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May 9/97 18:46 pm - Kelso Race, Miele Warning, Euro News

Posted by Editor on 05/9/97

Kelso Race

Tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday are the dates for the Kelso Ontario Cup MTB Race. Kelso is the longest running mountain bike race in Ontario. Tomorrow the Downhill and Dual Slalom events take place, with the cross-country on Sunday. We are told that TSN will be at the Saturday races, so show up and you might be on TV! In addition to the races there will be an Exhibitor and Tech area. For more information, you can go to


BKH SUMMIT of Montreal, the manufacturer of MIELE BICYCLE has issued a warning against phoney bicycles. The firm purchased the brand in December 1995 when Miele Bicycle (1991) Limited went bankrupt.

The bicycles are being sold by the hundreds in a factory outlet store in the North York section of Toronto. The store is called THE BIKE FACTORY and advertises heavily in the Toronto Sun and discount newspapers.

A "Cease & Desist" notice was served and a lawsuit has been filed in the Federal Court of Canada citing trade-mark infringement. The RCMP is also currently investigating. So far, the individual are ignoring the legal procedures and continuing to sell the bicycles.

Consumers are warned about the phoney bicycles and that they will not be covered by MIELE warranties.

Should any consumers be concerned about the bicycles they have purchased, they can call MIELE BICYCLE at (514) 339-5487 or e-mail them at

(The above is a release issued by Miele Bicycle)

Four Days of Dunkirk, France

Stage 5

1. Jeroen Blijlevens (Netherlands) TVM 4:15:10
2. Djamolidin Abdujaparov (Uzbekistan) Lotto
3. Frederic Moncassin (France) Gan
4. Jaan Kirsipuu (Estonia) Casino
5. Mariano Piccoli (Italy) Casino
6. Philippe Gaumont (France) Cofidis
7. Stuart O'Grady (Australia) Gan
8. Lauri Aus (Estonia) Casino
9. Laurent Brochard (France) Festina
10. Aart Vierhouten (Netherlands) Rabobank all s.t.


1. Johan Museeuw (Belgium) Mapei 10:43:35
2. Franck Vandenbroucke (Belgium) Mapei at 0:19
3. Nico Mattan (Belgium) Mapei 0:27
4. Andrei Tchmil (Ukraine) Lotto 0:33
5. Leon van Bon (Netherlands) Rabobank 0:35

Tour of Romandie, Switzerland

Stage 3 161 km

1. Mario Cipollini (Italy) 4:36:40
2. Jan Svorada (Czech Republic)
3. Massimo Strazzer (Italy )
4. Gian-Matteo Fagnini (Italy)
5. Adriano Baffi (Italy)
6. Mario Traversoni (Italy)
7. Francois Simon (France)
8. Gianluca Valoti (Italy)
9. Fabio Baldato (Italy)
10. Mirko Rossato (Italy) all same time


1. Erik Breukink (Netherlands) 14:02:34
2. Chris Boardman (Britain) at 0:01
3. Dariusz Baranowski (Poland) 0:04
4. Paolo Savoldelli (Italy) 0:05
5. Giuseppe Guerini (Italy) 0:06


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