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May 28/03 1:25 am - Kelso O-Cup Report, DH results

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/03

Kelso Ontario Cup
Report courtesy Chico Racing

With a horrendous forecast the Kelso Ontario Cup was looking a little scary! Somehow the rain stayed away and most of the weekend was pleasant with the race courses a little moist, but very manageable.

In the pro men's short track Greg Reain of Gears Racing once again proved he has the speed by besting Mike Garrigan of Bianchi Canada and Tim Oliver of Gears Racing. The win brought $375 into Greg's pocket courtesy of our title sponsor Mark Bonham. In the women's short track little sensation Emily Batty, Bay Cycle attacked when Danelle Kabush or Gears Racing crashed! Emily won the women's pro short track at the age of 14 .... as Sean Ruppel of Chico Racing put it, "$175 will buy Emily a lot of Lego." Heather King of Gears Racing was 2nd with Danelle Kabush straightening out her bike and still finishing a respectable 3rd.

Downhill action was fierce, but the two-run format was a long day for everyone with such a large field present. Doug Beattie once again proved his King Kong status in Ontario with Drew Pautler in 2nd and Ryan Walters in 3rd. Cookstown's own Sheila Morris was 1st in the Pro Womens with Michelle Waechter in 2nd and Antonia Gawel in 3rd! Great to see a good sized field of women present for downhill!

While it was raining all over Ontario, Milton was one of a few areas blessed with sun for Sunday's x-country racing. Mike Garrigan was on fire winning the pro men's race with Team Hardwood's Jesse Jakomait in 2nd and fresh off a Canada Cup win. Our money is on Mike at the Gears Racing Canada Cup next weekend....or is Jesse saving himself for this coming weekend? Greg Reain proved he is also a contender with his 3rd place finish.

In the women's race BC's Sandra Walter of Marin/Shimano Canada used our event as a warm up for the Canada Cup this weekend. She enjoyed what Kelso had to offer and found the course challenging albeit a different kind of challenging vs BC! A great ride for Gears Racing's Sue Trimble who finished 2nd while Danelle Kabush retained her Ontario Cup Leader status with a 3nd place finish.

Ontario Cup DH #1 Kelso Conservation Centre, May 24

Hardtail 18 & under MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Chris Stenowski 1:34.281:56.711:34.28
2. Kyle Douglas (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Ashburn)1:37.573.2891:46.121:37.57
3. Lee Brown (from North Bay)1:39.725.4461:39.721:42.92
4. Mickey Vonesh 1:40.516.2321:52.011:40.51
5. Jeff Harvey (from Gilford)1:44.6710.381:52.441:44.67
6. Dima Ryshkevich 1:46.0911.811:52.441:46.09
7. Jeff Faulds 1:50.2715.991:50.621:50.27
8. Nikolaus Tkachuk (from Wyevale)1:52.8818.62:02.321:52.88
9. Tom Evangelista (from St Catharines)1:54.8420.562:01.781:54.84
10. Carlos Zavarce (from Sutton)1:54.9120.631:54.911:55.95
11. Chris Blasinski 2:00.8626.582:00.862:06.62
12. Ryan Hilimoniuk 2:03.0928.812:08.972:03.09
13. Justin Stephensh 2:03.3729.092:03.372:09.59
14. Stefan May 2:04.2529.972:04.252:07.62
15. Jonathan Acker 2:05.7531.472:05.752:07.14
16. Scott McGovern 2:12.4938.212:12.492:18.97
17. Bart Devries 2:13.4339.152:13.432:18.37
18. Colin Richardson (from Burlington)3:05.861:313:05.86
Hardtail 19 & over MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. John Courtney (from Mississauga)1:34.921:38.081:34.92
2. Robert O`Brien (from Toronto)1:35.991.0681:42.991:35.99
3. Peter Maki (from Woodbridge)1:40.855.9252:02.781:40.85
4. Stuart Lynn (from Milton)1:41.066.141:50.891:41.06
5. Keith Waechter (from Kitchener)1:44.189.2581:44.18
6. Stephen Basnicki (Bikesports CC / Keswick)1:45.6910.761:54.621:45.69
7. Ryan Senechal 1:48.0513.131:57.351:48.05
8. Cameron Foster 1:49.2614.332:08.251:49.26
9. Phill Hallaham 1:55.5820.661:55.582:09.30
10. Wayne Felder (from Pickering)1:55.8920.972:00.071:55.89
11. Justin Shewchuk 1:57.5122.582:04.021:57.51
12. Kevin McLellan (from Toronto)2:02.7127.792:08.042:02.71
Cadet (15-16) Sport, Cadet 15-16 Expert MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Paul Dempsey 1:29.661:59.251:29.66
2. Derek Cowell (from Brampton)1:31.932.2691:39.361:31.93
3. Brian Serneels (from Kilbride)1:32.642.9841:42.791:32.64
4. Rory Crawford (from Collingwood)1:33.073.4111:36.751:33.07
5. Cameron Jette (from Toronto)1:37.177.5142:23.751:37.17
6. Nick Ainley (from Wasaga Beach)1:37.277.6151:45.661:37.27
7. Chris Dufault (from Barrie)1:38.118.4511:45.981:38.11
8. Ben Reasbeck 1:41.3411.681:52.221:41.34
9. Brad Mainville (from North Bay)1:42.7413.081:45.871:42.74
10. Dan Foster (from St.Catharines)1:47.66181:48.351:47.66
11. Chris Dzavik 1:50.0320.361:50.031:50.21
12. Zack Koolen 1:52.8123.152:09.971:52.81
13. Mike Grummett 1:55.8726.212:02.161:55.87
14. Kyle Lockyer 2:05.7436.082:08.692:05.74
15. Roni Jones 2:16.4446.772:16.442:16.59
16. Shawn Veenstra (from Barrie)2:24.4254.752:27.632:24.42
17. Brendan Bonner (Cycle Solutions / Scarborough)2:36.861:072:45.432:36.86
18. John Stacewicz (from Ajax)3:02.021:323:02.024:00.81
Junior (17-18) Sport MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Dylan Smith (Gears Racing .com/Mississauga)1:32.961:32.961:33.67
2. Dieter Loske 1:34.691.7321:49.591:34.69
3. Mark Batty (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Brooklin)1:37.014.0481:37.231:37.01
4. Chris Chiarcos 1:41.468.4991:41.462:09.60
5. Alexey Tezekhev (from Fergus)1:43.9711.012:12.431:43.97
6. Graham Waliczek 1:44.6911.731:44.691:59.04
7. Darryl Devitt 1:44.9912.031:44.992:33.77
8. Kyle Topping (from Barrie)1:46.4213.451:47.721:46.42
9. Tim Rempel (from Kitchener)1:47.8314.871:52.461:47.83
10. Tyler Winn (from Caledonia)1:48.4215.461:48.42
11. Kevin Landry (from Toronto)1:48.9015.941:49.561:48.90
12. Kyle Williams (from Hagersville)1:49.1016.132:10.941:49.10
13. Graham Michaelson (from Glen Williams)1:49.1816.221:49.181:53.28
14. Owen Walker 1:49.2216.261:49.221:53.30
15. Joshua DeCloet (from Turkey Point)1:49.3516.391:49.351:52.02
16. Brad Copping (from Brampton)1:51.6618.72:39.941:51.66
17. Nick Opper 1:52.1319.171:52.13
18. Reil Richard 1:56.0423.081:56.041:57.72
19. Colin Staines (from Kitchener)2:07.6634.72:16.262:07.66
20. Tim Baird (from Burlington)2:07.8934.932:07.892:10.89
21. Ryan Ogilvie 2:08.9235.952:08.92
22. Bobby Bonner (Cycle Solutions / Scarborough)2:13.96412:15.132:13.96
23. Scott Irvine (from Peterborough)10:00.0
Senior (19-29) Sport MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Greg Marshall (from London)1:32.721:34.571:32.72
2. John Summach (from Burlington)1:34.842.1181:34.841:40.84
3. Trevor Armstrong (from Milton)1:35.042.3162:02.781:35.04
4. Mike Andruszkiw (Cycle Solutions / Aurora)1:36.734.0071:45.971:36.73
5. Bradley Crosbie (from Toronto)1:37.935.2121:47.731:37.93
6. Mike Comello (from Toronto)1:38.916.1891:38.911:46.64
7. Josh Wallace (from Burlington)1:40.327.61:40.321:45.41
8. Blair Chard (from Brampton)1:40.908.181:41.521:40.90
9. Eric Gruber 1:41.108.3831:44.761:41.10
10. Shane Wallace 1:41.678.9481:49.371:41.67
11. Miko Beaudry (from Toronto)1:43.3210.591:48.711:43.32
12. Chris Bomsuit 1:44.0811.351:44.081:50.84
13. Colin Ruttan (from Newmarket)1:44.2311.511:44.231:47.38
14. Jimmy Montrose (from Vittoria)1:44.3411.612:03.191:44.34
15. Dave MacLeod 1:44.4811.751:52.561:44.48
16. Bill Graham (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing/Ashburn)1:45.1712.451:57.331:45.17
17. Jae Robert Baluyot (from Brantford)1:45.4112.691:45.651:45.41
18. Chris Elford 1:45.4512.721:50.801:45.45
19. Graham Seaman 1:45.4912.761:45.49
20. Luke Brant (from Peterborough)1:46.7113.991:58.441:46.71
21. Sean Coyle 1:47.7415.021:53.981:47.74
22. Andrew Glover (from Windsor)1:48.5515.821:57.99
23. Jeremy Lavigne (from Brampton)1:48.6515.921:48.65
24. Radek N. 1:51.8119.081:51.81
25. Brett Besse 1:52.3819.661:52.38
26. Jeremy Schaab (from Toronto)1:52.4819.751:52.48
27. John Williams (from Townsend)1:54.0921.361:57.82
28. Darin Buckinsham 1:54.9422.211:54.94
29. Jason Brinkman (from Port Dover)1:55.8523.121:55.85
30. Simon Hirota (from Hamilton)1:56.9624.242:02.54
31. Jason Menard 1:59.73271:59.73
32. Dino Selas 2:04.7632.032:04.76
33. Simon Baker 2:05.7433.022:05.74
34. Kevin Coulter (from Belleville)2:07.5334.812:07.53
35. Greg Paszkowski 2:07.6434.922:07.64
36. Kristian Kataila (from Oakville)2:11.4838.752:11.48
37. Jose Bray 2:12.0439.312:12.04
38. Chris Howard 2:28.1055.372:28.10
39. Carmelo Caminsti 2:30.9958.272:30.99
Senior (19+) Sport, Senior 19-29 Expert, Senior Pro-Elite FemaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Sheila Morris (from Cookstown)1:48.641:48.64
2. Michelle Waechter (from Toronto)1:53.094.4452:07.181:53.09
3. Antonia Gawel (from Toronto)1:55.046.3991:55.351:55.04
4. Gillian Millett (from Aurora)2:09.3920.752:24.862:09.39
5. Gillian Zulauf (from Etobicoke)2:26.1737.532:32.182:26.17
Veteran Master (30-39), Veteran (30-39) Expert MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Chris Fowlie (Northern Cycling Club/Brooklin)1:25.691:27.391:25.69
2. Igor Hoogendoorn (Guelph Off-Road Bicycle Ass)1:26.36221:29.861:26.36
3. Daniel Williams (from Kitchener)1:28.242.5561:48.991:28.24
4. Dan Whelan (from Ayr)1:28.422.7281:28.42
5. John Scharff (from Burlington)1:29.143.451:29.521:29.14
6. Gord Walter (from Aurora)1:29.533.8421:29.531:38.45
7. Robert Rice (from Kitchener)1:29.583.8951:35.511:29.58
8. Keith Fowler 1:32.787.0971:34.801:32.78
9. David Fusek (from Cookstown)1:34.388.691:45.731:34.38
10. William Martinen (from Toronto)1:35.029.3321:47.081:35.02
11. Mike Buhler (from London)1:35.8410.141:41.661:35.84
12. Steve Kipp (from Brantford)1:37.6511.961:37.651:51.84
13. Scott Balkwill (from Grand Valley)1:37.7912.11:37.79
14. David Mollenson (from Mississauga)1:44.7119.021:46.121:44.71
15. Steve Nunn (from Brantford)1:54.7329.042:00.211:54.73
16. Ron Brand (from Toronto)2:15.4149.722:23.142:15.41
Master 40+, Master (40+) Expert MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Doug van Fraassen (from Linehouse)1:39.091:48.651:39.09
2. Brook Rayner (Cyclepath Oakville/Burlington)1:42.993.9031:47.961:42.99
3. Morris Martini (Guelph Off-Road Bicycle Ass)1:43.003.911:43.001:49.13
4. Nicholas Schaut 1:48.088.9941:54.521:48.08
5. Ron Youth 2:03.9524.852:03.95
Junior (17-18) Expert MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Justin Brown (from Brampton)1:20.121:20.121:21.20
2. Joel Johnston (from Burlington)1:25.925.7971:25.921:26.10
3. Hugh MacLachlan (Cycle Solutions / Wyevale)1:27.167.0351:56.621:27.16
4. Matthew Lefebvre (from North Bay)1:28.037.9091:32.301:28.03
5. Zachary Tatem (from Toronto)1:31.3911.271:31.391:48.99
6. Brendan Dick (from Acton)1:32.1011.971:33.451:32.10
7. Jared McCormick (from Barrie)1:32.3612.231:56.761:32.36
8. Alex Guarino (from Penetangusine)1:37.5017.381:37.501:42.03
9. Eric Widawski (from Barrie)1:37.5817.461:46.551:37.58
Senior (19-29) Expert MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Brandon McGuire (from Oakville)1:21.121:23.031:21.12
2. Jamie Shankland (from Waterloo)1:27.346.2211:27.34
3. Joey Jenkins (from Brantford)1:27.366.2421:27.36
4. Sean Manara (from Markham)1:30.068.9411:30.881:30.06
5. Mike Fawcett (from Oro Station)1:36.2915.171:40.521:36.29
6. Cameron Sutherland 1:36.4615.331:36.461:50.21
7. Derek Konga (from Stouffville)1:45.3624.241:45.361:46.23
8. John Wilson (from Carrying Place)1:50.6429.521:52.301:50.64
Senior Pro-Elite MaleBest TimeDiff RUN# 1RUN# 2
1. Doug Beattie (from Burlington)1:14.281:14.451:14.28
2. Drew Pautler (from Brampton)1:16.812.5331:16.812:42.14
3. Ryan Walters (from Milton)1:18.344.0642:03.561:18.34
4. Mark N Wells (from Ancaster)1:19.595.3121:25.001:19.59
5. Chris Cousineau (from Toronto)1:21.787.5071:26.591:21.78
6. Ondrej Neumann (Gears Racing .com/Mississauga)1:23.198.9131:36.711:23.19
7. Peter Appleton (from Burlington)1:25.8211.531:28.621:25.82
8. Josh Mead (from Aurora)1:25.9711.691:28.821:25.97
9. Paul Meiklejohn (from Turkey Point)1:26.7212.441:26.722:10.44
10. Joe Chappell (from Port Elgin)1:27.8213.541:30.151:27.82
11. Terry Leimonis (from Toronto)1:28.5614.281:35.471:28.56
12. Dave Forbes (from Newmarket)1:28.8414.551:28.84
13. David Drenth (from North Bay)1:29.4715.191:36.511:29.47
14. Cameron Somerville (from Toronto)1:30.6416.361:32.231:30.64
15. Ryan Thorpe (Bay Cycle/3Rox Racing)1:32.1817.91:38.341:32.18
16. Michael Towers (Gears Racing .com/Mississauga)1:39.0424.761:39.04
17. Patrick Salvador (from Brampton)1:58.7244.441:58.722:08.80


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