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May 1/03 11:08 am - NRC Series to Continue, Tour of the Gila: Stage 2

Posted by Editoress on 05/1/03

Seenite Sports & OCA Reach Agreement

Seenite Sports is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement with the Ontario Cycling Association that allows the Ottawa based weekly fitness training and skill development criterium to function with minimal changes.

The OCA will provide a Citizen Sanction for this event thus all participants must have a full CCA/UCI license or an OCA Citizen Permit. Permits will be available on site from Seenite Sports. The OCA will also be available to help process the Citizen Permits for all athletes at the first event on May 6th. In keeping with the mission statement some Permit and series fees may be subsidized, by Seenite Sports, to encourage participation and financial independence. As with previous years this action allows the following participants to incur no series or Permit fees (if applicable) 1) age 15 and under, 2) current Bursary winners, 3) out of town athletes, 4) full National team members.

Seenite Sports has often been told that the new OCA has the flexibility, vision and professionalism to work with cycling organizations in Ontario. This has certainly been evident through our recent negotiations and we are confident that both parties will prosper in our new environment.

Ross D. Knight
Seenite Sports

Tour of the Gila Arizona
Courtesy Team Saturn

The second stage of the Tour of the Gila took the riders out of Silver City into the mountains of the Gila Park. Looking impenetrable in the distance, the climb up to Mogollon Pass stood, austere, 70 miles from the start. With over 2100 feet of climbing in the last 10 kilometers, and grades of 14%, the strongest climbers were quick to come to the fore, and at the top it was Genevieve Jeanson furthering her lead on her nearest competitor.

The race began at a leisurely pace with the women taking time to work off the chill of the morning. Saturn's Ina Teutenberg animated the race for the first 60 kilometers in a solo break before she was lead astray with the motor taking a wrong turn. Once everyone realized the mistake a brief reorganization saw Teutenberg back off the front by herself. Teutenberg's teammate Megan Elliott bridged up to her to join in the fun, however, the Rona team would have none of that and brought the two Saturn riders back to the fold.

Through the feed zone, the peloton was compact at mile 48.5. However, on the approach into the climb, the two strongest women in the race splintered off the front, with Jeanson pushing the pace and second place Manon Jutras sitting tucked on her wheel, patiently waiting for the final climb.

An unfortunate crash in the town of Glenwood split the remainder of the field, however, most of the competitors were up and back on their bikes without any severe causality. Up the road, Jeanson set the pace ahead of Jutras, continuing to put more leverage on the pedals and forcing the speed higher. Jutras was able to respond, and the two had 1:30 on the field at the base of the climb.

At the two mile to go mark, Jutras lost contact with Jeanson, and no matter how hard she fought and how deep she dug, the Saturn rider could not come to terms with her fellow Canadian. Jeanson finished solo for another strong win over Jutras. Over a minute later was Katrina Grove for third, who finished over a minute up on Leah Goldstein. Her strong ride moved her into third in the overall.

Tomorrow is yet another hilly race through the Mimbres valley. With plenty more elevation gain, the overall classification should see more time gained by Jeanson and Jutras.

Stage 2:Silver City to Mogollon Pass, 148 km


1. Drew Miller (USA) Trek/VW All-Stars 3:50:58
2. Michael Sayers (USA) HealthNet at 0:33
3. Ubaldo Mesa Estepa (Col) Tecos 0:47
4. Je Horgan-Kobelski (USA) RLX Ralph Loren 1:08
5. Blake Caldwell (USA) 5280/Subaru 1:20
6. Todd Wells (USA) Hyundai Mongoose 1:27
7. Andreas Hestler (Can) Canadian National 1:52
8. Hugh Moran (USA) Construction Zone 1:57
9. Nic Brown (Aus) LeMond Fitness/Captain Cra-Z 2:03
10. Carl Swenson (USA) RLX Ralph Lauren 2:11

11. Gord Fraser (Can) Healthnet 2:16
14. Scott Price (Can) Trek/VW All-stars 2:26
23. Ricky Federau (Can) Canadian National 2:55
24. Mat Toulouse (Can) Canadian National 3:02
47. Chris Sheppard (Can) Canadian National 4:55
64. Michael Moore (Can) 7:09

1. Drew Miller (USA) Trek/VW All-Stars 4:27:40
2. Michael Sayers (USA) HealthNet at 0:39
3. Ubaldo Mesa Estepa (Col) Tecos 1:19
4. Blake Caldwell (USA) 5280/Subaru 1:48
5. Gord Fraser (Can) Healthnet 1:51
6. Todd Wells (USA) Hyundai Mongoose 1:53
7. Andreas Hestler (Can) Canadian National 2:39
8. Michael Ley (USA) Team Rio Grande 2:51
9. Je Horgan-Kobelski (USA) RLX Ralph Loren 3:01
10. Andy Jacques-Maynes (USA) Sierra Nevada/Clif Bar 3:21

31. Mat Toulouse (Can) Canadian National 6:26
37. Ricky Federau (Can) Canadian National 7:20
55. Chris Sheppard (Can) Canadian National 9:47
65. Michael Moore (Can) 11:28
69. Scott Price (Can) Trek/VW All-stars 11:53

1. Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Rona Esker 3:27:24
2. Manon Jutras (Can) Saturn Cycling Team 2:26

3. Katrina Grove (USA) T-Mobile 3:53
4. Lynn Gaggioli (USA) Velo Bella 4:04
5. Dara Marks (USA) Mountain Velo 4:07
6. Rhonda Quick (USA) Vaniqa/Red S. Racing 4:33
7. Susan Haywood (USA) T - Mobile 4:44
8. Jennifer Wilson (USA) Mtn: Velo/Supergo 4:53
9. Leah Goldstein (Isr) Amorosos/Victory Brewing 5:10
10. Kristin Johnson (USA) T-Mobile 5:18

13. Kiara Bisaro (Can) Canadian National 6:08
16. Amy Moore (Can) Saturn Cycling Team 6:27
17. Marg Fedyna (Can) Vaniqa/Red S: Racing 6:28
19. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Ford / Outfitters 6:43
22. Chrissy Redden (Can) Canadian National 7:13
30. Andrea Hannos (Can) Rona Esker 9:00
38. Erinne Willock (Can) Rona Esker 10:32
42. Samantha Nicholson (Can) Ciclismo 11:38
52. Carrie Tuck (Can) Rona Esker 13:38
61. Chloe Black (Can) Terry Precision 16:07
69. Petrina Tulissi (Can) Ciclismo Racing 27:21

1. Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Rona Esker 4:07:12
2. Manon Jutras (Can) Saturn Cycling Team at 3:57

3. Katrina Grove (USA) T-Mobile 6:31
4. Leah Goldstein (Isr) Amorosos/Victory Brewing 6:53
5. Lynn Gaggioli (USA) Velo Bella 7:38
6. Rhonda Quick (USA) Vaniqa/Red S Racing 8:49
7. Susan Haywood (USA) T - Mobile 10:15
8. Jennifer Wilson (USA) Mtn: Velo/Supergo 10:27
9. Kiara Bisaro (Can) Canadian National 10:31
10. Karen Bockel (Ger) Rona Esker 10:38

12. Amy Moore (Can) Saturn Cycling Team 10:54
20. Melanie McQuaid (Can) Ford / Outfitters 12:42
23. Chrissy Redden (Can) Canadian National 13:15
27. Andrea Hannos (Can) Rona Esker 14:58
28. Marg Fedyna (Can) Vaniqa/Red S: Racing 15:29
35. Erinne Willock (Can) Rona Esker 17:27
43. Samantha Nicholson (Can) Ciclismo 18:48
47. Carrie Tuck (Can) Rona Esker 20:11
60. Chloe Black (Can) Terry Precision 25:36
69. Petrina Tulissi (Can) Ciclismo Racing 41:16


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