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June 6/03 2:43 am - Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 06/6/03

Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge - Stage 5 June 5th
Courtsey Aldo Sfalcin

Sr. Men - A Group
Danny Klein (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 5 points
Tony Bruley (USA) Suburban Homes/ Wolverines, 4
Dave Kaesel (USA) Suburban Homes/ Wolverines, 3
Jim Bruce (USA) Ford/Ann Arbor, 2
Sean Klobucar (Can) Ciclo Koolini Sport, 1

B Group
Jeremy St. John (Can) Maple Leaf, 5 points
Tom Bonin (Can) Ciclo Sport Racing, 4
Paul Hutnik (Can) Maple Leaf, 3
Jason Brady (Can) Maple Leaf, 2
Thomas Flannery (?) Ambassador Bikes, 1

Leaders after 5th stage of the Ciociaro Can-Am Challenge June 5, /03

Sr. Men - A Group
Danny Kline (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 12 points
Tony Bruley (USA) Suburban/Wolverine, 9
Nate Griffith (USA) Suburban/Wolverine, 5
Matt Bonin (Can) Suburban/Wolverine, 5
Adam McClounie (Can) Maple Leaf, 5
Pauul Eugeni (Can) Ciclo Sport Racing, 5
Sean Klobucar (Can) Ciclo Sport Racing, 5
David Koesel (USA) Suburban/Wolverine, 5
David Mullins (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 4
Maurice Ruelland (USA) Prestige/Essex Brass, 4

B Group
Jeremy St.John (Can) Maple Leaf, 12 points
Brad Hilton (Can) Maple Leaf, 10
Nick Dwyer (Can) Ciclo Sport Racing, 7
Paul Hutnick (Can) Maple Leaf, 7
Jeff Elam (USA) Independent, 7
Tim Saari (USA) Flying Rhinos, 5
Colin McMahan (USA) Wolverine, 5
Jason Rafeld (USA) Wolverine, 4
Tom Bonin (Can) Ciclo Koolini Sport, 4
Renee Schroeder (USA) Wolverine/Maple Leaf, 3

Sr. Women
Renee Schroeder (USA) Wolverine/Maple Leaf, 15 points
April Moir (USA) Wolverine/Maple Leaf, 14
Danielle Young (USA) Wolverine/Maple Leaf, 7
Jennifer Stern (USA) Arizona State, 5
Joan Cuttitta (USA) Wolverine, 4
Mandy Croppo (Can) Maple Leaf, 3


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