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May 16/98 14:39 pm - Giro Prologue, Bessette Injured

Posted by Editor on 05/16/98

Giro d‚Italia

Prologue - Nice, France, 7 km

1. Alex Zuelle (Switzerland) Festina 7:55
2. Sergei Gontchar (Ukraine) Cantina Tollo at 0:01
3. Arturas Kasputis (Lithuania) Casino 0:10
4. Marco Velo (Italy) Mercatone Uno 0:13
5. Toni Tauler (Spain) Ros Mary 0:14
6. Massimo Podenzana (Italy) Mercatone Uno 0:16
7. Fabiano Fontanelli (Italy) Mercatone Uno 0:17
8. Juan Carlos Dominguez (Spain) Vitalicio s.t.
9. Carlo Finco (Italy) Ballan 0:18
10. Gabriele Colombo (Italy) Ballan
11. Jose Gutierrez (Spain) Kelme both s.t.
12. Mario Cipollini (Italy) Saeco 0:19
13. Riccardo Forconi (Italy) Mercatone Uno s.t.
14. Michele Bartoli (Italy) Asics 0:20
15. Bruno Boscardin (Switzerland) Festina s.t.
16. Marc Streel (Belgium) Casino 0:21
17. Gianluca Sironi (Italy) Caldirola
18. Oskar Camenzind (Switzerland) Mapei both s.t.
19. Enrico Zaina (Italy) Brescialat 0:22
20. Gianni Bugno (Italy) Mapei 0:23

More Tour de l‚Aude News

Canadian National Team rider Lynne Bessette crashed yesterday in the last stage of the Tour de l‚Aude and broke her collarbone. Hopefully she'll be back with the team soon. Thanks to Anne Mathews for this news.

Del-Win Track Update
(courtesy Val Davidge)

We have been getting a lot of phone calls about the track because people want to go down and train on it.

The repairs are taking longer than we were promised. We are very much in the hands of the vagaries of the Contractor.

The track is still closed and under repair. We will get in touch with the Park and the Contractor on Tuesday and report back via Canadian Cyclist.


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