) 1
253. Julia Farell (CAN) 1

*Note: We believe that both are the same person (obviously Sandy Espeseth) , although the UCI does not seem to have sorted it out.
** Leah Goldstein will be riding for Isreal this year, but the UCI has not yet made the change.

Final Hamilton 2003 Cycling Championships Town Hall Meeting TonightCourtesy Hamilton 2003

The Organizing Committee for the Hamilton 2003 Cycling Championships, in conjunction with the City of Hamilton, is hosting a series of Community Town Hall Meetings. The final of four sessions is being held on Tuesday, March 4: Hamilton 2003 Town Hall Meeting Tuesday, March 4, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Council Chambers, Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main Street East.

The meeting will also be broadcast live on Cable 14, Hamilton's Community Access, Local Events and Information Channel.

Approximately 200 people in total have attended the three previous meetings hosted by Hamilton 2003. Attendees have viewed the promotional video that was shown as part of Hamilton 2003's presentation at the 2002 Road World Championships in Zolder, Belgium and a detailed presentation on the three race routes - short time trial, long time trial and road race. A presentation was also made on emergency services.

Event organizers were questioned by residents and businesses regarding a number of topics including - how to volunteer, emergency services, public transit, the race routes and road closures. The response of the people was outstanding and the Town Halls have been successful in providing a forum for people to ask questions and voice concerns. In instances where plans have yet to be finalized, particularly with regards to transportation, Hamilton 2003 organizers promised to get back in touch with the concerned citizens as soon as plans are confirmed.

The Community Town Hall Meetings are the first public forum in a series of communications initiatives with the residents and businesses that will be affected by the two Championship Road Cycling events. The Tim Hortons Road National Championships will be held from June 27 to 29 and the Road World Championships will take place from October 6 to 12.

In attendance at Tuesday's meeting will be key personnel from the Hamilton 2003 Organizing Committee and the City of Hamilton. Joining the panel for the presentation will be legendary cyclist Steve Bauer.

Cannondale Resumes Bike Production
Courtesy Cannondal

Cannondale's production workers began returning to the company's Bedford, Pennsylvania bike factory in earnest today. Employees had worked sporadically over the past several weeks building frames for Cannondale's European subsidiary. Today's return to work, and the return of other employees over the next week, signals the full resumption of production for the Connecticut-based bikemaker.

Beginning today (March 3) , fabrication departments such as parts preparation, welding, weld sanding, heat-treating and frame machining are back to work full-time. As the output of those departments quickly moves through the production line, employees who work on later aspects of bike production will be returning. Finishing departments including painting and finish-sanding will return to work later this week, and workers who perform final bike assembly and packaging are slated to return on Friday, March 7th. All of the company's production workers are scheduled to return by Tuesday, March 11th.

The workers' return and continued cold weather across much of the U.S. are combining to minimize the effects on Cannondale dealers of the temporary factory shutdown, according to Cannondale's Scott Montgomery. "We're very, very excited to have full production coming back on-line," said Montgomery. "It's fortunate that we went into the factory shutdown with a good inventory of bikes. The fact that it's been such a cold winter has allowed that inventory to go quite a bit further than it otherwise might have, so by and large I think our dealers haven't been too affected by the shutdown. Now that production is up-and-running, we're looking forward to attacking the busy spring season with a single focus, renewed purpose, and a steady stream of Cannondale product."

Results from Flatland Competition at Toronto Bike Show

1. Matt Wilhelm
2. Ryoji Yamamoto
3. Vikki Gomez
4. Marti Kuoppa
5. Terry Adams
6. Phil Dolan
7. Shintaro
8. Aaron Frost
9. Matti Rose
10. Dane Beardsley
11. Dan Rigby
12. Mike Sommer

1. TJ Perry
2. Kevin Desautels
3. Sebastion
4. Justin Miller
5. Eric Effinger
6. Jeff Foster
7. Robert ?
9. Ryan S
10. Tim Hill
11. Nick Vaes
12. Tony Scneidwind

Women's Road Rankings, Hamilton 2003 Town Hall, Cannondale Resumes Production, Toronto BMX


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