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March 17/03 8:27 am - Tucson Bicycle Classic, Victoria Cycling League, Birthday

Posted by Editoress on 03/17/03

Tucson Bicycle Classic Arizona

Stage 3: Artisan Prosthetics Circuit Race

Men - 80km/50 miles
1. Brent Dawson (Aus) Jelly Belly/Carlsb 2:03:13
2. Michael Sayers (USA) Health Net
3. Cory Stienbrecher (USA) Jelly Belly /Carls
4. Michael Ebert (USA) ABD Cycling Team
5. Josh Gewirtz (USA) Fior di Frutta / W
6. Joe Chapman (NZl) LeMond Fitness/Ble
7. Nic Brown (Aus) LeMond Fitness/Ble
8. Marc Bomhof (Can) Cyclismo
9. Peter Sanowar (Can)

10. Todd Wells (USA) Mongoose/Hyundai

28. Michael Moore (Can)
34. Dan Maggiacomo (Can) all s.t.

Final GC
1. Cory Stienbrecher (USA) Jelly Belly /Carls 6:17:19
2. Brent Dawson (Aus) Jelly Belly/Carlsb at 0:05
3. Ryan Blickem (USA) Heart Hospital of 0:08
4. Rusty Beall (USA) Health Net
5. Michael Sayers (USA) Health Net 0:15
6. Austin King (USA) Jelly Belly /Carls 0:20
7. Todd Herriott (USA) Fior di Frutta 0:25
8. Jacob Rubelt (USA) Landis/Trek/VW 0:28
9. Michael Ebert (USA) ABD Cycling Team 0:35
10. Marco Aledia (USA) LeMond Fitness 0:38

27. Marc Bomhof (Can) Cyclismo 5:36
28. Peter Sanowar (Can) 5:41
29. Michael Moore (Can) 5:42
33. Dan Maggiacomo (Can) 5:57

Women - 62 km/39 miles
1. Belem Guerrero (Mex) Tecel-Speedbikes 1:57:43
2. Renee Eastman (USA) Vitamin Cottage
3. Sarah Tillotson (USA) ABD Cycling Team
4. Sima Trapp (USA) Team Goldy's
5. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Snow Valley
6. Maria Molina (Gua) Pollo Rey
7. Jennifer Wilson (USA) Mt Velo/Supergo
8. Juliane Mortello (USA) Landis/Trek/VW
9. Deneen Brown (USA) Landis/Trek/VW
10. Maria Castaneda (Gua) Pollo Rey

Final GC
1. Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Snow Valley 5:04:40
2. Jennifer Wilson (USA) Mt Velo/Supergo at 0:05
3. Sarah Tillotson (USA) ABD Cycling Team 0:11
4. Kelli Emmett (USA)
5. Belem Guerrero (Mex) Tecel-Speedbikes 0:12
6. Amy Vinik (USA) Mt: Velo/Supergo 0:18
7. Bro Babbit-Ourada (USA) Team Goldy's 0:20
8. Deneen Brown (USA) Landis/Trek/VW
9. Renee Eastman (USA) Vitamin Cottage 0:21
10. Dara Marks (USA) Mtn Velo/Supergo 0:25

Note: Many riders elected not to start the final stage as result of the tragic incident during the Category 2 Road Race.

Victoria Cycling League Race Series March 16
Courtesy Martin Willock, Victoria Wheelers

On a warm, sunny spring day, the first race of the 2003 Victoria Cycling League's Race Series took place, hosted by the Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club. The race was held at Newton Heights, which is a hilly criterium of approximately 2 kms per lap. Hugh Trenchard of Sidney Velo soloed for the last half of the race and had a winning time of 1:03:16 in 20 laps in the 'A' race. David Perrin of UVIC Tri had the winning time in the 'B' race was with 47:58 in 15 laps.

A Group - 20 Laps
1. Hugh Trenchard (Sidney Velo)
2. Taylor Little (River Valley)
3. Dave Jetz (Teen Speed)
4. Shawn Bunnin (Cycledelia)
5. Bryan Kelly (Steed Cycles)
6. Steve Morrison (Teen Speed)
7. Guillermo Herrera
8. Alec Walton (Cats)
9. Dan Molgat-Roy (Part One International)
10. Steve Lund (Teen Speed)

B Group - 15 Laps
1. David Perrin (UVIC Tri)
2. Vinko Poldrugovac
3. Lauren Kildaw (UVIC Tri)
4. Steve Munro (Schwalbe-Epic)
5. Howard Joe (Sidney Velo)
6. Bob Thompson (Sidney Velo)
7. Vaughn Marshall (Schwalbe-Epic)

1. Kristina Vaudry (Teen Speed)

Happy Birthday to..... Mathieu Laurin, celebrating today.


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