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May 12/98 9:11 am - UCI Road Rankings, Ontario Results, HP Challenge

Posted by Editor on 05/12/98

UCI Road Rankings (as of May 10th)

1 JALABERT, Laurent FRA ONC 2,294.00 points
2 BARTOLI, Michele ITA ASI 1,815.00
3 ZUELLE, Alex SUI FES 1,611.00
4 ULLRICH, Jan GER TEL 1,488.00
5 DUFAUX, Laurent SUI FES 1,403.75
6 TCHMIL, Andrei BEL LOT 1,403.00
7 CASAGRANDE, Francesco ITA COF 1,266.00
9 TONKOV, Pavel RUS MAP 1,219.00
10 ZABEL, Erik GER TEL 1,134.00
11 TAFI, Andrea ITA MAP 1,103.50
12 ELLI, Alberto ITA CSO 1,089.00
13 REBELLIN, Davide ITA PLT 1,046.00
14 ESCARTIN COTI, Fernando ESP KEL 1,033.00
15 BOOGERD, Michael NED RAB 1,032.00
16 BORTOLAMI, Gianluca ITA FES 1,012.00
18 OLANO MANZANO, Abraham ESP BAN 972.00
19 VIRENQUE, Richard FRA FES 903.75
20 MASSI, Rodolfo ITA CSO 889.00


272 LUKASCEWICZ, Cszelaw CAN MRO 126.00
310 ANAND, Mat CAN MCT 107.00
357 WOHLBERG, Eric CAN 82.00
442 FRASER, Gordon CAN MCT 60.00
489 WALTON, Brian CAN SAT 51.00
681 BARRY, Michael CAN 28.00
873 ROVER, Steve CAN MUT 15.00
964 LANDRY, Jacques CAN 12.00
1001 HADFIELD, Tim CAN 10.00
1059 BERGERON, Fabien CAN 9.00
1092 HIBBARD, Mark CAN 8.00
1140 COJAN, Yannick CAN 7.00
1210 LAVALLEE, Alexandre CAN 5.00
1210 RANDELL, Andrew CAN 5.00
1279 BELZILE, Guillaume CAN 4.00
1360 NEPVEU, Michel CAN 3.00
1399 MAGGIACOMO, Daniel CAN 2.00
1434 PERRAS, Dominique CAN 1.00

Team Rankings

1 FESTINA - LOTUS FRA 7,327.50 points
2 MAPEI - BRICOBI ITA 7,010.50
3 CASINO FRA 5,614.00
4 O.N.C.E. - DEUTSCHE BANK ESP 5,248.00

Country Rankings

1 ITALY ITA 10,189.00 points
2 FRANCE FRA 7,392.25
4 SPAIN ESP 6,624.00
5 BELGIUM BEL 5,983.00

11 U.S.A. USA 1,757.00

25 CANADA CAN 500.00

Note: Canada just dropped two positions in the last set of rankings, overtaken by Lithuania and Slovenia.


Today is mountain bike pro Andreas Hestler‚s birthday

Midweek Novice Race, Mississauga, Ontario
(courtesy Peter McCaffery)

In the second novice event in the Mississauga Midweek Series, Alex Estavez (Racer Sportif) showed his class by riding away from the group with two laps to go and finished solo with a twenty second lead. Eight riders showed up on this rainy evening ( one up from last week). They ranged in age from 14 to 51 and included all three Estavez brothers.  For the first four laps, everyone rode together, giving the less-experienced the chance to take part in some echelon riding. Once the semi-neutralized part of the event was done, Jose Estavez ( Racer Sportif) made a lone break and stayed about 15 seconds up on the bunch with team-mates and brothers Alex and Fernando effectively blocking any attempts to chase.  Meanwhile   Joanie Verschuuren (Mississauga) gradually dropped back, followed by Ryan De Boer (Racer Sportif) and the pair paced each other for the remainder of the race, avoiding being lapped by the main group. The bunch sprint for second place was won by Marcus Peron {Mississauga) who just edged Fernando Estavez into third. Thanks to Mr De Boer for helping to pick up the stacks of cones after the event.


Alex Estavez            Racer Sportif    JUN   27 km in 45'17"
Marcus Peron          Mississauga      VA        at 20"
Fernado Estavezq    Racer Sportif    MIN      s.t.
Drew Harvie            Independent      VA        s.t.
Jose Estavez            Racer Sportif    MIN      s.t.
Alex Pond                Independent     VC        at 2"
Ryan De Boer          Racer Sportif    MIN    at 3'45"
Joanie Verschuuren  Mississauga        W        s.t.


The winner of the Sporting Life Fat Tire Festival ProElite Men‚s race - Jason Crookham - was incorrectly listed as being from Newmarket instead of Armstrong, Ontario. His sponsor was also left out - Valu-net.

World-Class Mountain Bikers To Race HP Challenge

Boise, Idaho 1998 UCI/World Cup leader and three-time world cross-country champion Alison Sydor of Vancouver, B.C. headlines a large contingent of international mountain bike stars who will compete in the 1998 Hewlett-Packard Women‚s Challenge, June 16 - 21, in Boise, Idaho.

Consisting of six stages, the 15th annual HP Challenge is regarded as the toughest cycling event for women in the world. Cyclists will race more than 273 miles in six days for a prize list of $100,000.

Demanding stage races like the HP Challenge are the best preparation for mountain bike racing, said race organizer Jim Rabdau. Once a mountain biker recuperates from back-to-back endurance racing against the best cyclists in the world, she will be able to ride stronger in intense one-day events, like the UCI/World Cup or the NORBA National Championship Series.

Joining Sydor in the switch from off-road are Canadian National teammates Sue Palmer, Chrissy Redden and Melanie McQuaid; Team Polo Sports‚ Tammy Jacques-Grewal, Lesley Tomlinson, Mary Hogan and Shari Kain; and HealthSouth Treasure Valley Hospital teammates Caroline Alexander, 1991 World Cross-Country Champion Ruthie Matthes and reigning U.S. National Cyclocross Champion Alison Dunlap.

Sydor, Dunlap and Alexander are currently ranked first, second and fifth in the 1998 UCI/World Cup rankings.

Sydor, Jacques-Grewal, Palmer, Dunlap and Matthes have all made big impressions on the Women‚s Challenge in the past. Sydor finished fourth overall in 1989; Jacques-Grewal claimed the Points, Queen of the Mountains, and Most Improved Rider titles in 1990; Palmer is the event‚s four-time Queen of the Mountains Champion ( 94, 95, 96, 97); Dunlap is a two-time winner of the infamous stage over 8700-foot Galena Summit, and Matthes returns to the event 15 years after winning the race‚s Best Young Rider Award in 1984.

The off-road racers will join a record international field of more than 120 competitors, including Olympic gold medalists Kathy Watt (Australia) Jeannie Longo (France) and Zulfia Zabirova (Russia), 1997 World Champion Alessandra Cappellotto (Italy), and former race champions Dede Demet (USA), Clara Hughes (Canada), Anna Wilson (Australia), and Rasa Polikeviciute (Lithuania). Information about the 1998 HP Challenge can be found on the World Wide Web at

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