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May 16/98 12:32 pm - Leboucher wins World Cup #5

Posted by Editoress on 05/16/98

World Cup #5 - Plymouth,England

French rider Laurence Leboucher PEUGEOT LA POSTE was today‚s winner at World Cup number 5 in Plymouth England. This makes it 5 different winners for 5 races. Chrissy Redden (Ritchey) just phoned in her report on the race and said that it was „a really good course with no difficult climb but a lot of false flats and six river crossings per lap. The weather has been cooperative all week, with race day hot, muggy and direct sun all through the race.
Three riders went off the front on the first lap, Leboucher, Dahl and Fullana, with Redden, Sydor, Dunlap and Alexander riding lap one together. At the end of the first lap Alison Sydor began to close on the leaders. By the final lap Sydor had moved into 3rd, Fullana had dropped way back and Alexander was in fourth. On the final river crossing Alison Sydor broker her rear derailleur and had to sprint on foot carrying her bike the final 100 metres to the finish line just steps ahead of the hard chasing Caroline Alexander.
Chrissy said all the women seem to have gotten over the flu that has dogged many of them since Budapest. She was feeling fine and was sitting sixth until a missed feed and a minor mechanical in one of the final laps threw her concentration off and she crossed the line in 9th.

-The crowds were the best so far this year. Caroline Alexander is very popular in England and had many supporters and fans there to cheer her on.
Pezzo was a no show at the race and rumour has it she will race no more World Cups this season
--Leslie Tomlinson and Sue Palmer finished around 15 & 16th
- Melanie McQuaid did not race, opting to return to Canada after Germany
-Many of the Canadian riders were left in some difficulty prior to and during the race due to the refusal of UK Immigration officials to allow Canadian National coach Iouri Kachurine into the country. Women‚s XC

1. Laurence Leboucher PEUGEOT LA POSTE
2. Gunn-Rita Dahl AMERICAN EAGLE
4. Caroline Alexander RITCHEY

9. Chrissy Redden RITCHEY
Results to follow.


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