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April 8/03 7:54 am - European Espoir Project Report

Posted by Editoress on 04/8/03

CCCE European Update April7/03
Courtesy Jacques Landry

This weekend was the Tour de l'Indre, a 4-day stage race located pretty much in the center of France around the city of Châteauroux. The profile of the stage race consisted of a 2km prologue/stage and 3 road stages of 155kms, 158 and 138 kms.

Coming from the south of France it was the 1st time the guys had come so far up north. The weather was relatively cold and the wind was certain to be a factor.

The team for this stage race was comprised of Andrew Davidson, Cameron Evans, J-Sebastien Maheu, Ryan Roth and Warren Tilbrook. As per Ian, he was in Aigle at a track pursuit training camp with Eric Van den Eynde.

The prologue started well with a win from fellow Canadian Dominique Rollin racing for the UV Aube club out of Troyes. Actually Dominique's team took 1st and 2nd. As per the guys from the center, the best result was from Cam who finished 1,5 seconds off pace.

The next day was going to be a hard day with wind definitely breaking things up. The first of the guys to drop off the back due to hard tempo from the local club team right off the bat was Ryan who has just started training a bit more after his knee injury. Later on was Andrew who was just poorly positioned. And when the hammer really came down in the hills Warren and J-S were relegated to a smaller group of 10 to 15 individuals.

On the other hand, Cam was hanging in there staying well positioned and keeping his nose out of the wind.

In the front group, where Cam was, breaks would come and go but nothing really would stay away. During that time Dominique was trying to come back from a puncture that the commissaires apparently deemed as a rider getting dropped. Mistake on their part∑

Towards the end of the race, 2 riders broke away as behind the group was split in two with Dominique trying to drive the second group on to the first. With one to go a rider by the name of Salva Vilchez attacked the first group, bridged up to the 2 in a break to win the stage and take the jersey.

Stage 3 on the Saturday would prove to be a hard one with an abandon from Maheu and Davidson after Ryan, due to his lack of form from an injury, was out the day before for not making the time cut.

In any case, Warren had a better race and was hanging on with Cam, as the pace was high. In the end, a group would go up the road that no canucks were able to follow and the stage would go to the same guy as the day before from the Trinitaine club team out of Brittany.

On the last stage, what was supposed to be a relatively easy because of it's flat nature would prove to be just as hard as the last ones because of the wind. Aside from a lot of riders getting dropped the pack was to stay together until 10 to go where all the favored when up the road never to be seen. Behind, the 39 strong group with all remaining Canadians in it was reacting to attacks from different team but in the end the pack would sprint for 11th spot.

Although disappointing for some on the team, Cam has shown that he is back on form as well as Warren. As for the others, there is still time to get ready for the months objective; Le Ruban Granitier Breton from April 25th to May 1st. Meanwhile, all six have a races on Sunday and Monday.

Jacques Landry
National Development Coach


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