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April 21/03 2:28 am - Tahuya-Seabeck-Tahuya, Blizzard Stage Race

Posted by Editor on 04/21/03

Tahuya-Seabeck-Tahuya - Washington, USA

1. Cory Lange, Symmetrics
2. Rich McClung, Broadmark Capital
3. Russ Stevenson, Health Net
4. Kenny Williams, Saturn of Seattle
5. Ron Schmeer, Saturn of Seattle
6. David Godfrey, Rubicon
7. Rich Minichiello, Symmetrics
8. Ryan Miller, Prime Alliance
9. Doug Ollerenshaw, Broadmark Capital
10. Craig Wilcox, Broadmark Capital

11. Matt Usborne, Symmetrics

Blizzard Bike Club - Fort St. John, BC
Courtesy Pat Ferris

April 18, 2003

Dave Damery won the second stage of the Blizzard Bike Club's Spring Stage Race, Friday (April 18, 2003), with a time of 1:34:16 hours for the tough, hilly and windy 50 km Montney circuit. Trevor McDonell came in 17 seconds later and Robert Martens was third with 1:35:17.

Tammy Howes won the Women's division with 1:55:35 hours. Lisa Verbisky was second at 2:07:45 and Erin Drummond third with 2:22:54.

Sixteen riders went to the start line. The circuit contained the tough 2 km Montney climb at 12% grade and a set of Alps style switchbacks. As usual, the cold spring wind was blowing.

An early group of five riders established itself while the remainder of the pack was shattered. Dave Damery, Trevor McDonell, Stephen Ferris Robert Martens and Pat Ferris pulled away. At the 15 km Mark, Pat Ferris was dropped leaving the final four to lead the race.

The riders knew the return leg had a downhill with switchbacks, then the fearsome Montney hill climb with the finish line on top. Robert Martens attacked on the downhill, hoping to gain a bit of time on the climbers. It was not to be.

Dave Damery pulled away on the climb for the win with Trevor McDonell close behind. Martens pulled away from Stephen Ferris to pick up the final podium spot.

Pat Ferris rode most of the remainder of the race, alone, and came in with 1:41:21. Mike Hientzman 6th at 1:42:24, Richard Howes 1:46:30, Eric Snucins 1:51:45, Gary Hilderman 1:54:38, Tammy Howes 1:55:35 and Darren Guliov 2:05:48.

Lisa Verbisky had 2:07:45 for 12th, David Ferris survived a puncture on the hairy switchback descent to come in 13th at 2:11:52, Adam Currie 2:12:17, Dean Lowry 2:13:12 and Erin Drummond 2:22:54.

Dave Damery is the Men's' leader with 10 points. Robert Martens and Trevor McDonell are tied for second at seven each. Mike Hientzman is in third with two points.

Tammy Howes leads the Women with ten points. Lisa Verbisky is next with eight. Erin Drummond and Angela Maull are tied for third with three points each.

Stephen Ferris leads the Under 19 group.

Stage #3 - Baldonnel Road Race

Robert Martens came through for a thrilling sprint win, Saturday (April 19, 2003), in Stage #3 of the Spring Stage race for the Blizzard Bike Club. Dave Damery caught Stephen Ferris at the line to grab second spot. The lead bunch of six riders had a time of 1:00:13 hours for the 13 km. Baldonnel road course.

Tessa Bilodeau edged out Tammy Howes in the sprint for the Women's event. Tessa had a time of 1:04:03 hours for their 32 km event. Lisa Verbisky was third at 1:07:28.

There were 22 riders on the start line. A lead group of six sped away after the neutral. Despite a series of short attacks, it all came down to the sprint finish.

Richard Howes lead out the sprint with an early effort. The group soon caught up with Robert Martens leading the charge. Martens then managed to get to the line, first. Dave Damery was second and Stephen Ferris third. Trevor McDonell was 4th, Vaughn Hildebrand 5th and Richard Howes 6th. All had the time of 1:00:13.

Roger St. Jean came in 7th at 1:01:22 and Gary Hilderman 32 seconds later. Darren Guliov had 1:04:01, Tessa Bilodeau 1:04:03, Tammy Howes 1:04:05, Ken Nix 1:04:06, Andy Bourgeois 1:05:16, Gord Harris 1:05:41, Lisa Verbisky 1:07:28, Derek Waldron 1:07:55, Richard Wood 1:09:46, Art Ramsay 1:10:44 and Adam Currie 1:12:09. There were 2 DNF's.

Dave Damery is the Men's leader with 14 points. Robert Martens has 12 for second and Trevor McDonell has 10 for third.

Tammy Howes leads the Women with 14 points. Lisa Verbisky is next with 11. Tessa Bilodeau has 5 for third.

Stephen Ferris leads the Under 19 group.

Stage #4 - Cecil Lake Road Race

Robert Martens won another sprint finish in the Blizzard Bike Club's Spring Stage race, Sunday (April 20, 2003). He edged out Trevor McDonell by a length for the win. Stephen Ferris was third, Dave Damery 4th and Pat Ferris 5th. Their group time was 1:43:36 for the 60 km Cecil Lake to Goodlow and return run.

Tammy Howes won the Women's' division with 1:49:24. Tessa Bilodeau was second at 1:58:11 and Lisa Verbisky third with 2:03:43.

The lead group of five powered away at the 5 km mark and never looked back. There were some individual attacks but the group managed to keep together.

Other 60 km riders were Richard Howes at 1L49: 27, Eric Snucins 1:49:27, Andy Bourgeois 2:03:16, Jean Guillemette 2:03:42 and Derek Waldron 2:12:44.

Gilbert Bilodeau won the 40 km event with 1:16:48 hours. Ken Nix was second at 1:19:38 and Adam Currie did 1:20:13 for third. Ross Garbutt had 1:21:03 for 4th, Art Ramsay 1:23:32, Dean Lowry 1:28:15 and Chris Edwards 1:38:04.

There has been a shake-up in the overall leaders points. Robert Martens has clawed his way back to tie Dave Damery with 17 points each. Trevor McDonell is in second place with 14 points. Tammy Howes continues to lead the Women with 19 points. Lisa Verbisky has 14 for second and Tessa Bilodeau 9 points for third.

Stephen Ferris leads the Under 19 for a perfect 20 points.

Stage #5 is the dreaded Beatton Hillclimb at 2:00 pm from Beatton Regional Park. Riders will go for a few kilometers along 'Dead Coyote Flats' and then climb the three-kilometer, 12% Beatton Hill for another 3 km.


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