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April 17/03 7:51 am - La Bicicletta Midweek Results, WCC Women's Skills Workshop

Posted by Editoress on 04/17/03

La Bicicletta Midweek Criterium Series April 16
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

34 km
1. Stefan Elzinga (La Bicicletta) Jun, 53:40
2. Mike Rutledge (Pavan) MA, at 1:00
3. Peter Morse (Midweek CC) S1, at 1:15
4. James Wadden (Independent) S2, at 1:16
5. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) S2, s.t.
6. Scott Buschlen (MBRC) MA, s.t.
7. Mark Shaw (Midweek CC) MA, at 1:18
8. Ed Makarchuk (KHS) MA, at 1 lap
9. Irish Guy MA, at 1 lap
10. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction) MA, at 1 lap

18 starters - 13 finishers

As we were setting out the course for the first La Bicicletta Midweek Criteriumwe warily watched the dark clouds moving in from the north west. A coiuple of the early arrivals reported freezing rain in Brampton and a few drops did indeed dampen the circuit, but at 7pm, eighteen stalwarts left the start bundled up in a plethora of layers.

Despite threats from Saddam Hussein and Boo-Ya (whom I believe was there), the race went off without a hitch. An early break containing Peter Morse, Heath Cockburn, JamesWadden and junior, Stefan Elzinga, stayed away for a few laps but the bunch came back together after seven laps. Then Elzinga just quietly rolled of the front of the pack and switched into time trial mode.

The fast men in the bunch were more concerned with watching each other than working together and Stefan stayed away, gradually increasing his lead to nearly a minute. There were a few half-hearted attempts to bridge by Cockburn, Morse and Wadden, but nothing really serious until the final lap, when Mike Rutledge managed to shake off the rest of the chase group to take second behind the flying junior.

Morse showed that he's retained last season's speed by outsprinting Wadden, Cockburn andBuschlen for third, with Midweek's national bronze medallist, Mark Shaw rounding out the top seven.

Thanks to Steve Hamilton Ed Makarchuk, Peter Morse and Gugga Manku for help with setting out and cleaning up the course on such a miserable night.

Waterloo Cycling Club Women's Skills Workshop
Courtesy Julie Kent

May 10-11 2003

Who should go: Women interested in improving their cycling skills

Day #1: The Basics for Recreational Road Riding:

• riding safely with groups of people on the road.
• riding more efficiently on flats, hills, andcorners...some intro to racing if appropriate
• bike fit

Bike Maintenance

• self-reliance when riding far from home.
• saving money & lengthening the life of your bicycle by learning basic bicycle maintenance.
• professional mechanic Jamie Merrifield will be on hand

Day #2: Mountain Biking

• for women who ride (or would like to ride) mountain bikes:
• pedal technique as applied to MTB
• cornering
• climbing
• descending
• obstacles
• gearing
• racing tactics, advanced skills, and planning training schedules.

Space is limited, please register by contacting:

Tracey Buckley, 1-888-626-3871,

Julie Kent (519), 746-4236,

For more information go to the Website


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