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March 10/03 7:25 am - Pomona Valley Stage Race Final, BC High Performance Project, Toronto Waterfront Plan Meeting

Posted by Editoress on 03/10/03

Pomona Valley Stage Race San Dimas, California

Stage 4: Old Town Criterium

Women (60 minutes)
1. Karen Bockell (Ger) Rona/Esker, 55:33
2. Helen Kelly (USA) TDS Womens Cycling Team
3. Alison Dunlap (USA) Team T-Mobile USA
4. Megan Elliott (USA) Saturn, at 0:09
5. Amber Neben (USA) Team T-Mobile USA
6. Dotsie Cowden (USA) Team T-Mobile USA
8. Katie Safford (USA) Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange
9. Katrina Grove (USA) Team T-Mobile USA
11. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn
11. Amy Moore (Can) Saturn

12. Katheryn Curi (USA) LGBRC
13. Iona Wynter (USA) Genesis Scuba/FFCC
14. Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Rona/Esker
16. Maatje Benassi (USA) Intermountain Cycling Organization
17. April Henderson Anderson (USA) Helens/Trek/VW
18. Nicole Freedman (USA) Team Basis
19. Lara Kroepsch (USA) Team T-Mobile USA
20. Joan Wilson (USA) Tds Womens Cycling Team
23. Manon Jutras (Can) Saturn
27. Heather Cole (Can) Fairfield Toyota
40. Susan Palmer-Komar (Can) Genesis Scuba/FFCC, all s.t.

Final GC
1. Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Rona/Esker, 6:11:01
2. Amber Neben (USA) Team T-Mobile USA, at 2:16
3. Susan Palmer-Komar (Can) Genesis Scuba/FFCC, 2:46
4. Manon Jutras (Can) Saturn, 2:58
5. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn, 3:27

6. Karen Bockell (Ger) Rona/Esker, 3:31
7. Alison Dunlap (USA) Team T-Mobile USA, 4:09
15. Amy Moore (Can) Saturn, 6:49
24. Heather Cole (Can) Fairfield Toyota, 6:19

**Note: We have noticed some discrepancies in the final GC, so this is all we are posting.

1. Nicole Freedman (USA) Team Basis, 55 points
2. Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Rona/Esker, 45
3. Karen Bockell (Ger) Rona/Esker, 40
4. Lyne Bessette (Can) Saturn, 35

Men (90 minutes)
1. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net Cycling Team, 1:29
2. Alex Candelario (USA) Prime Alliance, s.t.
3. Todd Littlehales (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar, at 0:02
4. David Clinger (USA) Prime Alliance
5. Michael Tillman (USA) Schroeder Iron
6. Rob Kamppila (USA) KB Home
7. Dean La Berge (USA) Lombardi Foundry
8. Jonas Carney (USA) Prime Alliance
9. Victor Ayala (USA) Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange
10. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron
11. Tyler Farrar (USA) Jelly Belly
12. Eneas Freyre (USA) Lemond Fitness/Blender Magazine
13. Nic Brown (Aus) Lemond Fitness/Blender Magazine
14. Chris Horner (USA) Saturn
15. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar
16. Jason Bausch (USA) Schroeder Iron
17. Blake Caldwell (USA) 5280/subaru
18. Oliver Stiler-Cote (USA) Fior Di Frutta/wheelworks
19. Tom Danielson (USA) Saturn
20. Phil Zajicek (USA) Saturn
47. Peter Mazur (Pol) Lemond Fitness/Blender Magazine, 0:10
56. Svein Tuft (Can) Prime Alliance, s.t.
Final GC

1. Gord Fraser (Can) Health Net Cycling Team, 75
2. Tyler Farrar (USA) Jelly Belly, 25
3. Matt Decanio (USA) Prime Alliance, 25
4. Michael Tillman (USA) Schroeder Iron, 20
5. Mike Sayers (USA) Health Net Cycling Team, 20
10. Jacob Erker (Can) Schroeder Iron, 15
13. Svein Tuft (Can) Prime Alliance, 15

Cycling BC Announces Tour de L'Abitibi High Performance Project
Courtesy Cycling BC

The High Performance Committee operating under Cycling BC would like to notify all Junior Men of the following 2003 High Performance Project.

Tour de l'Abitibi, July 21-27
Cycling BC aims to send a full team to the Tour de l'Abitibi, arguably the largest and most prestigious Junior Men's stage race in North America, and the only stop on the continent in the World Junior Challenge Series. Attracting teams from as far away as Holland and Japan, last year's roster boasted teams from seven countries, five provinces and two states. The eight-stage event covers a prologue, several road races, criterium and a team time trail.

To be considered and receive Project updates, interested Junior-aged riders should submit a brief race resume in the form of an email/letter expressing interest to Allan Prazsky, Provincial Coach,

Riders must have a racing age between 17 and 18 as of December 31st, 2003.

Toronto Waterfront Plan Meeting
Courtesy Chuck Bonnaffon

Toronto cycling enthusiasts may be interested in the following news taken from Bike Toronto's website. Proposed changes to the Waterfront Plan impinge not only on the status of the Martin Goodman Trail, but also on tentative plans for a sport park that would incorporate a BMX track and velodrome. Here is Martin Koob's bulletin:

The process to approve the Secondary plan for the central waterfront area will continue this month. This process was suspended in January after a group of architects lodged objections to the plan put forward by City of Toronto staff. Two of the elements of the plan they were unhappy with were the restrictions on development along the waters edge between Yonge Street and Cherry Street, and, the concept of contiguous stretch of parkland in the portlands area.

These same two elements of the plan garnered a lot of support at the public consultation meetings that occurred earlier in the planning process. Two of the major demands that emerged from the residents who attended these meetings were: keep the development away from the water's edge so we don't end up with another Harbourfront style wall of condos, and preserve and enhance the natural character of the shoreline between Cherry Beach (also referred to as Clarke Beach) and the Leslie Street Spit

Decisions on these elements of the Secondary Plan will have a direct impact on cyclists and other users of the Martin Goodman Trail that runs through the Central Waterfront area east of Yonge Street. The outcome will determine whether Martin Goodman trail users will continue to enjoy this urban oasis where the trail runs along the Cherry Beach shoreline to the Leslie Spit or whether it will be encroached upon by buildings and roadways.

At the January 13th, 2003 meeting of the Planning and Transportation Committee the architects volunteered to work with City of Toronto staff to amend the plan to move development closer to the water's edge. There was a concern among residents interested in protecting the waterfront that the process would now be conducted out of sight of the residents and gains won during the public consultation process would be undone. Now it appears that the public will get a chance to see what the architects are proposing and have a chance to comment on it.

The ideas that the Architects are proposing are currently posted on a series of billboards at Toronto City Hall in the Rotunda. These will be on display till this coming Tuesday. Then there will be a public meeting hosted by Councillor Pam McConnel (Ward 28 Toronto Centre-Rosedale) on Wednesday March 12th. The details are: Councillor Pam McConnell will be hosting a public meeting on the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan on Wednesday, March 12th from 7 to 9:30 pm at St. Lawrence Hall (SW corner of King and Jarvis).

This meeting will be a chance for residents to hear presentations from City of Toronto Staff and the architects on what is being proposed for the area. Residents can also ask questions and voice their concerns. This is the only meeting that I have heard of so far to allow residents to continue their involvement in the planning process. The next stage of the process will be the meeting of the Planning and Transportation Committee on March 24th, 2003 where the plan will be brought to the Councillors for their approval prior to going on to full City Council. I am not sure if there will be deputations at this meeting. That is something we can find out at the public meeting on March 12th.


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