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April 22/03 10:49 am - Chestnut Ridge Road Race, Blizzard Stage Race (Stage 5)

Posted by Editoress on 04/22/03

Chestnut Ridge Road Race - Orchard Park, NY
Courtesy Marc-Wayne Addison

April 19th

Junior Men - 6 laps (36 miles)
1. Marc-André Sarazin, (Espoirs de Laval) 1:09:27
2. Matt Levesques, USA 1:20:11
3. Ryan Krawczyk, USA s.t.

Pro 123 Men - 10 laps (60 miles)
1. Chris Ciccio ,USA 2:18:54sec
2. John McKone ,USA
3. Jean-Francois Racine Racine (Espoir Laval)
4. Dan Staffo ,USA 2:25:31
5. Todd Scheske ,USA
6. Richard Minerva ,USA
7. Mathieu Roy (Espoir Laval)
8. Jason Skalski ,USA
9. Joel Cote-Cright (Espoir Laval)
10. Stephen Jamison ,USA
11. Jason Hilmire ,USA
12. Mark Pozniak ,Can
13. David Gray,USA
14. Bill Geraci ,USA
15. Wayne Addison (Espoir Laval) 2:27:04

Blizzard Bike Club Fort St. John, BC
Courtesy Pat Ferris

Stage #5, April 21

Vaughn Hildebrand won Stage #5 of the Spring Stage race, Monday. He won the 8.3 km Beatton Hillclimb in record time. His time of 21:48 minutes was 2 minutes faster than the 2001 record held by Dave Damery on the 'new' circuit.

Dave Damery was in second spot with 21:57 and Trevor McDonell third with 22:11 and Stephen Ferris caught Richard Howes for 4th at 22:37.

A group of 14 riders left the start line at Beatton Regional Park under warm, windless and sunny conditions, unusual for this time of year.

At the first steep bridge in the climb Dave Damery and Vaughn Hilderbrand sped away with Trevor McDonell and Stephen Ferris struggling to stay in contact. The remaining pack strung out behind them.

Damery and Hildebrand, two Club Hillclimb Champions, then pulled away for a big lead. Vaughn Hildebrand attacked on the false flat before the final climb and was all alone for the win.

Tammy Howes won the Women's division with 24:30. Stephen Ferris won the Under 19 with 22:37 and Gilbert Bilodeau second at 22:53.

Other finishers were Pat Ferris 23:20, Eric Snucins outsprinted Roger St. Jean for 8th spot at 23:58, Gord Harris 25:11, Jean Guillemette 26:17, Ken Nix 26:50 and Adam Currie 31:43.

This hill climb course debuted in 1997 but 250 meters shorter than the present course. Tim Ferris was the first winner. Kris St. Jean was the 'old' course record holder with 21:39 in 1999.

After five stages 2001 winner Dave Damery is in the lead with 21 points. Three-time winner Robert Martens and Trevor McDonell are both tied for second with 17 points each. Vaughn Hildebrand has 7 points for third and Pat Ferris has 6 for 4th. Mike Hientzman and Richard Howes have 3 each for 5th.

Tammy Howes is the leader in the Women's with 24 points followed by past four-time winner Lisa Verbisky who has 14. Tessa Bilodeau is third at 9 points.
Stephen Ferris leads the Under 19 for a perfect 25 points. Gilbert Bilodeau has 12 points for second.

The last event is Stage #6, next Thursday. This is a 16 km Baldonnel time trial and will decide the winners.
The Women's and Under 19 are decided but the Men's winner is not. Robert Martens needs a big win in Stage #6 with Dave Damery out of the points to tie for the trophy.


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