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May 1/03 11:36 am - Heritage Cycling Classic: Day 2

Posted by Editoress on 05/1/03

Heritage Cycling Classic
Courtesy Navigators

Day 2, Walterboro, SC

After a very disappointing effort last night (Tuesday) in Anderson SC in which the Navigators Team failed to place any of its four starters in the top twenty, today's Walterboro criterium offered a chance for redemption, and an opportunity to even the score with the powerful Saturn squad. Today the Navigators squad would field a full squad, and were hoping for a little retribution.

The 1.5 km course with 5 turns and narrow roads presented an excellent possibility for the strong breakaway riders. The Navigators and Saturn squads came out firing as repeated attacks in the opening laps quickly produced a 7-rider break. With most of the major teams represented, including the local favorite, Hincapie Sports, the escape was rapidly moving up the road with 10 laps completed.

Navigators had the best situation with Russian national champ Oleg Grichkine and former Canadian national champ Mark Walters representing. Saturn had Canadian TT champ Eric Wohlberg helping to drive the move, and with about 33 laps to go, Wohlberg's attack was matched by Grichkine and the two were off in pursuit of lapping the field. Walters continued to monitor the chase as the Navigators and Saturn teams controlled the field. The two breakaways lapped the field with just over 20 laps to go, and immediately went to the front. With 12 to go, Walters attacked his chasing companions, and built a lead of 15 seconds, but could not shake the chase.

With just under 10 to go, the Saturn team took the front in an effort to bring back the remaining escapees. With two to go, Walters and company were caught, and the "Blue Train" of Navigators hit the front. Out of the last turn it was Navigators Henk Vogels taking the sprint, and third place, with teammate Oleg Grichkine just behind him, winning the race a lap ahead. Saturn's Wohlberg came in with the field, securing second place.Tomorrow's (Thursday) action moves to Greenwood SC where we can expect another lightning fast event.

1. Oleg Grichkine (Navigators)
2. Eric Wohlberg (Saturn)
3. Henk Vogels (Navigators)
4. Miguel Meza (Schroeder Iron)
5. Viktor Rapinski (Saturn)
6. Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joe's)
7. Chris Horner (Saturn)
8. Robbie Ventura (USPS)
9. Brent Dawson (Jelly Belly)
10. Vassili Davidenko (Navigators)

11. Tim Larkin
12. Ryan Oelkers (
13. David O'Laughlin (Ofoto-Lombardi Sports)
14. Jason Waddell (Mathis Brothers)
15. Erik Saunders (Ofoto-Lombardi Sports)
16. Roberto Gaggioli (Monex)
17. Ivan Dominguez (Saturn)
18. Ryan DeWald (Lite Bites)
19. Ryan Guay (Navigators)
20. Adam Meyerson (
21. Joe Papp (UPMC)
22. John Murphy (Krystal)
23. Chuck Coyle (Vitamin Cottage)
24. James Taylor (OLP Racing)
25. Chris Frederick (Aerospace Engineering)
26. Mike Tillman (Schroeder Iron)
27. Marty Nothstein (Navigators)
28. Pete Lopinto
29. Josh Seldman (Krystal)
30. Jeff Orr (Aerospace Engineering)
31. Cameron Hughes (Schroeder Iron)
32. Jonny Sundt (Jittery Joe's)
33. Mike Zingaro (CycleScience)
34. Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's)
35. Steve Speaks (Lite Bites)
36. Steve McUjeak (Aerospace Engineering)
37. Rahsaan Bahati (Saturn)
38. Mike Proctor (Fairway Subaru/Cyfac)
39. Matthew Svatek (
40. Boyd Johnson (Carolina VW)
41. Steve Spencer (Locos)
42. Jason Bausch (Schroeder Iron)
43. Torsten Wambold (OLP Racing)
44. Travis Hutchinson (Krystal)
45. Mark Light (Lite Bites)
46. Nick Kiernan (Mathis Brothers)
47. Todd Sanders (Cycle Science)
48. Jackson Stewart
49. Guillaume Nelessen (
50. Garrett Wonders (Carolina VW)
51. Jason Snow (CycleScience)
52. Siro Camponogara (Navigators)
53. Ricardo Ortega (Aerospace Engineering)
54. Chad Gibson (Cycles De Oro)
55. Darren Fuller (Fairway Subaru/Cyfac)
56. Jim Baldesare (West Virginia)
57. Patrick O'Donnell
58. Tim Henry (West Virginia)
59. Chandler Weekes (Fairway Subaru/Cyfac)
60. Chris Harkey (Fairway Subaru/Cyfac)

Top 60 finishers recorded only


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