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May 20/98 7:42 am - Ontario Track League, Manitoba News

Posted by Editor on 05/20/98


Start Times:

10.30 a.m. - Track Clinic
12 noon - Warm up
1 p.m. - Racing Starts
Entry Fee: $7 per meeting (incl. OCA Levies)
Riders will be divided into A & B Groups depending on ability & experience. This will apply to all racing events except the handicaps & the final distance event which may carry upgrading points.

BASIC PROGRAM: (This can vary according to rider turn-out and at the discretion of the organizer).

1. Devil Take The Hindmost, Group A
2. Devil Take The Hindmost, Group B
*. 500. Time Trial (1st mtg. only)
3. 1st round Sprint (Top 6 in Devil), Group A.
4. 1st round Sprint (Top 6 in Devil), Group B.
5. 500m Handicap Heats, All riders
6. 20 Lap Scratch, Group A
7. 20 Lap Scratch, Group B
8. Sprint series Repechages, Both Groups
9. Handicap Repechage
10. 20 Lap Points Race, Group A
11. 12 Lap Points Race, Group B
12. Sprint Final, Group A
13. Sprint Final, Group B
14 6 Lap Group Handicap (for riders not in Handicap)
15. 500m Handicap Final
16. 10km Scratch (Sanctioned event for licensed riders only with upgrading points to top 5 riders regardless of category). OR: 60 lap Madison (For all pre-qualified riders).

Madison will not be held at first meeting.

League Points will be awarded at each meeting. League prizes may be given for the season at the Marcel Thysman Memorial Madison Meet in September according to participation.


June 13th
June 20/21 Ontario Championships
July 11th
July 18th
August 8th
August 29th
September 12th Marcel Thysman Memorial

Ontario Track League Announcement (courtesy Val Davidge)

There will be no Track League meet on Saturday May 23rd as the track will not be ready. It is possible that the construction work may be completed late in the week but not soon enough to ride on.

The first Track Meet will be on Saturday June 13th.

As soon as we know when the track can be ridden, we will announce this for training purposes etc.

We sincerely regret this delay but it is totally out of our hands.

Ravenshoe Enduro, Ontario (courtesy Gord Wyatt)

Over 50 riders competed in the first annual Ravenshoe Enduro on Sunday May 17. The extremely tight and technical course challenged the competitors with some of the best single-track in Ontario. The race start was situated in a large quarry with riders climbing to a bluff overlooking the forest then sprinting to the single-track, that twisted over a 9 km loop. Michael Dennis, the overall winner, having forgotten his cycling shoes, persevered over 30 km spinning his spuds with street shoes on. Top sport winner "Dynamite" Mike Collins, volunteered his clipless shoes so Dennis was able to finish his final laps and win the perpetual "Ravenshoe Cup" trophy.

Many riders were quick to say that the Ravenshoe trails were the most technical and fun that they have found in Southern Ontario. This enduro is a "must do" event for next year. The trails are free to ride and accessible from the York Regional Forest entrance on Raveshoe road, near Keswick. Most riders choose to park at the east entrance off McCowan road just south of Ravenshoe.

Female beginners 12km
1 Valerie Leonard 59:12
2 Lesley Barraball 01:03

Male Beginner 15 km.
1 Paul Cole 1:07
2 Jeremy Cottrill 1:07:30
3 Kyle Kierstead 1:18
4 David Kierstead 1:18

Female Sport 20km.
1 Kathy Watkins 1:50

Male Sport 30 km.
1 Michael Cole 1:55
2 Jube Leonard 1:57
3 Kirk Ivan 2:00
4 Ryan Gagnier 2:01
5 Adam Ivan 2:07

Male Veteran Sport 30km.
1 Mike Collins 1:52
2 Martin Randall 1:54
3 Ross Watson 2:01
4 Howard Cole 2:02
5 David Boswell 2:06

Female Expert 30km.
1 Erika Sproules 2:26
2 Cathy Porciello 2:43
3 Francine Zinga 2:58

Male Expert 40 km.
1 Michael Dennis 2:37
2 Reed Russell 2:56
3 Pino Porciello 3:09

Manitoba News (courtesy Dave Benson)

What a surprise!! 

The good news is they are getting ready to resurface the perimeter roads inside Bird's Hill Park.   The same roads that will be used to host the Pan Am Games Road Race next summer, as well as the triathlon.

The bad news is that the road is closed in close proximity to the White Tail Deer Trail.  The parking lot we now use to access the Hillside Course.  The Natural Resource Officers were very understanding and after we "chased" the road grader away the race began and only about twenty minutes late.

Kids of Mud Club Race:

Gaffers:  1st Luc Sudermann,  2nd Paul Benson,  3rd  Luc Antaya

Intermediate:  1st  Rene Regimbald,  2nd  Jamie Biluk,  3rd Justin Stadnyk 4th  Tyler Snitynsky,  5th  Josh Friesen

Senior:  1st  Ian Case,  2nd Kris Morissette,  3rd Jackson Locken,  4th  Michael Kliewer,  5th  Thomas Benson

Olympia - MCA Race:

Elite:  5 laps
Gilles Corbeil       Olympia         53:51
Sean Anastasiadis   Olympia      53:54
Louis Corbeil      Olympia        57:54
Gord Hamm      Olympia        59:12
Lindsay Gauld      Olympia        59:23

Expert: 4 laps
Matt Brown       Olympia         50:45
Adrian Alphonso     Gords          50:47
Steven Johnson   Good Guys      51:28
Joel Regimbald   WBC          51:52
Jeff Fielding      Olympia        52:42
Mike Boychuk         Olympia       56:28

Sport:  3 laps
Greg Masiuk        Olympia      41:34
Neil Jenkins         Olympia       42:02
Steven Cole        Olympia      42:08
James Benson       Kids of Mud      43:00
Loren Giesbrecht       Gords          43:03
Kevin Miller         independent       45:17

Novice:  2 laps
Douglas Reimer   Instant Replay   30:47
S. Sawatzky        Instant Replay       30:49
Peter Dolinka      Olympia        30:54
Jonathan Goertzen   Instant Replay       31:25
Michael Kliewer     Kids of Mud         31:26
Thomas Benson     Kids of Mud       34:46


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