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March 24/03 8:29 am - Subaru Nova (Day 3), Canadian Results in Texas

Posted by Editoress on 03/24/03

Nova Desert Classic Arizona

Note: Results are still sketchy for this event, and subject to change.

Stage 3 - Cross country

Men (50 km)
1. Roland Green (Can) Trek-Volkswagen 1:44:28
2. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) RLX Ralph Lauren at 0:01
3. Derek Wilkerson (USA) Hillenbrand Racing 0:28
4. Andreas Hestler (Can) Rocky Mountain Crystal Decisions 0:40
5. Travis Brown (USA) Trek-Volkswagen 1:05

1. Horgan-Kobelski 2:42:30
2. Green at 0:16
3. Wilkerson 1:08
4. Hestler 1:23
5. Brown 2:20

Women (38.5 km)
1. Mary Grigson (Aus) Subaru-Gary Fisher 1:34:33
2. Kelli Emmett (USA) Hillenbrand Racing at 0:12
3. Sue Haywood (USA) Trek-Volkswagen 1:06
4. Alison Sydor (Can) Trek-Volkswagen 1:27
5. Jimena Florit (Arg) RLX Ralph Lauren 1:28

6. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Ford Outfitters 2:39
10. Chrissy Redden (Can) Subaru-Gary Fisher 5:46

1 Grigson 2:35:17
2 Haywood at 0:53
3 Emmett 2:17
4 Florit 2:38
5 Sydor 3:11

Canadian Results from Texas

Barb Brzezicki (Midweek Cycling Club) is racing in Texas and wrote the following race report. Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Fayetteville Stage Race was a hotly competitive race.

The stages consisted of circuit course on a 20-mile loop over rolling terrain road race Saturday morning, (40 miles). Later in the day, a time trial course of a 6-mile loop, over rolling terrain. Finally, today's road course consisted of 2.6 mile stretch, leading up to a 15.2 mile circuit (total race distance 63 miles), on tough Texan roads and rolling hills with a fierce head wind that picked up throughout the race. A Hot Spot on the second lap tested everyone's legs after yesterday's relentless headwind riding in both the road race and time trial.

I finished 4th in Saturday's Road Race, 6th in the TT which put me going into today's (Sunday) race at a General Classification of 5th overall, behind some serious competition. (Andrea Hannos of Rona - Esker & Stephanie Hannos of HHH were present). After launching an attack on the 3rd lap on the 'hot spot' climb, 5 other women followed, a counter-attack shortly ensued by Stephanie Hannos definately assisted us in putting a 10 minute gap on the rest of the field. With the 6 women break away, we put some time between us, and helped us secure, (or in my case), move up on the GC.

With 5km to go, Stephanie suggested I take a 'flier', which felt good, but eventually, I got caught, on the final sprint with 1km to go....but I wasn't giving up that easily, fighting for every second and finishing 3rd in the Women's 1/2 Sunday road race, only 3 seconds behind the winner Megan and 2nd place finisher, Andrea Hannos, Stephanie Hannos finished 3 seconds behind me.

Fayetteville Stage Race

Barb's results for the Women 1/2 races
Saturday Road Race: 5th
Saturday Time Trial: 6th
Sunday's Road Race: 3rd
Overal GC final: 4th

Men's Pro 1/2 Category included Joe Giuliano from Atlas Cold Storage / Italpasta:
Saturday Road Race: 5th
Saturday Time Trial: 14th
Sunday's Road Race: 2nd
Overal GC final: 7th

and Buck Miller from Jet Fuel Coffee:
Saturday Road Race: 10th
Saturday Time Trial: 26th
Sunday's Road Race: 28th
Overal GC final: 24th


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