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March 24/03 5:31 am - NCCP Level 2 Technical MTB Course, Victoria Cycling League Results

Posted by Editoress on 03/24/03

NCCP Level 2 Technical MTB Course
Courtesy Glenn Meeuwisse

A reminder to any developing Mountain Bike coaches, that a NCCP Level 2 Technical MTB course will be held April 19 & 20, 2003 at Hardwood Hills.

Level 2 Theory and Core are prerequisites for Level 2 Technical. The course fee is $125.00 and Includes the manual. The course includes classroom and on-bike components. Contact Glenn Meeuwisse by phone at 705-487-3775 or by email to register.

Victoria Cycling League Race Results Sunday March 23
Courtesy Martin Willock

Sunday's race was held at Caleb Pike in the Highlands of Victoria and hosted by the Schwalbe-Epic Cycling Club. It was a clear day and the road conditions were dry. The racecourse is 2.9 kms per lap with the 'A' group doing 25 laps and the 'B' group doing 20 laps. Forty-eight riders started; thirty-six finished.

In the 'A' group, first year senior Ryan McNamara attacked and maintained a 20 second gap for a couple of laps. Teammate Sam Whittingham and Nanaimo rider Fred Hodgson bridged up to create a strong break maintaining 25 seconds for about 5 laps. Meanwhile there was constant attacking in the pack until 4 riders broke clear and bridged up to the lead riders: Max Plaxton; Carter Hovey; Roddi Legga & Taylor Little. The seven man lead group worked well together and Carter Hovey sprinted for the win. Carrie Tuck of Rona Esker rode strongly with the 'A' group and won the women's category.

Darron Mealing dominated the race in the 'B' group to take the win.

A Group
25 Laps - 73 kms
1. Carter Hovey (Rider's Cycles)
2. Sam Whittingham
3. Max Plaxton (Gear's Racing)
4. Roddi Lega (United Cycle)
5. Fred Hodgson
6. Ryan McNamara (PVL Forte)
7. Taylor Little (River Valley)
8. Steve Morrison (Teen Speed)
9. Martin Lefontaine (Commencal)
10. Murray Drew (Victoria Wheelers)
11. Hugh Trenchard (Sidney Velo)
12. Bryan Kelly (Steed Cycles)
13. David Perrin (UVIC Tri)
14. Dan Molgat-Roy (Part One Int'l)
15. Steve Lund (Teen Speed)
16. Andrew Greydanus (Teen Speed)
17. Dan Skinner (KHS Bikes)
18. Stephen Schnare (Schwalbe)

B Group
20 Laps - 58 kms
1. Darron Mealing
2. Vinko Poldrugovac
3. Norman Thibault (Frontrunners)
4. Steve Munro (Schwalbe-Epic)
5. Howard Joe (Sidney Velo)
6. Pete Neff
7. Lauren Kildaw (UVIC Tri)
8. Keith Milne (Schwalbe-Epic)
9. Vaughn Marshall (Schwalbe-Epic)

Rode 'A' or 'B' race
1. Carrie Tuck (A) (Rona Esker)
2. Christine Briante (B) (Opus)
3. Wendy Sims (B) (Frontrunners)
4. Cathy Pendrell (B) (Cove Bikes)
5. Alena Radomsky (B) (Opus)
6. Marcy Bennett (B) (Kreb's Cycle Club)


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