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May 17/98 22:11 pm - Ontario Results, Manitoba Results

Posted by Editor on 05/17/98

Gerrard Streef Memorial Road Race - Ontario (courtesy Val Davidge)

Senior 3/Junior

1. Peter Mazur J INDEPENDENT
2. Sean Kelly J Woodstock
3. Kevin Spreacht La Bicicletta
4. Michael Ybanez Mississauga CC
5. Brian Turner "

Veteran A/B/C

1. Steve Narasnek Schwinn Canada
2. Charlie Squires Ind.
3. Michael Moore Mississauga CC
4. Greg Cavanagh Woodstock CC
5. James Costello Queen City BC
6. Desi Deroches Schwinn Canada
7. Grant Strahl Newmarket CC
8. Dave Britnell Hummingbird CC


1. Amy Jarvis Mississauga CC
2. Chloe Black Inter Sports
3. Kathleen Millar Saeco
4. Susan Partenger Ind.

Senior 2

1. Tomas Baumgartner Neworld CC
2. Bryan King Ind.
3. David Fry Hummingbird
4. Jason Valenti St. Catharines CC
5. Bruce Krip Woodbridge Italia
6. Maurice Reulland Maple Leaf CC
7. Stefan Kramer St. Catharines CC
8. Ray Duggan Jet Fuel
9. Christophe Atkins Ind.
10. Andrew Doble Jet Fuel

Senior 1

1. Tim Lefebvre Ital Pasta
2. Norm Shattock "
3. John Harris "
4. Sean Way Caboto VC
5. Heath Cockburn Jet Fuel
6. Craig Deveer Mississauga CC
7. Brent Arthurs Woodbridge Italia
8. Barry Reid Maple Leaf CC
9. Jacek Sochaki Polonius
10. Fred Perez Guelph Oly.

Manitoba Cup Results (courtesy Dave Benson)

Everyone was a little anxious after Southern Manitoba was battered with rain and winds gusting to 70 km/h yesterday, however, today we had good weather and trail conditions for the third Manitoba Cup Race of the season back at Ski Birch.  Riders were treated to some brand new track that saw many "flying over their bars in delight".  The new section will be incorporated into the 1999 Pan Am Games, with the Mountain Event scheduled for the first week of August.  Despite of the lure of cottages and beaches, ninety six riders attended.  The first group, "Kids of Mud" (age 6-16) worked the back section of the course:

Kids of Mud Results:

Under 10

1st Luc Antaya
2nd Paul Benson
3rd Marc Chappellaz

Under 14

1st  Rene Regimbald
2nd Justin Stadnyk
3rd Jon Benson

Under 16

1st  Michael Kliewer
2nd Kris Morissette
3rd Thomas Benson

MCA - Olympia Results:

Elite:  approx: 44km

1st Gilles Corbeil       2:22:04
2nd Sean Anastasiadas   2:25:25
3rd Brett Zagazewski       2:34:01
4th Morgan Porath      2:43:51

Vet. Expert:   approx: 33km

1st Scot Millar          1:59:29
2nd Paul Lapointe      1:59:59
3rd Louis Corbeil      2:00:01
4th Dave Barclay         2:02:37
5th Lindsay Gauld      2:03:03

Expert:  approx: 33km

1st  Trevor Unger      2:10:45
2nd John Hillis          2:11:23
3rd Bob Moritz       2:11:44
4th Robert Friesen       2:14:31
5th Paul Mandziuk      2:17:52

Expert Women:  approx: 22km

1st Dionne Williams     1:49:14
2nd Heather Strachan       2:01:14

Sport:  Winning Time  1:28:01  approx 22km

1st Vychann Penner
2nd Denys Laponte
3rd Jason Holm
4th Greg Masiuk
5th Jeff Faulds

1st Women:  approx. 11km  Wendy Carnegie  1:09:25

Novice:  Winning time  53:03  approx. 11km

1st  Jenny Ayers
2nd Michael Kliewer
3rd  Kevin Newton
4th Dan Kell
5th Mike Davies

The next weekend race is May 31st, The Bring a Friend Event.  Pre - registration is $15.00 for two and includes a t-shirt each!

The Pan Am Games Test Event is scheduled for June 21st.  Contact the Manitoba Cycling Association for details.  204 925-5686 or email at... mail@cycling


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